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The Academy’s Only Monster Summoner chapter 57

57 – Apprenticeship (2)

Cha Yu-ra locked herself in her house and was lost in thought.

Kim Soo-han abandoned his colleagues and ran away.

I suggested to my father that he should be punished properly, but the answer that came back was dry.

[Aren’t you still in the first year of the academy? It’s because you don’t have enough experience in combat, so don’t make a fuss, go to Kim Soo-han while you’re here and build up a good impression. It’s a good opportunity to dig in when your heart is weak.]

The head of the Ice Guild didn’t care much about who Kim Soo-han was.

It didn’t matter if he was a coward or a villain.

Because what he wanted was not Kim Soo-han, but a white tiger he could summon.

‘···How could you say that when I almost died? To seduce a man who abandoned me and ran away, this is too much.’

Cha Yu-ra bit her lip.

And again, I remembered what my father had said.

[For men, ability comes first. If you don’t want to regret like your mother who lost me, hold on to Kim Soo-han.]

‘She said she regretted it?’

My father, who was firmly mistaken, was funny.

‘Mom didn’t regret it.’

Around the time Cha Yu-ra was five years old.

Her parents are divorced.

It was because the mother could not stand the terrible violence of the father.

Her mother remarried another man when Cha Yoo-ra was 10 years old.

The man was poor.

He wasn’t a searcher, and he didn’t have a decent job either.

compared to my father.

He was a man who was far behind in everything.

However, unlike his father, the man cared for and loved his mother.

He didn’t resort to violence like his father did.

That’s why my mother didn’t regret it.

Rather, they started a new family and continued their happy days.

though 3 years ago.

The entire family died in a car accident, but…

until he dies, obviously.

He must have been happier than when he was with his father.

‘A man’s ability is a piece of shit… Ha, is it right to continue living like this?’

Cha Yu-ra buried her face in the pillow.

It’s been 20 years since I’ve lived like my father’s doll.

It was boring now.

I wanted to live my own life.

‘…Will I follow you too?’

Until now, there had been no chance to get away from my father.

But recently, an opportunity arose.

The day the practice accident occurred.

Cha Yoo-ra overheard the secret conversation between Instructor Tak Jae-hwan and Lee Hyeon-seong behind the barracks.

Baek So-ah, Seo Han-bit, and Kim Young-ji were also together.

Of course, Instructor Tak Jae-hwan caught me right away.

[Well. eavesdrop… It’s not a good hobby.]

Kim Young-ji, who led the eavesdropping on the smell of money, bowed and apologized, and the rest admitted their mistakes one after another.

Instructor Tak Jae-hwan did not criticize them.

just carelessly.

He suggested that he join Lee Hyeon-seong to the academy he was planning to establish.

‘They said they were supported by the Goguryeo Guild.’

The relationship between the Ice Guild and the Goguryeo Guild was not very good.

If you are under the protection of such a Goguryeo guild, your father’s breath will not reach you.

The thought of Chayu deepened.

Baek So-ah and Seo Han-bit say they will follow Lee Hyun-seong if he goes.

Kim Young-ji said that he liked the rule that all loot obtained from the dungeon goes back to the students, and said that he really wanted to go.

‘I want to go too, but will you accept me?’

Cha Yu-ra took out her cell phone and tapped on the screen.

To consult Baek So-ah.


What is the difference between main heroine and sub heroine?

The standard had nothing to do with the original work.

When the story enters the second half.

If alive, the main heroine.

Sub-Heroine if he died before that.

This was the criterion for readers to decide between main and sub.

A total of five heroines.

reason or

Cha Yu-ra

Seo Hanlight.

Because these three survived until the second half, they were called the main heroines.

Han Ah-reum.

Park Soo-min.

Because these two died in the middle, they were called sub-heroes.


The main heroine and sub-heroine were not officially recognized by the author, but were all determined by the readers.

‘The readers expelled Baek So-ah from being a heroine because they said they didn’t like her attitude towards the main character…’

I didn’t even like the main character anyway.

well anyway

I accidentally overheard Han Ah-reum’s story and my head went blank for a moment.

‘Looking at what I just said, I don’t think I really like Kim Soo-han.’

Even if it’s not fiction, it’s reality.

Even though the gap was big, it felt too big.

In Han Ah-reum’s set-up, obviously,

『A person who has a love for Kim Soo-han and is devoted. My head is always full of thoughts about Kim Soo-han.”

It was written like this.

‘this···. Was it not an official, but a writer’s brain?’

It’s absurd that a nobleman with a reputation as a writer can’t properly grasp information about the characters.

‘Come to think of it, what did you say about the parody writer? It might have something to do with it…’

Though again, the thought got complicated.

‘Let’s think about it later. It’s not important right now.’

I quickly dispelled my thoughts.

Currently, Kim Soo-han’s care comes first.

I cleared my mind and walked inside the dormitory.

center of the lobby.

Climb the stairs and reach the second floor.

I moved to the door of the room where Kim Soo-han was staying.


“Kim Soo-han. I’m Lee Hyun-seong, can I talk to you for a moment?”

He knocked carefully and spoke.

Soon after, the door opened from the inside.

“De, listen for a long time…”

A woman with short emerald hair.

The sub-heroine, Park Soo-min, stuttered badly and looked up at me.

“thank you. Then excuse me.”

“Ugh, ugh.”

I took off my shoes and entered the room.

Park Soo-min stood next to him and trembled with anxiety.

I thought that was because I was automatically wary and anxious whenever I saw strangers.

‘Park Soo-min’s personality is similar to the one I briefly saw in the novel. Surely this person is not as different from the inside as Han Ah-reum…?’

I slowly turned my gaze to her.

I could see that Park Soo-min kept glancing at me.

at that time.

Kim Soo-han, who was covered with a blanket on the bed, called Park Soo-min in a weak voice.

“Senior Sumin…”


“Could you move aside for a moment so that the two of you can talk…”

“Uh, huh? Even if there are two of you, will it be okay?”

“···it’s okay.”

After Park Soo-min looked at me and Kim Soo-han.

He lowered his head and quietly opened the door and went outside.




“thanks···. For saving me then…”

Kim Soo-han paused for a while and then stopped talking.

He was still wrapped in a blanket.

“And I’m sorry… In fact······. I thought you were an agent of the Liberation, and I tried to bury you even with dirty tricks…”

Kim Soo-han seemed to be confessing.

He spit out the mistake he was about to commit.

I wasn’t surprised.

I already knew what scheme Kim Soo-han was plotting after hearing from Cha Yoo-ra.

‘When I asked why they hated me so much, did they misunderstand me as an agent of Liberation?’

To be honest, I was dumbfounded.

Forgive this, go to sleep, and there is nothing to do.

I haven’t done anything yet

First of all, I am confessing my mistakes and repenting.

If they had framed me, things would have been different.

‘…I haven’t killed innocent people yet, so I have plenty of room to rehabilitate myself.’

of course.

Even if you are not a person who participates in liberation,

It did trample on the buds of humans who would give sweet potatoes in the future.

That doesn’t mean he killed it.


No, it felt like exile.

‘I can’t tell them to put them back.’

When the characters Kim Soo-han excluded come back.

Because they put the academy in greater danger.

‘Rather, it’s a good thing, so let’s not worry about that.’

I met Kim Soo-han’s eyes.


The appearance of continuing to tremble.

In that state, it seemed difficult to carry on a proper conversation.

‘I’ll have to start by calming him down.’

I thought of a way to alleviate that anxiety in advance.

‘Summon, Little Warg.’

Summons five Little Wargs.

It is the only monster Kim Soo-han could not kill even when he recognized this world as a virtual world.

“Lee, Little Wog…!”

“You don’t have to be afraid because you’re my summoner.”

I ordered Little Wargs.

“Guys. Lick him.”


Little wargs rushed at Kim Soo-han and started licking his entire body as if intimidating him.

Kim Soo-han did not refuse.

Rather, he put on a happy expression to see if his heart had calmed down.

This is an expected reaction.

Because he likes Little Wargs.

When you are abused by your parents as a child.

It is said that he is a companion dog that protected him and resembles his only friend, Gae Ddong.

‘If it’s the way I saw it in the setting house, in the end that dog poop was beaten to death by my parents.’

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Just like reuniting the dog shit who left for the sky.

A smile did not disappear from Kim Soo-han’s lips.

The shivering of the body was noticeably reduced.

Now I’ll have a bit of a conversation.

“Are you calming down?”

“uh? Yes···.”

I wish the tone of voice would return to normal.

Kim Soo-han asked as he stroked Little Warg’s chin.

“How did you know I like Little Wargs? I haven’t told anyone yet…”

“It’s just a feeling.”

Kim Soo-han looks at me curiously.

The boy kept his mouth shut again.

I carefully scanned my body from head to toe.

Probably still.

It seemed that the boundary for me remained.

I wasn’t the type to talk round and round, so I started talking right away.

“Aren’t you going to keep doing that?”


“Your goal is to kill the head of the Liberation.”

“How do you…?”

Kim Soo-han’s mouth fell open.

I wish you would stop making stupid faces.

I want to eat honey chestnuts.

Kim Soo-han was staring blankly at me without an answer.

‘Well···. Shall I just clarify here? I think it would be more convenient to tell you what will happen next.’

It doesn’t matter if I reveal the fact that I’m a possessor.

Trust will be stronger when there is nothing to hide from each other.

‘But it’s kind of like that first.’

If Kim Soo-han reveals his identity first, then.

I was also full of intention to reveal my identity.

I don’t know when that will be though.

I led the conversation again.

“I don’t know about that. Anyway, I’ll support you physically and mentally from behind, so now stop putting on the blanket and come out.”

“Are you going to help…?”

First of all, we decided to get rid of Kim Soo-han’s trauma.

The method was devised in advance.

With Baek So-ah’s help,

Because I have a project ready.

albeit a bit cumbersome.

Since Baekho, Kim Soo-han’s summoner, was so important, he couldn’t help it.

The leader of Liberation is the Beast Summoner.

The beast to be summoned is ‘Dool’.

And Dool’s nemesis is the divine beast Baekho.

So, in order to destroy Liberation, Kim Soo-han was absolutely necessary.

‘Among the executives, there are beast summoners who summon magical powers, so it’s hard to deal with without divine beasts. Unlike Chaos and Docheol, they are beasts who have drawn all of their original powers.’

I was thinking like that.

Kim Soo-han finally pulled back the blanket and appeared.

“…Lee Hyeon-seong.”


“Can I trust you?”

Kim Soo-han suddenly asked if he could trust me.

Well, it wouldn’t be easy for me to suddenly believe in myself, who I didn’t have much contact with.

It doesn’t matter.

I just need to make myself trustworthy step by step in the future.

While I was making that promise, Kim Soo-han gave me an advisory answer.

“You can believe it. Because you saved me… Like dog poop…”

If that’s the case, don’t ask.

I wanted to hit you, but

If that happened, there would be a lot of crying and fuss, so I tried my best to endure it.

Kim Soo-han called me quietly.

“Lee Hyun-seong.”

“Why do you keep calling me?”

“…you said you would help me, right?”

“Uh, as far as possible.”

“So you mean you’re on my side?”

“side? After all, isn’t it?”

Kim Soo-han looked at me intently.

And he pursed his lips as if to say something.

“People on the same side have to hide nothing… In order to easily destroy Liberation, it would be better to clarify… I will trust you and tell you a secret about me.”

Silence flowed again.

Kim Soo-han wriggled his hands and showed an uneasy expression.

Then, slowly, he spoke again.

“It may be hard to believe, but in fact I am not from this world.”


Kim Soo-han revealed his identity faster than expected.

It seemed that he had cast a gambler to completely trust me.

What saved me from the moment of crisis works like this here.

Or is it that your mind is still unstable and you can’t make the right decision?

Whatever it is.

As long as you reveal your identity.

It was clear that he desperately needed someone he could trust and depend on.

‘The future will be more comfortable.’

I replied with a grin.

“uh. Me too.”


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