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Stunning Edge – C293

“Speak, what is it?” Jonathan had never felt that Qi AoShuang was suspicious, so he did not pay too much attention to Arasana’s tone.

“I suspect that Qi Ao Shuang is not a man, but a woman!” However, Ashanina had a serious expression on her face as she said these words with exceptional seriousness.

Jonathan opened his eyes wide, sneering in disdain, “I’m begging you, witch. I’m not interested in you, yet you said such words. You’re going to laugh me to death!”

“Damn!” You’re courting death! Am I that shallow of a person? In this world, who could understand men better than me? I’ve read countless people. Do I not know whether they are men or women? You dare to say that any woman knows men better than I do, I will immediately jump into the river! ” Azana roared in anger, and there was a hint of pride in her tone.

“Oh?” Jonathan touched his chin, narrowed his eyes, and looked around Arnie. Then he exclaimed, “Indeed, the woman who knows men best is you. Some men don’t even know as much about themselves as you do.” “Who told you to splash light everywhere.”

“Pah!” “Are you praising me or insulting me?” Ashanina crossed her arms and pouted unhappily.

“Half.” “But you said that Qi Ao Shuang is a woman, so funny.” The corner of Jonathan’s mouth twitched. There was a hint of disdain in his eyes.

“I did not explain clearly, I said that I suspect that the main body of Qi Ao Shuang is a woman.” Ashanina put away her angry look and turned serious instead.

“What do you mean?” Jonathan frowned.

“You also know that there are some treasures that can change a person’s gender. I thought it was the same thing at first, but I didn’t think so. “If you want to know if she’s a woman, you’ll know when you take a look at the mirror.” Ashanina’s expression became more and more serious.

“Damn!” You actually have a God Equipment like the True Knowledge Mirror? “Are you serious?” Jonathan went crazy at the name of the mirror. That was a divine artifact, a divine artifact that could see a person’s true appearance. How could the witch have such a treasure?

“Of course it’s fake.” Asana said lightly.

Jonathan’s mouth twitched in silence.

“I’m not really sure about the mirror, but it’s the best facet of imitation. It was a SemiGod Equipment. Although he couldn’t completely see a person’s true appearance, he could still take a general look at it. “In any case, Qi Ao Shuang is not a man.” Ashanina pursed her lips and said angrily, “There are only a few men in this world who are unmoved by my actions.” One was someone who had a crush on him, and the other was someone who couldn’t see a woman in his eyes, such as Dittas, that pervert. The last one was a woman! “Qi Ao Shuang belongs to the first two?”

Jonathan stroked his chin and thought for a while. After a while, he looked at the fuming Arasana and said, “Witch, Qi Ao Shuang is a loyal person. I am sure of this.” I knew it the first time I saw him. ”

“That’s why you think of him as your friend.” Asana pouted, “So he treated women like that?”

“No, he’s very gentle with both Paulina and his senior apprentice-sister.” So rule out the second possibility you’re talking about. I really don’t think he’s interested in anyone, sweetheart. Although he was good to both women, he kept his distance. “It definitely won’t be that kind of feeling.”

“That means neither the first nor the second is possible?” That’s the third kind. Just take a look at it in my mirror! “No matter what kind of treasure changes her gender, she won’t be able to hide!” Asana snorted.

“Tsk tsk, you’re narrow-minded!” Isn’t it just someone treating you coldly, do you have to do that? “How unbalanced!” Jonathan could not calm himself no longer. Xiao Aushuang, was she a woman? Woman?! How is that possible? If Xiao Aushuang was really a woman …

Jonathan was absent-minded and did not pay any more attention to the noisy conversation.

“It’s definitely a woman, a woman.” Jonathan, you depress! “Give me the mirror, I want you to find a chance to see the real Qi Ao Shuang!” Aranina shoved the mirror into Jonathan’s hand, and only then did Jonathan come back to his senses.

“It must be a woman! It must be a woman! Otherwise, why would she turn a blind eye to me!?” Asana said hatefully. She rolled her eyes and said to Jonathan, “Smelly brat, remember to tell me the results as soon as you get it.” I’ll leave the mirror here for you, and return it to me when I’m done. “If you don’t, I’ll break your dog legs.”

“Wow, you have heart?” “I’m your only brother.” Jonathan howled, but kept the mirror tightly in his hand. Disapproving of the other party’s words, he started to panic.

“Pah!” “This old lady has had nothing to do with your family for a long time. I’ll be happy if you die!” Asana spat, but she couldn’t help but feel a little bit of gentleness in her eyes. Although this only younger brother was a member of that family, he was the only relative she had to admit to.

“Tsk …” He was lying. “Then go ahead. I’ll find a chance to see it.” Jonathan nodded, a little absent-minded.

After Aranina left, Jonathan took out the mirror from his pocket and looked at himself in the mirror in a daze. He murmured, “Woman?” Could he be a woman? Will it? It can’t be? “Or is it possible?” For a moment Jonathan did not know how he really felt. Shock, astonishment, anticipation, disbelief …. Complex emotions almost completely submerged him. Holding the mirror in his hand, Jonathan’s mind flew to the first time he saw Qi Ao Shuang. The youth with an indifferent expression calmly pushed open the door. This was the first time he had revealed a carefree smile to her, the first time he had revealed a helpless expression to her, the first time he had put his arm around her shoulder … …


Jonathan’s heart skipped a beat. He remembered something.

The first time he put his arm around Qi Ao Shuang’s shoulder, the eyes of the guard beside Qi Ao Shuang were like torches, staring at his own hand on Qi Ao Shuang’s shoulder! That look was very unusual! It was perfectly normal for men to put their arms around each other! But why did the guard look that way? His eyes burned with desire to burn his hands. There was a problem! There was a problem! That guard likes men? Pah pah! Jonathan was disgusted by his conjecture. Then, there was another possibility!

Xiao Aushuang, could she be a woman? Would it? If so, then.

Jonathan stood there for a long time, his face unsettled. Finally, he put the mirror away and turned to leave.

Qi Ao Shuang’s bedroom had already been changed. It was a single room. All of the 8-star students living on the ninth floor were in private dormitories with good environment. In between Jonathan and Dittos. When Qi Aushuang returned to her room, she had just finished showering and changing her clothes when there was a knock on the door.

“Who?” Xiao Ao Shuang asked.

“Me.” Jonathan squeezed the mirror, his palms sweating.

“Come in.” Xiao Ao Shuang sat down and said to the door.

Jonathan pushed the door open. He saw Qi Aushuang, who had just finished her shower. Her fiery red hair was loose on her shoulders. Droplets of water dripped down from her hair. Her misty eyes revealed her enchanting beauty. Jonathan was stunned, even forgetting his original purpose.

“What’s wrong?” “What’s the matter?” Xiao Ao Shuang asked as she rubbed her hair.

“Oh, that, that …” Jonathan pulled at the mirror in his hand, trying to figure out how to look at Qi Ao Shuang.

At this moment, a hurried knocking sound came from the door.

“Qi Ao Shuang!” “Qi Ao Shuang!” The voice outside the door was a voice they all knew. It’s Parina!

Xiao Ao Shuang stood up and went to open the door. Outside the door was Parina’s anxious face.

“Qi Ao Shuang, quick, quick …” “My brother, my brother …” Parina was gasping for breath.

“What’s wrong?” “Speak slowly.” Xiao Ao Shuang frowned slightly. Looking at the expression on her face, he knew that something had changed, and that it was definitely not a good thing.

“My brother has entered the Heavenly Pagoda!” It was the dean who let him in! What should he do? What should he do? “Big brother is in danger!” Parina lowered her voice anxiously as she spoke to Xiao Aushuang.

Xiao Ao Shuang frowned and immediately understood what the headmaster meant. Since Parina’s brother had listened to her and stayed behind the entire time without cultivating, he was naturally unable to break through for the time being. The headmaster was worried, so he let him enter the Heavenly Pagoda, hoping that he could break through. However, if he couldn’t break through, would he be able to make it out alive?

“Xiao Ao Shuang, please go in and see him.” You are the only one I know who has the right to enter the Sky Tower at any time. “I’m so worried …” Parina’s voice became choked with sobs.

“All right, Parina, don’t cry. I’ll go now.” Xiao Ao Shuang reached out her hand and gently rubbed Parina’s head, then nodded and promised, “I will go in now, and I will definitely not let anything happen to him. I will definitely bring him out safely.”

“Qi Aoshuang, thank you, wuu, thank you …” Parina wiped her eyes and smiled through her tears.

“Alright, you go back first. I’ll go in now.” Xiao Ao Shuang did not care about anything else. She gently pushed away Parina and quickly walked out.

“You have to be careful too!” Parina worriedly reminded him.

“Hmm …” Qi Ao Shuang’s voice drifted over from afar.

Jonathan watched Qi Ao Shuang’s back get farther and farther away. Then, he came back to his senses and chased after her.

At this time, the door to Dittas’ room opened. Dittas glanced at the teary-faced Perina, then looked at the two people in the corridor. Frowning slightly, he didn’t say anything and quickly followed after them.

Jonathan was in a hurry to catch up with her, holding the mirror in his hand and desperately trying to catch Qi Ao Shuang. However, he was unable to see her because she was running in front of him.

Finally, at a bend, Jonathan looked into the mirror to see Qi Ao Shuang’s back.

In the mirror, a beautiful figure flashed by. Her beautiful black hair fluttered in the wind. Only her back, only her back!

But this brief glimpse was enough.

Jonathan stood there stupidly and did not take another step forward. He just stared at the mirror in his hand in a daze.

Had he seen wrongly?


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