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Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited) – Chapter 126: Hospital (7) Bahasa Indonesia

The female ghost’s eyes exuded an evil light from behind her dark hair.

Ren Ze was so frightened that he dropped his phone and turned to run. However, the female ghost’s hair was like black slender strips in an old cassette tape. They stretched out quickly and caught up with Ren Ze in an instant. Her thin and sharp hair wrapped around Ren Ze’s neck like a snake.

The feeling of suffocation and dying rushed to the top of his head. Ren Ze tilted his head slightly, his eyes bloodshot. His wrists and ankles were wrapped in hair and he couldn’t move at all.


The hair dug into his flesh and bright red blood oozed out instantly, dripping onto the hair. The situation was urgent. Xie Xinglan had no weapons so he could only kick to break the glass. He picked up a piece from it and quickly cut some hair.

Ren Ze could barely breathe but the situation didn’t get better. The female ghost’s hair continued to grow like weeds, making up for what had been lost in less than two seconds. Due to suffocation, Ren Ze’s face was already purple.

Xie Xinglan cut the hair around Ren Ze’s neck and pulled at his sleeves, running quickly. The female ghost behind them seemed irritated by Xie Xinglan’s actions. Ren Ze was weak and felt like he had fallen into an ice cellar. He used points to forcefully use his healing technique and barely recovered a bit of physical strength.

They ran extremely fast but the hair behind them chased them faster. The corridor was obviously very short but it seemed to have no end. This female ghost could also use the ghost walls. Ren Ze turned around and stared. He saw that the flying ghost hair was close at hand and jumped forward, not avoiding the danger.

Xie Xinglan stopped and had to turn around to pull Ren Ze. He didn’t like to complicate things. Ren Ze was Xie Chi’s friend so he would save Ren Ze no matter how hard. Ren Ze struggled to get up. He saw Xie Xinglan coming back and firmly roared, “Leave me! Go!”

“I don’t want to hurt you!”

He might not know the reason but Ren Ze knew this female ghost was here to kill him. He was afraid that Xie Xinglan would save him again but this would instead provoke the female ghost to chase Xie Xinglan. Ren Ze wasn’t strong and didn’t want to hurt others.

“Let’s go!” Xie Xinglan turned a deaf ear and pulled at Ren Ze. The ghost hair wrapped around his wrist and Xie Xinglan didn’t hesitate to cut it off. Due to his rough actions, the skin on his wrist was open and bloody.

Xie Yang had rushed over when he heard the movement and stopped when he saw that Xie Chi and Ren Ze had encountered a ghost. He leaned against the wall at the end of the corridor, eyes full of gloating.

Ren Ze was seriously injured and fell hard. The ghost hair immediately wrapped around him and he looked like a human-shaped black silkworm chrysalis. In the airtight environment, Ren Ze’s struggles were weakening.

The female ghost split off some of her hair to face Xie Xinglan.

“Go!” Ren Ze’s shout seemed to use all the air in his chest. Xie Xinglan didn’t move. Rather, he suddenly turned around.

Xie Chi seamlessly gained control of his body, raised his head and questioned the female ghost. “Ren Ze, do you want to kill him like this?!”

Xie Yang watched from the sidelines and his expression froze. Xie Chi called the ghost Ren Ze?

[?? Isn’t Ren Ze on the ground??]

[??? What is going on?]

A weird scene happened. The vicious female ghost suddenly stopped moving and froze in place like a statue.

Xie Chi just had the mentality of giving it a try but he hadn’t expected it to be so effective. He touched on the rules of ‘Hospital’ to prevent ghosts from killing people. The rules took effect and the ghost stopped moving.

Xie Chi tried to continue speaking. “You are Ren Ze’s future. Now you are called Tang Yiyun but in the past, you were Ren Ze. You were a man in the beginning and were eager to become a woman, so you underwent plastic surgery.”



The ghost hair was retreating rapidly.

“After changing sex, you found an old man to support you. Then you had a car accident and came here.”

“However, you aren’t the real Tang Yiyun or the real Ren Ze.” Xie Chi declared coldly. “You are just an idiot who was unlucky and died. Now you are thinking about dragging your living self into the water with you.”

The ghost’s eyes were filled with anger but also endless fear.

Xie Chi continued, “Ren Ze’s future, Tang Yiyun is still alive and is being cared for in the ward. You are…”

The woman’s pale lips moved desperately and she could only say one word. “No—”

Xie Chi kept speaking in a cold manner. “You are the future where Ren Ze died. You are Tang Yiyun who died in this car accident.”

After he finished speaking the last sentence, the female ghost shattered like glass. She turned into a spot of light and disappeared. The corridor seemed to echo with her unwilling cry.

Xie Yang thought about Xie Chi’s words over and over again, his eyes flashing and his face white. He had guessed wrong. What he said to Yi Hesong was wrong. It wasn’t possession. They were really two different young girls.

Xie Yang burned with envy. He glanced in that direction and smiled coldly. This person was lucky.

Still… he knew how to kill the ghost who would attack him sooner or later thanks to Xie Chi. Xie Yang smiled triumphantly.

Xie Chi was pulling up Ren Ze when he instinctively tilted his head and saw Xie Yang leaving at the end of the corridor. This made him frown. Xie Yang might’ve heard it.

Ren Ze used points to heal and soon recovered. He also treated Xie Chi’s injuries before completely calming down. If it wasn’t for Xie Chi then his life probably would’ve ended just now. Ren Ze wondered, “Xie Chi, did you just say Tang Yiyun? Tang Yiyun died in a car accident? Isn’t Tang Yiyun alive?”

Previously, Ren Ze had gone with Xie Chi into Yuan Ye’s operating room to see Tang Yiyun, the woman with plastic surgery. He remembered her name. Tang Yiyun might’ve been seriously injured but her vital signs were basically normal and she had completely passed the danger period. The next step was to recover step by step and death was impossible.

This was why he couldn’t understand Xie Chi’s words at all. He had been wrapped in the ghost hair and didn’t hear much.

Xie Chi patted off the dust on his body and smiled. “The woman with plastic surgery is your future.”

Ren Ze was stunned. “Eh??”

“No, how did you think of it? I’m male and she is female…” Ren Ze felt like he was going to collapse.

Xie Chi explained, “It was Lu Yin’s past who killed Lu Yin. Lu Yin’s past didn’t try to kill Zhang Xing. This isn’t sufficient to prove that ghosts can only kill themselves. However, just now, the ghost obviously chased you and had no interest in me. Thus, she must be your past or future.”

“She is a woman and you are a man. Your gender doesn’t match so either you later became her or she later became you. It is just that you don’t have any strange scars on your body. The only possibility is that you are her past and you later changed genders to become her.”

“According to what we know before, there might be the actor’s past or present among the wounded. Therefore, the target is a wounded person who might be of a different gender.”

Xie Chi spread open his hands. ”It just so happens that in Yuan Ye’s operating room, there is a beautiful woman with knife marks on her chest, lower body and face.”

“I thought she did it for her sex life but it turned out that she was transgender.”

Ren Ze blushed. Why was his character setting such a broken thing?

He was a bit angry and snorted coldly. “It is all Yuan Ye’s fault. He can’t even tell the difference between transgender and improving the appearance of the sexual organ.”

Xie Chi smiled. He looked Ren Ze up and down and teased. “In addition, look at yourself. You are wearing a floral shirt with perfume. It is more feminine. I suddenly understand it.”

Ren Ze was stunned for a moment. Then he looked down at his outfit and was irritated. “This is fucking great.”

He felt like he had been tricked and was angry.

Xie Chi changed his mind. He didn’t want to find the wounded to identify which once was Zhang Xing. Instead, the two of them walked toward the ward where Ye Lan was.

Ren Ze inquired, “Then why do you say that the transgender female ghost is the dead Tang Yiyun?”

Xie Chi lit a cigarette and spoke casually. “Schrodinger’s cat. Unfortunately, our previous guess is correct. You can one-sidedly understand it as a parallel space.”

“What cat?”

“It isn’t important.” Xie Chi looked at him. “Do you have a coin?”

Ren Ze was surprised. He searched through his pocket, found a coin and placed it in Xie Chi’s hand. Xie Chi placed the cigarette in his mouth while gently flipping the coin using the thumb of his right hand. The coin fell back down and Xie Chi covered the coin with his left hand.

“Heads or tails?”

Ren Ze was wondering why Xie Chi suddenly played a coin-guessing game with him but he still guessed in a cooperative manner. “It is tails.”

Xie Chi took away the hand covering it to reveal the answer. It was indeed tails.

Ren Ze’s eyes lit up and he exclaimed excitedly, “I guessed it right!”

“…Who is playing a game with you?”

Ren Ze lowered his eyes. “Oh.”

Xie Chi told him, “Before the answer is revealed, the coin can be heads or tails. There is a probability that it will be tails.”

Ren Ze nodded. “It is 50-50. Elementary school students know this.”

Xie Chi said, “The moment I opened my hand, the world we live in might’ve split into a world where the answer for the exact same coin is heads.”

“What do you mean?”

“To be clear, your future Tang Yiyun was in a car accident. There is a certain probability that she will die directly, a certain probability that she will be saved and a certain probability that she will be killed by a black-hearted doctor who was bribed, right?”

“Yes… this is the case.”

“Since there can be only one Tang Yiyun in a world at a time, the Tang Yiyun in our world was rescued by Doctor Yuan Ye. The answer is unique and there is only one.”

“However, according to the theory of parallel space, there must be a world where Tang Yiyun died directly in a car accident or a world where Tang Yiyun was killed by a black-hearted doctor who was bribed, right?”

Ren Ze tilted his head. “Yes, according to your premise, it is indeed like this…”

Xie Chi smiled and walked to the window, pointing to the two moons in the sky. “Due to the time and space error caused by the two moons, Tang Yiyun who died in a car accident appeared in the world where Tang Yiyun was rescued.”

“Since the past and future you can appear alive in the same time and space, why can’t the dead you?”

Ren Ze froze for a few seconds before his eyes suddenly widened. “Fuck!”

[??? Fuck???]

[Chi Chi is too awesome!! Fuck ahhh!]

[I get it wuuuuuu]

[Is a newcomer so powerful? Isn’t this the fastest progress? Yi Hesong seems to be behind him. Tsk, too great.]

[By the way, his conclusion seems to have been stolen by Xie Yang?]

“So the young girl who killed Lu Yin before… s, sh, she…” Ren Ze couldn’t speak properly.

Xie Chi nodded. “The young female ghost in this world might’ve died in the car accident or was killed by the black-hearted mother who instigated the doctor. She has no future, there is only a future where she is dead. Later, due to the time and space error, she came here. She was jealous of Lu Yin who survived and had a bright future. She felt that Lu Yin should experience the same pain as herself and killed Lu Yin.”

Ren Ze was enlightened.

“Any one answer isn’t the only event. It is possible to derive a parallel space. Even if there is a 99.999% chance that Lu Yin won’t die in the car accident, there is still a 0.001% chance that Lu Yin will die. As long as this is possible, a completely different time and space will be born. There are too few things in this world that have a 100% probability.”

“This is probably the movie’s worldview.”

Ren Ze nodded. No matter how small the probability, it was still a probability. Even if he walked on the sidewalk, he might be hit by a car. Even if he didn’t go outside, he might be killed by a sudden earthquake or a mosquito that carried the malaria infection. These possibilities were very small but they were all real possibilities. He just subconsciously didn’t treat these small probabilities as probabilities in the past.

Ren Ze was a bit ashamed. “Then how did you think of calling out the ghost’s name and exposing her identity to kill her?”

This method was too tricky. Who would talk instead of running away when their life was at stake?

Xie Chi answered. “I was previously thinking about why this movie was so cruel to the cannon fodder Lu Yin so that she encountered a ghost at the very beginning and was killed in a short time. In fact, this was given as a small hint—the method to restrict or kill the ghost is very simple. Even I, who has a certain amount of strength, or Lu Yin, who has almost no power, can easily complete it.”

“The scope of the answer is reduced to a very small range. First of all, we don’t know anything about the ghost. It is the first time meeting the ghost so it is impossible to know anything about them. Then the key lies with us. The only thing we know that affects the ghost is her identity, right? It is reasonable for the app to set it up like this.”

Ren Ze wondered, “So she is dead?”

Xie Chi’s smile faded and he lowered his eyes. “It should be.”

Ren Ze had been with him for a long time and keenly noticed the subtle changes in his expression. Ren Ze hesitated for a few seconds before asking, “What are you worried about?”

“The crisis is eliminated,” Xie Chi murmured softly.

“This… isn’t it good?” Somehow, Ren Ze’s heart was filled with great uneasiness the moment he asked this sentence.

“Normally, the easy elimination of a crisis means a bigger crisis is coming. I just don’t know what it is yet.” Xie Chi looked up.

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