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Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent – Chapter 647.2: The Final Clash (Part 2) Bahasa Indonesia

It was the war between these two beings that caused great calamity throughout the universe.

“Ha ha ha, you’re starting to get weak, are you planning to give up?”

Hao Meng rampantly roared;

“You should quickly use your trump card, otherwise, you will have no chance.”

The cosmic will was silent for a while after hearing Hao Meng’s words, then suddenly spoke to Fang Yun.

“Fang Yun… What are you waiting for?”

The familiar mechanical sound of the system sounded in Fang Yun’s mind, but he knew that this was the voice of the cosmic will.

“Hurry up and help me kill this guy!”

“Huh?” Hao Meng was a bit startled, but in the next moment, a bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face.

“So this is it… This is your trump card!”

“No wonder…”

He didn’t even complete his sentence before attacking the cosmic will maniacally. Fang Yun clearly heard the ailing of the cosmic will.

In his perception, one of the two huge beings is quickly shrinking, while the other is rapidly growing. If nothing changes, it’s just a matter of time before Hao Meng completely devours the cosmic will.

“Fang Yun, what are you waiting for?!!”

The mechanical voice of the universe will was tainted with a trace of rage,

“Do you think you can defeat Hao Meng after he devours me? Don’t forget, without me, you would never be born, nor would you ever be able to reach such a point. You belong to me…Ah!!!”

“Hurry up and attack him. After he completely devours me, you would never be his opponent. Hurry up, do it!”

Fang Yun ignored the cries of the cosmic will. He calmly observed the battle between the two behemoths, watching as the cosmic will was slowly devoured. In the end, the universe’s consciousness was also devoured.

“Fang Yun, your end will be no different from mine…” These were the cosmic will’s last words.


After devouring all the cosmic will, Hao Meng laughed frantically. Suddenly, his eyes shifted to the serpent floating in distant space. Fang Yun could clearly see the greed in his eyes.

“Let me eat you!”

The moment his voice sounded, Hao Meng launched an attack towards Fang Yun. This attack was not substantive, but a spiritual one. However, the scale of the two beings’ mental power is incomprehensible. The two spiritual strikes collided, creating a giant invisible wave that spread through the entire universe.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!!”

“Boom!!! Boom!!!”

The universal space that had just started to stabilize shook again. Fang Yun’s mental energy resisted the mental attack and tried to physically attack Hao Meng’s body, but he was the one getting trashed.

As the cosmic will said. In terms of pure raw power, Fang Yun is not the opponent of Hao Meng, but Fang Yun didn’t intend to escape this time. He still fiercely fought against Hao Meng.

Fang Yun’s terrifying recovery speed allowed him to recover quickly from terrifying physical injuries, and his mental tenacity was beyond imagination. In the end, injuries started to appear on Hao Meng’s body.

“Damn it!”

Hao Meng roared frantically, a terrifying pressure suddenly burst out from him. He decided to end this all with one final strike.

“Until when are you going to wait? This is the time to take action!”

Fang Yun suddenly shouted, causing Hao Meng to pause. A confused expression appeared on his face. Suddenly, a strange noise sounded from his body, followed by a loud rumbling.


“Leave me, let me go!”

Hao Meng’s eyes shrank. In the next moment, he started begging for mercy.

“I do not want to die, I was going to …”

Before he could finish his words, his star-sized body was devoured by Fang Yun, but Fang Yun didn’t relax after devouring this enemy. He was preparing for the last struggle.

“So you decided to go on this path…”

A voice sounded in Fang Yun’s mind.

Fang Yun simply sneered.

“If you don’t resist, I will really digest you.”


A snort rang in his mind. The next moment, there was a huge blast in his head. It was as if a huge explosion occurred in his brain.

This is the attack of the cosmic will. Although it was devoured by Hao Meng before, it didn’t completely die out but rather laid in a slumber-like state. The moment Fang Yun devoured Hao Meng, it immediately rose and started to fight Fang Yun for control over his body.


A terrifying battle was transpiring in Fang Yun’s head. Its aftermath manifested in outer space, devastating the already ruined universe.

One day, two days, three days… It’s unknown how much time has passed. In fact, the concept of time itself has broken apart.

The countless disasters within the devastated cultivation universe slowly calmed down, during which a titanic serpent laid in space.

“This is…”

A dazed light flashed across the giant serpent’s eyes.

“Where is this place, who am I…”

“I… I am Fang Yun, a student from Ningzhong town…”

“No…I’m Ouroboros, the apocalyptic serpent…”

“No, I am the cosmic will…”

Fang Yun’s originally blank eyes suddenly became clear.

He is indeed the cosmic will, but this is not only because he won in the struggle for control.

This cosmic will actually noticed Hao Meng’s conspiracy a long time ago, but he couldn’t kill him, so he created Fang Yun.

He separated a part of his body, that is, the nine heavens and the ruins beside them, and gave it initial life, making that space semi-independent.

It wasn’t just a part of him, that place also gave birth to a new cosmic will, which is the system and Fang Yun eventually.

However, the cosmic will never expected that Fang Yun, a mere part of him, would eventually defeat him.

“So, I’m the only being left in this universe?”

Fang Yun raised his head and looked around. There was a touch of vicissitudes in his eyes. He felt that his body was gradually merging with the universe.

He is about to truly become the cosmic will of this universe.

After countless years, countless new lifeforms will appear because of his existence, slowly spreading and creating civilizations. Maybe one day, a new lifeform will become too strong, then try to replace him, thus the cycle continues…

“Does this… really make sense?”

A dazed expression flashed across Fang Yun’s face.

His body is becoming more and more illusory. At the last moment, his eyes suddenly became firm, a monstrous might burst out from his body.


Fang Yun’s body instantly exploded. With it as the center, a shock wave propelled out at an unimaginable speed, turning everything in its way, including space into nothingness, a true void.

True nothingness is not a white or a dark space. It doesn’t have any color. It simply can’t be perceived by the normal means, and nothing can exist within it, not even space and time.

At the moment Fang Yun’s body exploded, two streams of light flew out, surpassing the shock wave. One of them flew toward the sub-universe where the nine heavens are located, and the other headed towards the earth universe.


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