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Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited) – Chapter 179: Embrace Bahasa Indonesia

The dust settled. Xie Chi returned to his familiar home, closed the door and took out his phone. He looked at the only wish to be fulfilled on the wish interface for a few seconds before slightly smiling. He clicked on it and pressed ‘confirm exchange’. Then he dropped the phone on the leather sofa and unfastened the top button of his shirt.

The past had come to an end. He had adjusted his mentality to meet Xie Xinglan so he felt at ease. He no longer had to wait to meet. Even with the few times they got to spend together, he had to endure a frantic sense of urgency.

Now Xie Xinglan completely belonged to him.

For a second, Xie Chi felt it wasn’t real. Then when he tilted his head, Xie Xinglan was already sitting on the sofa as if he was adjusting to his body. It was clearly a very spacious sofa but Xie Xinglan’s legs seemed to have nowhere to stretch. Xie Chi’s first reaction was that it was time to change to a larger sofa. Then he couldn’t help laughing.

Xie Xinglan wondered, “What are you smiling at?”

Xie Chi walked between Xie Xinglan’s legs and blinked. “Look up.”

Xie Xinglan was slightly surprised and raised his head accordingly. Xie Chi bent down, held his face and kissed the right and left corners of his lips.

“What is this for?” Xie Xinglan smiled with surprise.

“Brother, thank you for guarding me for two lifetimes.”

He and Xie Xinglan were born together. He recovered his memories so Xie Xinglan naturally recovered them as well. Xie Xinglan smiled. “That’s it?”

He reached out and pulled the person who was moving away. Xie Chi couldn’t stand firmly and his knees bent. Finally, he ended up sitting on Xie Xinglan. He was a bit shy for a moment. Then he remembered his current identity and put down his shame for a while. He pretended to be calm as he asked, “Is this enough?”

Xie Xinglan hugged him to prevent him from falling and laughed instead of answering. He played with Xie Chi’s slender and warm fingers and wondered, “What are your plans for the future?”

“Brother, what type of life do you want to live?”

Xie Xinglan just said, “It’s fine if it is the same as the past.”

Xie Chi was stunned. He realized what Xie Xinglan meant by the past and his heart sank. He leaned forward and whispered in Xie Xinglan’s ear, “No, I will be your Xie Chi in the future, not the app’s movie emperor or the demigod Si Nian. Si Nian’s mistake has nothing to do with Xie Chi.”

Si Nian let Xie Xinglan down for so many years but Xie Xinglan said it was okay to do the same thing as the past. He didn’t mind staying in the app longer as long as it was what Xie Chi wanted. He was willing to unconditionally accommodate any decision made by Xie Chi. Therefore, Xie Chi was reluctant to let him have any reason to do so.

After Shen Yi’s resurrection, he would follow his heart about whether to leave or stay. He would never get lost as long as he knew what was really important. The truly important thing to him had always been by his side.

“Yes, it has nothing to do with Si Nian.” Xie Xinglan smiled. “You just said, my Xie Chi?”


Xie Xinglan suddenly pressed a hand against the back of Xie Chi’s head, held his waist and kissed him heavily. Xie Chi was stunned for a moment. He stared into Xie Xinglan’s deep eyes and started to respond.

The two people kissed affectionately and Xie Chi’s breathing became unstable. Xie Xinglan temporarily let him go and instead bit his chin, following all the way down his neck and sucking on his slightly moving Adam’s apple.

Xie Chi involuntarily tilted his head, his breathing becoming heavier. He opened slightly dazed eyes and gently pushed Xie Xinglan away, saying through gritted teeth, “It is daytime.”

“What is the difference between daytime and looking at you with the lights on at night?”

Xie Chi’s face became slightly hot and his voice was bitter. “You have no shame.”


Xie Chi was disarmed and finally surrendered. “Let me take a shower first.”

Xie Xinglan saw Xie Chi coming out of the bathroom and felt a burst of emotions.

Xie Chi had taken off his glasses, making his facial features clearer and more profound. There was less of his usual wisdom and quiet. There was no sense of distance and there was more of an irresistible desire. The tight waistline and slender lines were covered by his shirt and his lips looked wet and soft.

After reaching this position, no one would praise Xie Chi due to his looks alone. Still, he could be stripped of his title but no one would forget he had an excellent appearance. It was just that the impression left by other aspects of him was too deep, making people subconsciously ignore the most obvious thing.

Xie Xinglan was fortunate that only he could see this side.

“What is it?”

He was thrown onto the bed.

The next morning, Xie Chi woke up and was immediately pulled back into Xie Xinglan’s arms by a strong arm around him.

“Sleep a bit longer. You don’t have to get up early today to earn a husband. Use me later.” Xie Xinglan attached himself to Xie Chi’s ear and whispered, “I’m here.”

The shakiness in Xie Chi’s eyes disappeared slightly.


Xie Chi spoke only to find that his voice was hoarse.

This was when he noticed that his body was aching and painful. He felt a body with his body every time he moved. His limbs were weak and it was difficult to open his eyes. Xie Chi rolled over with difficulty and bit Xie Xinglan’s lip hard.

Xie Xinglan felt a slight pain and laughed loudly.

The sun shone on the earth.

Lovers hugged each other and slept.

30 years later, Xie Chi retrieved everything he had lost.

However, in these 30 years, there was one person he had never lost.

-End of the Main Story-

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