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The moment Xie Chi left, Shen Yi stood alone on top of the empty building. He looked down through the glass window for a while before walking back to his desk in a daze.

The room was dark but he didn’t turn on the light. He opened the drawer and took out pen and paper. Then he started writing slowly while remembering. Time passed as the nib of the pen moved.

The moment Xie Chi returned home, he received a message about Yi Hesong from Shen Yi through the app.

He learned that the next horror movie Yi Hesong was going to was a ghost movie with the highest quality in the ‘orange’ color. It happened that Xie Chi’s authority to go to all orange color movies was fully opened.

Shen Yi specifically explained that in the app, the highest natural quality horror movies was the ‘red’ color, not the ‘black’ color as he always thought. Black colored movies could only be upgraded through red movies. A horror movie couldn’t start off as black so even for famous first and second tier actors, they mainly shot orange and red colored movies.

The scarcity of red movies meant that demand exceeded supply and the threshold was harsh. Therefore, choosing a high quality orange movie was normal. As long as this type of movie was shot well, there was a high probability that it would rise to a red color. Yes, they might not be able to get the high rewards of red movies but the rewards from upgrading were enough to make up for the missing points.

This meant that a peak orange color movie was undoubtedly a big piece of meat. It was often full as soon as it was released. Third and fourth tier actors wanted to rely on it to get their first red movie and upgrade their title. Even more senior actors wouldn’t take it lightly. Shen Yi had certain privileges after reaching his position. He could let the app leave him two or three positions in a movie and decided to let the agent report Xie Chi’s name.

The name of the horror movie was very ordinary. It was a simple ‘Hospital’. Apart from the filming location being a hospital, almost all information was hidden.

Xie Chi found that the movie’s names became more mysterious as it went on and less information was revealed. In the beginning, ‘Spirit in Red Clothes’ and ‘Zombie Lovers’ all had strong implications but ‘1552 Haunted House’ and ‘Living Hell’ couldn’t be guessed at first glance.

Xie Chi had filmed the orange ghost movie, Living Hell. This one was also an orange ghost movie. The app had a system where shooting the same quality movie and same theme would lead to points being reduced. It was reasonable to say that after entering Hospital, Xie Chi would only get 80% of the points. However, Xie Chi noticed that the points he could earn for shooting the movie were completely normal.

In other words, this movie might be special.

Xie Chi opened his backpack. He now had three more orange quality items.

Shen Yi had left a message on the message interface: [Place priority on bringing your own items. Items above purple quality have their effect weakened when gifted by others. The weakening range is different for each item. I have picked three items with a small weakening range that are suitable for you to bind with. Bring in what you are lacking.]

[Also, Yi Hesong isn’t that easy to deal with. Don’t take him lightly. He will bring three peak orange color items and your items definitely aren’t equal to his. His own strength is very high.]

The app had an item restriction system. For an orange movie, a single actor could bring in three orange colored items at most. He now had two orange items, the Holy Light Ring and the Guardian Ring. One was an invincible immunity and the other increased strength. In other words, he only had one item space left and could take one of the three items Shen Yi gave him.

Xie Chi understood Shen Yi’s meaning. He naturally knew the danger and that there was a huge gap between himself and Yi Hesong. Yi Hesong had a profound background and had spent more than two or three months in the app. Xie Chi couldn’t compare but he easily promised to kill Yi Hesong.

Pet couldn’t kill him last time but they would never give up. The subsequent pursuit would only get worse and worse. Last time it was Cheng Zhou who could easily make the third-tier Ji Xingchen submit. The next time a pet came to kill him, they would only be stronger. They must be second-tier and it wasn’t impossible to be first-tier.

The scariest thing was that the pets were hidden among the actors in the darkness while he was in the light. He couldn’t tell who was a pet. There weren’t only actors in the app, there were also ghosts. After entering a horror movie, he needed to focus on dealing with the ghosts. If he was distracted by potential pets then the situation would be too bad for him.

He might as well send himself directly to the door and greet Yi Hesong with his own strength. At least he knew who the enemy was and the Pet organization wouldn’t send others to destroy him. After all, the main force of the Pet organization needed to deal with Shen Yi. It was definitely enough for the Pet organization to let Yi Hesong handle him.

Xie Chi wasn’t really sure but he didn’t want to bother himself. Thinking about these things was meaningless so he would take it step by step.

It was a difficult dilemma but he could only pick one option that wasn’t so difficult. Right now, taking the initiative to join Yi Hesong in the horror movie was the best policy for him. Shen Yi obviously understood this so he only gave a warning. He never asked Xie Chi to give up or retreat.

There were many variables and opportunities in horror movies and anything was possible.

Xie Chi pursed his lips in a slightly depressed manner. He hated the feeling of being blocked by others and being passive. All of this was caused by Pet. He still remembered his original intention. There was no contradiction between destroying the Pet organization and giving his brother a body as long as he kept walking forward firmly.

Xie Chi settled down to understand the items given by Shen Yi. He quickly discovered that the three items had obvious tendencies.

One was a defensive item. It was a coat made of human skin and could resist most damages when worn on the body. However, it was a consumable item. Once worn to a certain degree, it would be destroyed.

Another item gave him a steady increase in attack power.

The last item was a high explosive item called ‘HN Medicine’. The horror movie that produced it was quite special. It was a biological science fiction ghost movie called ‘Making Ghosts’.

In ‘Making Ghosts’, the villain scientist admired the immortality of ghosts and their abilities beyond normal humans. He devoted a lifetime of hard work to finally create the HN Medicine, an agent that could let people become ghosts.

However, it was clear that no villains ever had a good ending. After the villain scientist drank the HN Medicine, he successfully turned into a terrifying ghost. Then after three minutes, he lost his human mind and became a lonely ghost with strength and immortality but no thoughts. If a person couldn’t remember who they were and their wish then what was the point of fulfilling the wish?

The side effect of the HN medicine was terrible. For three minutes, he would emerge from his body and transform into a ghost with great power. However, if he didn’t resolve the battle within three minutes and return to his flesh then he would lose consciousness forever and become a lonely ghost. In addition, if his body was destroyed in the process then he could never go back.

Of course, this method had an advantage. After transforming into a ghost, killing was sanctioned by the app because he was a ghost, not an actor.

Xie Chi didn’t hesitate and took the HN Medicine. Putting aside the side effect, the beneficial effects of the HN Medicine were precisely what he needed right now. He had the invincible immunity and Xie Xinglan’s talent. He was missing a highly explosive item.

He took care of everything and sent a message to Yan Jing, asking him to report to the movie. Shooting would start in 10 days.

Early the next morning, Xie Chi received a message from Ren Ze.

[I heard you still have a place. I want to go. Can you report for me too?]

Xie Chi frowned slightly. Ren Ze was a ghost movie specialist. If there were no grudges between him and Yi Hesong then he would certainly be happy to let Ren Ze join. However, the situation was different now. He had a good opinion of Ren Ze who repeatedly helped him out and didn’t want to pull Ren Ze into the water.

[The situation is special. You better not go.]

[If it is a special situation then I have to go. Otherwise, can we still be brothers?]

Xie Chi wasn’t a hypocritical person so he replied: [Thanks.]

Half an hour before the shooting started, Yan Jing couldn’t contact Xie Chi. He felt it was a bit strange so after thinking about it, he came directly to Xie Chi’s house. He was now Xie Chi’s agent. In order to avoid special circumstances, Xie Chi gave Yan Jing the keys to his house.

Yan Jing opened the door and went in, tentatively calling out, “Xie Chi?”

There was no response. It was dark. Suddenly, he had a low sound from the bedroom. Yan Jing jumped at the abrupt sound of the alarm clock. Yan Jing pushed open the door to find Xie Chi was still asleep while the alarm clock no longer rang.

“Xiao Chi, wake up.” Xie Xinglan’s voice called out urgently in Xie Chi’s mind. Xie Chi’s consciousness was blurred and he turned a deaf ear to Yan Jing and Xie Xinglan’s calls. He seemed to be caught in a weird dream.

Yan Jing was a bit at a loss when Xie Chi suddenly sat up.

“Xie Chi?!” Before Yan Jing had time to be surprised, he saw Xie Chi walk to the desk like he was sleepwalking. His face was expressionless and his pupils were filled with a fearful gloom. Yan Jing felt his scalp was numb. He tentatively walked to Xie Chi and found that Xie Chi had pulled out a piece of paper and was painting on it.

Yan Jing didn’t know the reason and was terrified. However, Xie Xinglan sighed with relief. It seemed that Xie Chi’s talent had been triggered.

He painted amazingly fast and without any pauses. Yan Jing was dazzled. This was the first time he had encountered Xie Chi painting since he could see. It might’ve been enjoyable in the past but the current atmosphere was too weird and depressing.

On the snow-white paper, the outline of a human figure gradually appeared. Three minutes later, Yan Jing watching by the side noticed that something was wrong. Xie Chi kept painting and the moment it took shape, Yan Jing exclaimed, “How come?”

In his sleepwalking state, Xie Chi painted… a self-portrait?

Xie Chi started to color it in and Yan Jing felt a bit cold. The moment the last piece of color was filled in, Xie Chi put down the paintbrush, closed his eyes and was silent for a few seconds. Then he slowly opened his eyes, a trace of confusion overflowing from them.

“What time is it?”

Yan Jing recovered and replied, “It will start in five minutes.”

Xie Chi’s eyes fell on the painting on the table. Under the lamp was a self-portrait. Xie Chi cocked his head and glanced at himself in the full-length mirror, comparing himself to the painting. It was almost exactly the same.

“I drew this?”

Yan Jing nodded blankly.

Xie Chi repeatedly confirmed that he hadn’t missed any details in the painting and fell into deep doubts. He subconsciously triggered the Painter’s Pen talent. It should show him information related to the upcoming horror movie but he painted… a self-portrait?

Xie Chi pressed a hand against his temple and spoke gently. “Brother, I’m fine.”

Xie Xinglan still wasn’t at ease. “What about your mental state?”

Xie Xinglan remembered that the talent consumed inspiration.

“I’m fine.” Xie Chi didn’t feel tired. He was just dazed when he woke up.

After exchanging a few words with Yan Jing, Xie Chi received information about the new horror movie. The new horror movie was called Hospital and the poster was very special. The center of the poster was a modern hospital and it was very ordinary. The strange thing was the moon in the sky.

It was night and there were two moons in the sky. The sky to the left had a bright white moon while the right was an extraordinary red moon. The clouds on the left were sparsely floating, leisurely and beautiful. Meanwhile, the clouds on the right side were crowded together and looked very red like burning clouds. There was a feeling of blood dripping in water and spreading slightly. If people stared for a long time then there was a feeling of suffocation and dullness like their heart was being held.

Apart from the strange moons, no other information could be found from the poster.

Then the introduction of Hospital popped up.

[The old man said that something unusual happens when two moons occur on the same day. Late at night, several people staying in the hospital for various reasons saw two moons in the sky. Afterward, they fell into the ultimate horror…]

Xie Chi frowned.

The name, poster and introduction revealed very little information this time. In addition, the rhythm seemed very tight. It said ‘two moons at the same time’. Could the moon last all day? Therefore, the shooting time was likely only one night.

The app rang again.

[You will play the role of a person staying in the hospital, experiencing terror as you dig into the truth.]

[Being transferred, please wait.]

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