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Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited) – Chapter 177: Xie Chi Bahasa Indonesia

The dream progressed rapidly and stopped at a sea of blood and a pile of corpses. In the scene, Si Nian was surrounded by a group. He was seriously injured and almost unable to stand, but he still held his weapon. He leaned against the wall behind him, his eyes sweeping across the ugly faces that were filled with desire.

The top nine peak actors, 10 first-tier actors and countless second-tier actors were all here.

Si Nian sneered but he wasn’t angry. He just thought it was ridiculous. He had been at ease for too long and forgot the ugliness of the human heart.

The few people remaining instinctively retreated due to his laugh. Their hands holding weapons became stiff and numb.

“You want to kill me to become a god?” Si Nian asked with an indifferent expression.

“You know yet you are still asking!”

Si Nian saw undisguised hatred in the eyes of the man who scolded him.

“What about you? Do you want to be a god too?” Si Nian tilted his head to look at his friend who was holding him up, tone light.

The man seemed to have a guilty conscience. He lowered his head and spoke with hatred in his voice, “Only the movie emperor can touch the secret of becoming a god. You have clearly become a god. Why not leave? I don’t want to kill you but you are the one who blocked other people’s way for so many years! I have been persuading them to wait and protected you up until now! It can be said that I did my best. I don’t owe you anything!”

“Si Nian, don’t you think you are too much? You didn’t leave a way for others to live so don’t blame us for not leaving you a way!”

“Yes, if you just want to stay in the world with your partner, why not abdicate or leave the app? Why do you have to stay in the movie emperor’s position and prevent us from becoming gods?!”

There were thousands of words but to sum it up simply:

—To be a dog in the manger.

Today’s accusations were just to cover their unkind actions with a layer of gold to fool future generations. The winner was the king and the loser was the bandit. Si Nian wasn’t someone to be a sore loser. He just laughed, his eyes deep and immeasurable. “A way to live?”

“You don’t have to accuse us of being greedy. Who doesn’t want to become a god?! You stayed at the top for three years without moving. Isn’t living the same as death?” Someone blocked his words and retorted.

Si Nian just wanted to laugh. The countless corpses at their feet were still warm but it was the past. The people in front of him were instigated by desire and united to attack him. In the future, there must be more people who were like moths fighting against the flames. They would want to climb to the highest place and view the small mountain.

The road to godhood paved with blood was nothing more than… flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in the lake. They didn’t know and they didn’t deserve to know.

For these ugly people, they would think he was lying even if he told the truth. Therefore, he had no intentions of doing so. Sober people would naturally make the right choice even if they didn’t know the truth.

The fate of others could never be changed by him.

It didn’t seem to matter whether the secret was buried deep underground or made public. It was because the ending wouldn’t change. People only believed what they were willing to believe and would then take the path where their beliefs took them.

They would only know if this road was the road of life or a road of death once they reached the end. If they regretted it or not at that time had nothing to do with him. He didn’t care.

Si Nian thought that if there was a future, he would like to be a more selfish and indifferent person who stayed out of things. He already knew the truth about the world. All he cared about was Xinglan. In addition, he was most sorry toward Xinglan in these years. It was he who refused to leave.

At the last moment before death, Si Nian spoke softly to Xinglan in his mind, “From now on, I will only have you in my heart.”

There was guilt, sobriety and deep emotions in his voice.

Xinglan smiled and said, “Si Nian, I might have to guard you for two lifetimes.”

In the dead silence, all the people who were still standing heard a chilling sentence echo in their hearts.

“If I’m alive, you are dead. If I’m dead, you are dead.”

This was the last thing the movie emperor said before he died but they didn’t know what it meant.

The dream flowed.

The years passed but Si Nian didn’t die. His soul was preserved due to the wish he made to the app and it grew day after day.

Once seven years passed, his soul finally recovered to its peak. He started to search for a suitable body for himself but he couldn’t find a high degree of fit. He didn’t expect to sense the fluctuations of his genes in his original world.

His genes were calling him, pulling at him. Si Nian’s soul was half awake and following his instinct, he flew to a house. In front of a pile of instruments, an old man was playing with his genes as if he wanted to make them into an embryo. As long as the embryo was formed, it would have its own soul. Si Nian flew into this mass of matter before the embryo was formed.

This was a body created with his own genes and the soul was his own. It couldn’t fit better.

Si Nian and Xinglan both lost their memories and Xinglan’s soul fell into a deep sleep inside Si Nian. It wasn’t until 10 years later when Si Nian accidentally encountered danger that Xinglan was agitated in advance, allowing him to wake up and save himself.

Perhaps for Xinglan, protection was his meaning. It was just that he didn’t know it at the time. He thought this person was just a pitiful child.

Si Nian even gave Xinglan the same name without knowing it.

Si Nian grew up.

He was selfish, indifferent, his emotions weak but his eyes were only full of Xinglan.

At the end of the dream, the slender figure turned around slightly. In the bright light, Xie Chi’s face was seen.

Gentle, elegant, intellectual and harmless.

Si Nian had passed and now it was Xie Chi.

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