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Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited) – Chapter 129: Hospital (10) Bahasa Indonesia

[Fuck, is this infernal affairs???]

[I’m stunned. Then my Xie Chi’s plan is exposed???]

[Fuck so angry so angry so angry.]

[Why did Xie Chi have to say it? Don’t blame others for hearing it after he said it.]

[Is the person above stupid?? If you want to earn plot exploration points then you must explain the plot. You can really find fault. You actually blamed Xie Chi.]

[Everyone calm down! Shouldn’t we find out who it is first?]

[Surely it must be Ye XiaoXiao or Ren Ze. They heard it. It can’t be Ye Lan who was sleeping on the bed.]

[Are you stupid? They never used their phones.]

[Yes, a mobile phone. You need a mobile phone to send messages!]

[He Xiao and Yuan Ye were both looking at their phones but the camera just gave them a simple shot before moving on… the others have no shots and we don’t know what they were doing. This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.]

[Wanting to pour dirty water on my Yuan Ye? Let me tell you that Xie Chi was in the ward on the second floor and Yuan Ye was in the lobby on the first floor. Are you treating him as having such good ears? He can’t hear it at all.]

[Che, perhaps he has a hidden super hearing item.]

[I can’t stand it anymore. Yuan Ye has no motive to harm Xie Chi, okay? He and Xie Chi have no grudges and everyone knows Yuan Ye’s personality. He might want to be first but he definitely isn’t the type to provoke people. He disdains this type of trick the most.]

[It makes sense. It is true…]

[Then how…? He Xiao didn’t hear it either. He was buying water in the corridor. Damn.]

[Wait! Let’s change our thinking. Who said it must be heard?]

[What do you mean? How can they know if they didn’t hear it? Mind reading? Don’t make jokes!]

[No, I mean, what if someone knows about the existence of the relationship chain just by sorting out the known clues and then deliberately provoked the relationship between Xie Chi and Yi Hesong in order to force Yi Hesong to act against Xie Chi? After all, there are many clues but they only lead to one answer. This person doesn’t care whether Xie Chi has really unearthed the key clue of the relationship chain. They just want to pour dirty water on Xie Chi and prompt Yi Hesong to fight Xie Chi. After all, Yi Hesong has always been suspicious and cautious. Once there is the possibility then he won’t let it go.]

[Fuck, this is a bit reliable!]

[It is terrible if this is true. That person must also be familiar with Yi Hesong’s personality…]

[Then I still don’t know who it is… but if this is the case, the cannon fodders are completely eliminated. Those who can think of the relationship chain so quickly are just a few bigshots. Yi Hesong is eliminated first as well as Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao… in other words, the only ones possible are He Xiao, Yuan Ye and Xie Yang.]

[I vote for Xie Yang just because he has a grudge against Xie Chi.]

[Xie Yang awesome!!]

[Hey, is your Xie Yang smart enough?]

[Can you stop with the conspiracy theories?? So annoying! Maybe it is a ghost! Did you forget the one who threw the glass at Xie Chi? In addition, there is the black ghost who hates Xie Chi! They are all possible, okay?]

Yi Hesong resisted the urge to drop his phone.

The mobile phone in the movie belonged to the role so the only people who could send text messages to him were actors who also had roles or ghosts in the same movie. It didn’t matter if it was a human or a ghost. Knowing this person’s identity wasn’t important.

The most important thing at the moment was to confirm the truth of the person’s words. This was linked to his life.

A relationship chain.

Yi Hesong read these words silently and pulled at his hair irritably. He paced back and forth in the corridor. If this was true, he was likely to have an exposed fatal weakness and could die at any time. It was because either a ghost or actor could kill the parent of this role and they would be able to kill him without much effort.

Yi Hesong felt like he was going crazy at the thought of this possibility. He naturally hoped it was false but the more he thought about it, the more he felt it was true. Zhang Xing’s death had been unexplainable to him. If he added the clue of the relationship chain then everything was resolved…

Yi Hesong, who had been at ease for a long time, felt a strong sense of urgency and crisis for the first time. He had to quickly find his past or future.

Due to his high prestige, he easily obtained permission from all the actor doctors. He had seen all the patients except for Xie Chi’s one but never found his past or future.

He thought there were two possibilities. One was that Xie Chi’s patient was his past or future. The second was that his past or future was completely unrecognizable. It was extremely difficult to distinguish the answer from the superficial clues. Both possibilities weren’t small.

The app had clearly stipulated that the actors in the movie couldn’t hurt the NPCs so he hadn’t been eager to find his past or future. Before he knew about the relationship chain between actors, the priority for finding his own past or future was very low. After all, actors couldn’t hurt the NPCs to achieve the purpose of harming the actors. However, if the relationship chain proved to be correct then this matter became extremely important. It was only by finding himself that he could find his kin.

Yi Hesong calmed down as quickly as possible and sent a message telling Xie Yang to come over. Xie Yang arrived in less than half a minute. He was originally angry about why Yi Hesong was looking for him now. Then he saw Yi Hesong’s expression and knew it wasn’t simple. He immediately started listening.

Yi Hesong spent a short time explaining the ins and outs before finally saying, “Help me rule out people and find my past or future.”

Xie Yang was a bit angry and afraid to speak. He had found his future self. It was the middle-aged man in Yuan Ye’s operating room who was in the car accident with the plastic surgery girl. After knowing that there might be a relationship chain, Xie Yang’s first reaction was to find his possible parent to protect them. Now Yi Hesong was asking him for help…

Xie Yang thought about how Lu Yin’s death caused Zhang Xing’s disappearance and was afraid for a while that he would die silently. However, Yi Hesong had the strength to kill him. Even if he was panicking, he could only agree.

Xie Yang smiled and nodded.

“I will mobilize the others to quickly match the actors with the wounded,” Yi Hesong spoke quickly.

He wasn’t going to tell the others about the existence of the relationship chain but matching was indeed beneficial to them. He would definitely get help. If the person who texted him was telling the truth then he had to move faster than Xie Chi.

Yi Hesong moved like he was flying. Xie Yang’s eyes rolled slightly and he suddenly stopped Yi Hesong from behind. Yi Hesong was extremely impatient. “Don’t delay my time!”

Xie Yang smiled. “Actually… why bother?”

“What do you mean?”

Xie Yang had an unclear expression. “Why don’t you… just directly kill Xie Chi? Isn’t it better to eradicate the crisis from the source instead of bothering to find your parent and protect them? This step might be unnecessary but you are suddenly uncharacteristically eager. If you tell everyone to complete the matching, aren’t you afraid that someone will use this opportunity to find your parent before you and kill them?”

Yi Hesong’s footsteps slowed down.

Xie Yang knew this person was interested and continued. “You can look for people but a large-scale search definitely isn’t suitable. This is too exposed. Even if you find it first, can you guarantee that after knowing the actor who is your parent, someone won’t take advantage of the opportunity to kill you and indirectly get a better place in the comprehensive evaluation?”

Yi Hesong thought of Yuan Ye whom he had never dealt with and the capable Xie Chi. He had indeed been acting irrationally due to his anger. Xie Yang was right.

“You and I both know that a battle between you and Xie Chi is inevitable. If your parent exists then it will be a fatal weakness. If an omission occurs then the situation can be imagined. Xie Chi will also seize this opportunity at all cost because this is his only chance to live. Ask yourself, can you deal with the ghosts and at the same time, be wary of the newcomer who has great strength and wants to kill your parent wholeheartedly?”

“Once you look for them in a big manner, the moment you find them, you will be pushing them to the forefront. Xie Chi must be looking for your parent now but he has no clues. The moment you start looking, he just needs to follow you in secret. Can you guarantee that you can find this person faster than Xie Chi? If there is a 1% chance that you are slower than him and he finds them first, or he does a sneak attack…”

Yi Hesong’s eyes flickered.

“The gains won’t be worth the loss. So why not deal with Xie Chi as quickly as possible and then find your parent in secret? This is the best method at present. In any case, you will have to deal with him sooner or later. A newcomer is easy for you and I’ll help… this time isn’t like the other time. You can’t wait.”

Yi Hesong thought about it for a moment before staring at Xie Yang coldly. “You are using my hand to kill Xie Chi for your personal revenge.”

He had been in the app for so long and wasn’t so stupid that he couldn’t see the motivation of Xie Yang’s painstaking persuasion.

Xie Yang nodded happily. “Even so, you have to do this don’t you? The person who sent the text message obviously has the same idea as me.”

He smiled sincerely. “I will do my best to help you.”

Yi Hesong was angry. He knew he was being used but he could only follow the arranged route because he had no choice. The heart of the person who sent him the text message was terrible.

“Your surname is Xie and he is also Xie. Aren’t you afraid that Xie Chi is your father?” Yi Hesong gave a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“No, I questioned the middle-aged man in Yuan Ye’s operating room since he is my future self. I’m certain Xie Chi isn’t my father. The character settings aren’t right. In addition, your surname is Yi so it is even more impossible. Otherwise there would be clues.”

Yi Hesong thought about it and completely put down his worries.

“Go and kill Xie Chi,” Yi Hesong declared.

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