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Chapter 181.1

Could it be anyone but Zhou Ji, who pushed aside the plants and stepped out?

Xiong Ye’s mind was blank, and he couldn’t think of anything at all for a moment.

That giant elephant from before, that powerful and mighty Beast God, was it… was it really Zhou Ji?

Hu Yue was in the same state as Xiong Ye. She was frozen in place, staring at Zhou Ji with an incredulous expression.

She’d already been satisfied with Zhou Ji before, but she’d felt that Zhou Ji was probably very weak… If he wasn’t weak, why would he spend his days circling around Xiong Ye and cooking for him? At the very least, she would be too impatient to do such a thing.

Later, when she wasn’t able to obtain any information on Zhou Ji, she’d become more suspicious of Zhou Ji and felt that Zhou Ji was aiming at Xiong Ye for a reason.

Yet now…

Zhou Ji was actually the Beast God?

“You must have done it on purpose…” Shi Li continued.

Zhou Ji’s outer robe was still intact because he’d taken it off in advance, but his inner clothing was shredded.

Now, as he walked over slowly, the empty sensation under his robe made him feel a little uncomfortable.

However, when he saw that many people around him weren’t that well-dressed themselves, he calmed down again.

At this time, he looked towards Shi Li and said, “I could kill you with a casual attack. Why would I need to use intrigue to kill you? As for you… this is the second time that you’ve attacked me for no reason. Last time, you only used your energy to pressure me, but this time you actually attacked to kill.”

Zhou Ji didn’t want suffer grievances silently at all and stated everything directly.

Everyone present believed his words.

They had all felt Zhou Ji’s strength for themselves. He was really very, very powerful. It was an exceedingly simple matter for him to kill Shi Li, so there was no need for him to set up any kind of conspiracy or resort to any tricks.

Xiong Ye’s expression changed even more.

Even without discussing Zhou Ji’s identity… Shi Li actually wanted to kill Zhou Ji?

Zhou Ji was very strong, so nothing had happened. However, what if Zhou Ji had been an ordinary person? Wouldn’t he be dead right now?

“Shi Li, you’re really very bold. You even dare to repeatedly attack His Majesty The Beast God!” The High Priest was furious.

The High Priest was clearly standing on Zhou Ji’s side, which made Shi Li suddenly think about all the things that had happened before.

The High Priest had hinted to him that after their relationship as mates was dissolved, they would no longer have anything to do with each other in the future.

Zhou Ji had been very close with Xiong Ye during the period when he was hesitating over whether or not to end his relationship with Shi Li.

Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye had started pairing up as soon as he and Xiong Ye had ended their relationship, and in contrast, the Beast God Temple had become colder and colder to him…

He kept having the feeling that he’d been used.

“You harmed me! You definitely did it on purpose! You…” Shi Li glared at Zhou Ji.

A powerful wave of energy pressed against him, and he was instantly unable to say anything more.

As for the people who had become good friends with Shi Li, they were all stunned at this moment.

They could guess what Shi Li was thinking after Shi Li had said all that. They had also heard Shi Li speak of Zhou Ji’s existence before… So, did Shi Li think that the Beast God had purposely picked on him because he’d become interested in Xiong Ye?

Shi Li was overthinking it, right?

How could that be?!

Clearly, even before this Zhou Ji, no, His Majesty The Beast God had even shown up, Shi Li had already been acting fickle and blowing hot and cold, doing nothing but fooling around all day long!

Xiong Ye understood Shi Li very well and could also guess what Shi Li was thinking. He also felt that Shi Li was being ridiculous.

After all, there had already been big problems between them even before Zhou Ji appeared on the scene. At the time, he had thought that two mates couldn’t be separated, which was why he’d never thought about breaking up with Shi Li.

As for Zhou Ji’s feelings for him…

At this time, Xiong Ye didn’t want to think about these things at all.

“Bring the Lion Beast King back.” Zhou Ji said. Shi Li liked to push the blame for his mistakes onto others. At this stage, he didn’t want to keep getting caught up with this person or talk endlessly about this matter.

Rather than arguing with Shi Li, it was more important for him to first talk to Xiong Ye and explain the situation.

With this in mind, Zhou Ji walked towards Xiong Ye, “Xiong Ye, can I speak with you?”

Xiong Ye looked at Zhou Ji and nodded.

He also had a lot of questions now and wanted to have a proper chat with Zhou Ji.

“Let’s go then.” Zhou Ji laughed lightly, then took the lead and walked off.

Xiong Ye followed behind him.

“Your Majesty…” The High Priest tried to follow them, but was pushed back by a wave of energy and couldn’t advance any further. At the same time, he heard Zhou Ji’s voice, “You guys remain here.”

Since His Majesty The Beast God had told them to stay here, they could only remain here and wait.

The High Priest watched as Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye walked away. When Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye were gone, he turned around to look at the people around him. “Hurry up and tie Shi Li up.”

The high level Beast Warriors of the Beast God Temple were a little uneasy at first when they heard that they were supposed to catch a Beast King, but when they looked over again… Shi Li had fallen unconscious.

They quickly tied Shi Li up and took him away.

Seeing this situation, the several Beast Kings who had become good friends with Shi Li went to see the High Priest. Their expressions were very uncertain, and their mood was even more so…

“High Priest…”

“What’s the matter?” The High Priest squinted as he looked at these people.

In the past, while these Beast Kings had had a good attitude when they faced the High Priest, they hadn’t been very respectful. Now, however… They didn’t have a trace of pride or arrogance in them at all. “High Priest, His Majesty The Beast God… was he always at the Beast God Temple?”

“Of course!” The High Priest replied.

“Shi Li said that that person is from the Big Bear Tribe, and said that he was the Elephant Beast King’s son…” These people were even more uncertain. They all knew a little bit about what had happened with the Elephant Beast King, and they all looked down on this person… How had the Elephant Beast King’s son become the Beast God?

“His Majesty The Beast God only made use of the Elephant Beast King’s son’s body to come into this world! During all these years, the seeds we’ve given you and the farming methods we taught you were all gifts from His Majesty The Beast God! His Majesty even improved the firing method for creating pottery, taught us how to make clothing with cotton, and taught us how to raise dinosaurs…” The High Priest spoke excitedly about the Beast God’s contributions.

The Beast Kings were filled with more and more admiration as they listened.

The changes in the Beast God Temple had been very big over the years. It turned out that… this was all because of His Majesty The Beast God?!

The people of the Big Bear Tribe who had come over to see the excitement already didn’t know what to say about all this.

Zhou Ji… he was really the Beast God?

As for Hu Yue… she became even more excited the more she listened to the High Priest’s words.

Since Zhou Ji was the Beast God, it was impossible for him to have approached Xiong Ye for the sake of just gaining strength or status. That meant that he was sincere in his feelings for Xiong Ye!

That was great!

Hu Yue was instantly delighted, but after the delight passed, she suddenly thought of something–since Zhou Ji had the status of the honorable Beast God, could it be that he had already had many men and women before? If that was the case…

Hu Yue gritted her teeth and finally asked, “High Priest, does His Majesty the Beast God have many people serving him?”

The High Priest gave Hu Yue a deep look and replied, “His Majesty the Beast God is someone that ordinary people can’t get close to. He’s never been close to us and doesn’t have any people by his side to serve him.” He had always felt that the Beast God couldn’t be touched by ordinary beings, and that His Majesty The Beast God hadn’t been interested in mortals, but as a result… he’d been wrong.

His Majesty The Beast God was interested in Xiong Ye.

The High Priest sighed, but Hu Yue, on the other hand, was very happy.

After Xiong Ye and Shi Li split up, she had really wanted to let Xiong Ye find someone better than Shi Li.

However, that had obviously been impossible–Shi Li was already a Beast King, and there shouldn’t be anyone more powerful than Shi Li.

It was because of this that she’d felt that Zhou Ji was already quite good.

However, she could never have imagined that Zhou Ji would turn out even better than she’d thought!

After splitting up with a Beast King, Xiong Ye had actually found a Beast God!

The people who had been left behind by Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye were all thinking various things.

By this time, Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji had already reached the mountain nearby.

Zhou Ji said, “I wanted to come here to pick mushrooms for you. I didn’t think that I would be stopped halfway by Shi Li… I still haven’t picked the mushrooms yet.”

XIong Ye had originally been in a bit of a trance. He finally pulled himself together when he heard Zhou Ji’s words, “Your Majesty…”

“Call me Zhou Ji.” Zhou Ji said.

“How can that be acceptable…” Xiong Ye replied subconsciously. All sorts of thoughts were going through his mind.

On one hand, he was excited knowing that the person in front of him was the Beast God he’d believed in since childhood. On the other hand, the little things from daily life in the days that he’d spent with Zhou Ji made him want to question everything.

Additionally, he also felt some other emotions that would be difficult to deal with momentarily.

Zhou Ji was the Beast God, yet the Big Bear Tribe had been destroyed after he left. Was this the Beast God’s punishment for them? Was it because they hadn’t treated Zhou Ji well?

“In fact, I’m not the Beast God.” Zhou Ji began.

Xiong Ye looked at Zhou Ji in shock–just now, the High Priest and the others had all knelt down towards Zhou Ji.

“I’m really just an ordinary person. If there’s any point where I’m different from others… That would be that I lived in a state of complete ignorance in the very beginning. It wasn’t until my mother died that I woke up. At the time, I almost starved to death. I climbed out of the cave with much difficulty, and then met you. You gave me a piece of meat to eat, which saved me from starving to death.” Zhou Ji continued. He planned to sort through all that he’d experienced before and then tell it to Xiong Ye. To sum it up, he couldn’t let Xiong Ye misunderstand him.

Xiong Ye had already forgotten what had happened back then.

Zhou Ji went on, “I was still very weak, but I found a way to absorb the energy in the surroundings.”

Xiong Ye looked at Zhou Ji astonishment.

Zhou Ji smiled lightly, “You also know how to do it. I taught you how.”

“It was you…” Xiong Ye was dazed.

“It was me.” Zhou Ji said. “I learned how to cultivate back then, but my strength was very poor. That was when I accidentally encountered the Elephant Beast King, who was also my father. He discovered that I was different, which was why he took me away from the Big Bear Tribe even though he’d never paid attention to me before.”

XIong Ye didn’t interrupt Zhou Ji as he spoke and listened quietly.

Zhou Ji said, “You’ve probably already noticed that nobody talks about Xiang Tian’s death. This is because he died disgracefully–he had become a Beast King by removing the crystal cores of other beastmen while they were still alive and swallowing them. He wanted to devour my crystal core after taking me back to the Elephant Tribe, but I escaped. Later, I became stronger by chance, and he managed to find me again. We had a fight, and I used the cultivation method that I taught you in order to absorb Xiang Tian’s crystal core. In fact, Xiang Tian died at my hands.”

Xiong Ye’s face showed his shock.

Zhou Ji continued, “Later on, I killed a Beast King level dinosaur and absorbed that dinosaur’s crystal core. I became even stronger, and my strength was higher than that of the Beast Kings. After that, I don’t know what happened, but the people of the Beast God Temple suddenly started to treat me as the Beast God.”

“So you acknowledged it? Are you not afraid of the Beast God’s retribution?” Xiong Ye asked.

“It won’t happen.” Zhou Ji laughed, “In this world, there is no Beast God. According to the legends of the Beast God Temple, the person they treated as a Beast God back then should also be another powerhouse like me.”

Xiong Ye was a little confused.


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