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Stunning Edge – C291

The next moment, the smile on Johansson’s face froze. Qi Ao Shuang was also stunned.

There was no other reason but the fact that Dittas had appeared silently in front of them, standing in front of the Nine Heavens City Lord.

With a calm expression, Dittos stood before the two of them and looked at them indifferently.

As for the Nine Heavens City’s lord, he was ecstatic as he shouted anxiously, “Dittas! Dittas!” It’s good that you’re here. These two people want to kill me, you save me. You can kill them. Help me kill them! ” At the end, the Nine Heavens City’s lord yelled out crazily.

There was not the slightest change in the expression of Dittos. He only looked calmly at Qi Ao Shuang and said faintly, “Are you the one who wanted to kill him?” “Reason?”

“Yes, he must die.” Qi Ao Shuang said this with a calm face. This was not a valid reason. Even if he said it, he wouldn’t answer.

“Dittos!” What’s the use of talking to them, Dittos? “Kill them for me!” The Nine Heavens City’s Mayor shouted hysterically from behind him, “Hurry!” Do you want your sister to be a widow? ”

With a cold and detached expression, Dentance looked at Qi Ao Shuang but did not say anything. Qi Ao Shuang did not dodge, but met his eyes.

Johansson blinked and said nothing.

“Dittos!” What the hell are you doing? Don’t you understand what’s going on? They want to kill me! They just tried to assassinate me! The Nine Heavens City Lord shouted angrily in embarrassment, but he did not dare to attack Qi Ao Shuang and Jonathan. He knew that he was far from being their match, and he also understood the erratic personality of Dittas. If he did, Dittos might stop him.

“Even if he died, there’s still someone who can become the Nine Heavens City Lord, and that person will be even better than him.” Qi Ao Shuang said in a low voice.

“What?!” “What!” The Nine Heavens City lord cried out in shock and looked at Qi Ao Shuang in disbelief. Then, he jumped up as if he was stepped on by his tail and pointed his finger at Qi Ao Shuang, “I know, I know, I know!” That little bastard sent you! He had never thought that he could be so capable! I really should have gotten rid of him earlier! “I heard that he has some ability now, but I didn’t expect him to be able to instruct you!” The Nine Heavens City Lord cursed angrily. He was extremely shocked in his heart. He never thought that the useless bastard would increase his strength so greatly in such a short period of time, not to mention that he would actually invite this year’s Star Academy envoy to assassinate him.

Still, Dotans did not show any expression. He merely looked at Xiao Ao Shuang and asked faintly, “Is that what you wish to see?”

“Yes!” Qi Ao Shuang answered with a simple and forceful word.

Without another word, Dittos waved his right hand gently. His actions were extremely casual and casual.

The next moment, the noisy voice of the Nine Heavens City’s lord suddenly vanished, and a huge bloody hole appeared on his chest. Through the bloody hole he could see the crude carriage behind him. And the heart of the Nine Heavens City’s lord had been crushed into smithereens without a trace. Blood continued to flow out crazily without a sound …

The Lord of the Nine Heavens City looked at Dittos and indifferently retracted his hand. Then, he slowly lowered his head to look at his chest. His eyes were filled with disbelief and fear.

Jonathan opened his mouth and looked at the scene in front of him. Looking at the hands of Dentance and then at the completely dead City Lord of the Nine Heavens City on the ground, he immediately forgot to think about it.

And so Dittos had casually killed his brother-in-law, the husband of his favorite sister! The Nine Heavens City Lord was dead!

Qi Ao Shuang’s heart slowly chilled, but she was not surprised. It was as if Dittas had expected this.

A cold aura enveloped the surroundings. Jonathan looked at the corpse on the ground and swallowed his own saliva. With a ‘gurgle’, he did not say anything.

“Let’s go.” Dotans casually said something and was about to leave with a calm face. It was as if nothing had happened.

Qi Ao Shuang nodded, then turned around and followed after him.

The people in the carriage did not show themselves, nor did they make any sound. Jonathan blinked at the carriage and followed silently. He didn’t need to worry about the fact that the body would be cleaned up.

After walking to the front, Jin Yan stood to the side and waited with an indifferent expression. Beside him, there were two people lying on the floor, as if they were dead asleep. The two men had been dead for a long time. When Jin Yan saw Qi Ao Shuang and her group come out, he didn’t feel surprised when he saw Dittins. He just followed them silently.

The forest quieted down, and only the faint sound of wind could be heard.

A moment later, a slight rustling sound echoed out. Someone came to take care of the aftermath. A group of men in black quickly cleaned up the floor and carried away the corpses. Everything was restored to its original state.

When everything was over, the curtain of the carriage was lifted by a slender, snow-white hand.

“All gone?” A soft and seductive voice rang out in the forest. This voice was mesmerizing, making people want to peep into her beauty.

“Yes, miss, they’re gone.” In the darkness of the night, an intangible voice answered in a low voice. He could only hear people’s voices, but not see them.

“Who is that red-haired youth?” There was a hint of curiosity in her gentle voice.

“Miss, this person is one of the envoys of this year’s Star Academy, Qi Ao Shuang. He is this year’s biggest dark horse. He passed the eighth level’s examination in one go, defeated Jonathan, and became the second. This is only in Dittos. ” The low voice slowly explained without any emotion.

“So it’s like that. He’s really young.” And the Dittas log seemed to care about him. Was Dittos really interested in men? “Hehe …” Her gentle voice gave off a low chuckle, making one’s entire body go limp.

“Of course not.” The low voice answered patiently.

“I was joking.” I knew, of course, that the wood had no interest in men or women. “But today, I was so curious about that red-haired youth …” There was an unconcealable curiosity in her gentle voice.

“You’d better not, miss.” As you can see, Dittos can mercilessly kill his brother-in-law. ” His deep voice was no longer cold and detached; it was now filled with a hint of worry. He knew exactly how powerful Dittas was. Dylan had long since discovered his existence, but he ignored him. Dittos was a dangerous man, not one they could afford to offend.

“I know. I know my limits.” There was a trace of anger in her gentle voice. “Alright, let’s go back too.” This was half the favor he owed Jonathan. “What a troublesome little demon.”

“Yes.” A low voice replied. An afterimage flashed, and a masked young man appeared on the carriage, gently swinging the whip. The carriage slowly and noiselessly drove off.

The white leaf forest once again returned to its former tranquility.

The moonlight remained the same, but the situation was different.

When they returned to the hotel, Dittens was walking in front when he suddenly turned to face Qi Ao Shuang and said, “Come with me.”

Xiao Ao Shuang looked at Jonathan, who blinked and spread out his hands, indicating that he didn’t call me, that I didn’t need to go in. Qi Ao Shuang nodded to Jin Yan, indicating that he didn’t need to worry. It would be fine as long as he waited outside.

Xiao Ao Shuang followed Dittos into the room. Dittos closed the door behind him and sat on the sofa first. Qi Ao Shuang also slowly walked over and sat down.

“Qi Ao Shuang.” Suddenly, Dittos spoke in a low voice.

“Yes, I’m here.” Qi Ao Shuang answered softly.

“In this world, only you understand me.” “What?” Dittos suddenly spat out those words. … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …. When he killed the Nine Heavens City Lord, Dittos knew that in this world, only Qi Ao Shuang knew about him. Jonathan’s look of surprise was ridiculous. Only Qi Ao Shuang looked calm, not surprised at all.

“I know you, but that doesn’t mean I agree with you.” Yet, Qi Ao Shuang said this.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as you understand.” However, Dittas did not care and continued, “Qi Ao Shuang, don’t disappoint me. Grow up quickly.” Without you, on my way, I would have found it tasteless. ”

Xiao Ao Shuang was silent for a long time, silently looking at the cold but serious face of Dittas.

“Go ahead and do what you want.” “But don’t take too long. Don’t think too much.” “Your mind should be more on cultivation.”

“En, thank you for today.” Qi Ao Shuang stood up and thanked him with a complicated expression.

“Don’t say thank you to me, I have my own reasons for doing things.” Dittos said indifferently.

Qi Ao Shuang nodded and said no more, turned around, opened the door and left. As Dittos had said, she still had work to do. It was to inform Wynes that he was ready to act, and to do so as soon as possible. He wanted to stabilize the situation as soon as possible and ascend to the position of mayor.

Jin Yan had been quietly waiting at the entrance the entire time. When he saw Qi Ao Shuang come out to greet him. Jonathan had gone back to his room to sleep. After all, he didn’t need to worry about the rest of the matters, and Dittas wouldn’t “talk” with him.

“Come, Jin Yan, look for Wynes.” Xiao Ao Shuang said in a low voice.

“Yes, Miss.” Jin Yan nodded.

The two of them left the room quietly and headed in the direction of Wynes’ residence. However, someone stopped him not far from Wynes’ entrance.

And what stopped them was a woman. A woman who was extremely beautiful, so enchanting that she could make people lose their minds.

Her graceful figure was like a willow, her delicate face was like the bright moon in the sky, and her enchanting eyes were like silk. Her soft black hair gently fluttered in the wind, attracting people’s hearts. He suddenly appeared in the middle of a deserted street and blocked Qi Aoshuang and Jin Yan’s path.

“Qi Ao Shuang …” The exceedingly beautiful woman slowly opened her mouth, her gentle voice almost making people forget to breathe as if they had forgotten to think about it, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” “Why have you only just arrived?”


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