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Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited) – Chapter 139: Hospital (20) Bahasa Indonesia

Ghost Xie Chi’s eyes tensed and he asked, “What is the way to live?”

Xie Chi told him, “I need you to come with me to verify it.”

Ghost Xie Chi didn’t hesitate. “Go.”

He and ghost Xie Xinglan had an advantage in strength and they weren’t afraid of Xie Chi lying and deceiving them. In addition, he knew Xie Chi as a person and knew that what Xie Chi said was more than half true. He believed in Xie Chi more than the app.

[??? Xie Chi knows? Why don’t I know?]

[Fuck, I’m confused, I’m really confused this time.]

[Who is it?!]

[My two Xie Chis and Xinglans are too strong!]

10 minutes ago, Yi Hesong stood in front of a mirror on the first floor. Yi Hesong was a qualified old actor. Having found nothing else, he spent some time meditating and felt it was likely he was going in the wrong direction.

Therefore, he changed his mind and no longer looked for the ghost who disappeared inexplicably. He instead focused on the hospital and the moons. Yi Hesong soon discovered that the moons he had neglected seemed to be hinting at something.

He summed up two changes in the moons.

These two changes seemed to have some subtle connections with the events happening in the movie. For example, the red clouds swallowing the white clouds might represent the ghosts who died in the car accident killing themselves. Then what was the red clouds replacing the white clouds?

Yi Hesong couldn’t figure it out for a moment. He started to sort out all the clues and put them together one by one, faintly feeling there was something important that hadn’t been discovered. He had wandered around the hospital like a headless fly and found this mirror placed in the lobby of the first floor, facing the two moons outside the window.

The mirror was big and conspicuous but when an actor walked by, they usually didn’t take a closer look. He also overlooked it in his previous deliberate search and only happened to find it now. The mirror looked ordinary but the two letters ‘c’ engraved on the side of the mirror showed it was extraordinary. Yi Hesong thought this was some type of clue but the clue was too cryptic. What did the two ‘c’ letters show?

Yi Hesong sat down on the side and fiddled with his hands. He thought about it for a while before the previous scene appeared in his mind—Xie Chi and Xie Yang talking and smiling. He saw this when he went upstairs to search after sensing the black ghost’s location.

He was looking for the ghost in black but found Xie Chi and Xie Yang. He had felt it was strange at the time but hadn’t thought too much. Now thinking about it, what if the ghost in black was one of them. Replacement, the other change in the moon was replacement! Ghosts replaced people, the ghosts were doves occupying the magpie’s nest!

Yi Hesong’s expression froze for a second before he abruptly stood up. Xie Yang! Abnormal Xie Yang!

Yi Hesong was angry and annoyed. He was almost tricked by Xie Chi!

Xie Yang was looking for clues in the lounge on the first floor. He heard unusual movements on an upper floor and was about to rush over when a tall black shadow appeared in front of him, completely covering his shadow.

The frightened Xie Yang immediately turned around and saw Yi Hesong with a gloomy expression. Yi Hesong stared with murderous eyes and Xie Yang got an eerie feeling. He was afraid of being chased and killed by Yi Hesong and felt guilty fear, so his first reaction was to lower his head.

Yi Hesong’s eyes became colder.

Xie Yang raised his head and smiled. “Brother Yi, what’s wrong?”

Yi Hesong didn’t speak. He directly took out the black spindle that Xie Yang was familiar with and pulled a red thread from it. The spinning thread flew out and wrapped around Xie Yang’s body like a snake.

Great alarm bells rang in Xie Yang’s heart and sweat dripped down his forehead. However, he couldn’t stop pretending and insisted, “Brother Yi, what are you doing?”

The red thread became tighter and the end of it climbed a bit and reached the back of Xie Yang’s head. Then it drilled a sharp hole and slipped in. Xie Yang almost fainted from the sudden pain and panicked. “D-Don’t kill me!”

The spinning thread felt the familiar breath and drilled out again. It mentally moved to Yi Hesong and bent the thread slightly, giving Yi Hesong a definite answer. Yi Hesong took back the thread and stared at Xie Yang like he was a dead man.

“You are the ghost in black.” Yi Hesong declared coldly.

“I… I…” Xie Yang was caught off guard. He had no idea how to deal with this and his entire body was sweating.

Killing intent flashed in Yi Hesong’s eyes. “You deceived me together with Xie Chi.”

Xie Yang was shocked. He watched the red thread spinning in Yi Hesong’s hand and couldn’t hold on anymore. “No, listen to me! I had no choice. Xie Chi forced me! I didn’t want to lie to you…”

Yi Hesong was unmoved.

Xie Yang immediately became callous. “I will tell you everything I know!”

Yi Hesong glanced at him before taking away the spindle and saying sarcastically, “You should’ve done this earlier.”

Ghost Xie Yang told Yi Hesong what he knew and Yi Hesong thoroughly figured out the ins and outs. He stared at the red-eyed ghost Xie Yang in the mirror. Inspiration flashed by but it was difficult to catch.

Yi Hesong’s frown gradually deepened. Looking in the mirror, it seemed…

He had a headache when he thought about it. He always felt that something was wrong but he couldn’t tell what it was. He had some other worries, real and urgent worries. He had a violent conflict with Xie Chi and later fought with the black ghost Xie Yang. It stood to reason that the ghost Yi Hesong shouldn’t be weak. According to ghost Xie Yang, the task of the ghosts was to kill the actors yet ghost Yi Hesong had never appeared. Wasn’t this a neutral attitude?

Was it because his ghost self felt there was something tricky about killing the actor in the mission but was also unwilling to show up to help him? Instead, ghost Yi Hesong chose to wait and see the development of other ghosts and actors before making a decision?

Yi Hesong nodded. He knew himself well enough to know he must think so. He clearly knew he was a relatively conservative person and liked waiting more than taking risks.

Ghost Xie Yang stood in a trembling manner to the side. Yi Hesong glanced at him in a bored manner. “Go do whatever you were doing by yourself. Just don’t speak. Remember to shut up.”

He couldn’t kill ghost Xie Yang now. Ghost Xie Yang was a ready-made witness of the red moon side. When he found something later, he could still ask Ghost Xie Yang questions.

Ghost Xie Yang suppressed his anger. He nodded repeatedly and left like he was pardoned. The moment he was gone, Yi Hesong’s phone rang. Yi Hesong opened it and looked furious. It was the person who sent him the anonymous text message previously! This person had sent him a new message.

[Do you want to know who I am?]

Yi Hesong had been looking for this person to settle accounts and immediately replied: [Don’t pretend to be a ghost.]

[If you want to know then go to the third floor where the phone booth is. I’ll wait for you. Five minutes.]

Yi Hesong saw this line and his heart jumped twice. Still, he was proud of his own strength and eventually replied: [Okay.]

Yi Hesong placed his phone in his pocket and headed upstairs, running into Xie Chi who was heading downstairs. Yi Hesong was in a hurry and didn’t speak to Xie Chi. He just kept heading up. Xie Chi suddenly paused and turned to look up at Yi Hesong. His head was dizzy and he frowned quietly. He tapped Yi Hesong’s shoulder. The moment his hand touched Yi Hesong’s shoulder, his expression changed.

Yi Hesong thought that Xie Chi was blocking him to make trouble again. He was tired of Xie Chi and turned his head impatiently. He pointed at Xie Chi’s face and warned sharply, “I advise you to stay safe and guard yourself. I can’t kill you in this movie but there is a bottom line, a bottom line.”

Xie Chi silently withdrew his hand, raised his head and smiled slightly with a bit of cunning. “I see. It’s fine then.”

Yi Hesong was taken aback by his reaction but didn’t bother dealing with him anymore. Yi Hesong headed straight to the third floor. Xie Chi turned to watch Yi Hesong’s departing back. There was a bit of pity and indifference in his eyes.

On the handrails of the stairs, ghost Xie Chi’s face gradually emerged. He had chosen to hide when Yi Hesong suddenly appeared. Ghost Xie Chi wondered, “What did you see when you touched him?”

He knew that the previous moment must’ve been Xie Chi’s talent at work. Xie Chi shrugged and smiled cruelly and indifferently. “I saw him. His skull was cracked and he fell to his knees, dead.”

[Oh my god!!!]


[Do you think Xie Chi would’ve told him if Yi Hesong hadn’t talked badly?]

[I think not.]

[Not necessarily.]

[Oh my god, if this prediction is true then it is too scary!!]

[Is it real? Wasn’t Son Chi’s previous prediction of He Xiao’s death confirmed??]

[Impossible, who can kill Yi Hesong? He is Yi Hesong!]

[Wouldn’t it be that ghost of unknown origin?]

[However, the ghost has a hatred with Xie Chi, Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze. How can it have a hatred with Yi Hesong as well?]

[Ah, I don’t understand anything!!]

“Let’s go, follow me down.” Xie Chi’s expression turned to normal as he spoke.


Xie Chi paused before chuckling slightly. “The death of Yi Hesong bought us time.”

Yi Hesong’s phone rang again. Before he could take it out, he first saw the person waiting for him in the phone booth.

“It’s you??” Yi Hesong was very surprised when he saw this face.

“It’s me.”

Yi Hesong sneered. “You aren’t as good as you look on the surface…”

His expression froze. There was a huge black shadow behind him, clamping his limbs and making him unable to movie.

The nurses walking around in the corridor suddenly disappeared. He seemed to have entered a space no one could find. The surrounding scenery was still exactly the same but there was nothing alive apart from the person in front of him.

Behind him was something lifeless, gloomy and cold.

“What the hell do you want to do?!” Yi Hesong’s voice trembled fiercely. “Tell me what you want!”

He was pressured by the ghost behind him and his knees gradually bent. Eventually, he knelt on the ground.

“Let me go! Everything is easy to discuss!”

“You don’t seem to have realized your mistake.” The man spoke lightly.

Yi Hesong’s eyes widened. “What are you talking about. You, who are… you…”

The man’s hand gently covered his skull. Yi Hesong stopped moving immediately and the light in his eyes gradually disappeared. The clamp behind him loosened and Yi Hesong fell with a bang, unable to get up again.

The first-tier actor of a generation died so quietly.

The man kicked Yi Hesong’s body with a sarcastic smile on his face. His tone was cold and his voice almost inaudible. “This is the end for those who betray the organization.”

He bent down to pick up Yi Hesong’s phone and glanced at it. There was a message.

[This is ghost Yi Hesong. Don’t go upstairs. Something is wrong.]

The man laughed and threw Yi Hesong’s phone into the trash can, speaking with contempt, “A ghost is smarter than you.”





Xie Chi headed toward the mirror in the lobby on the first floor.

Ghost Xie Chi seemed to have figured out something. He possessed the reception desk beside Xie Chi and asked, “Is it…”

Xie Chi nodded, thick shadows in his clear eyes. “It is Yuan Ye.”

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