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Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 340: To Shower Love On An Unreciprocated Party (自作多情) Bahasa Indonesia

Jing Yun Zhao’s cold temperament, paired with the faint smile on her face when she spoke to the both of them, led the cousins to conclude that Jing Yun Zhao was looking at them with contempt.

Cousin Cui squeezed out a faint smile, “Do we? Xiao Jun is a boy, so I’m different from him. However, he does have a good heart. If there was some kind of misunderstanding between you two, I apologize on his behalf. Can I hope that you won’t hold it against him?

“What do you mean? We’re just two unrelated people,” Jing Yun Zhao was as calm as usual.

The back and forth between the pair didn’t sound like anything to write home about, but to outsiders, they couldn’t help but feel that there was an air of enmity between them. It felt like they were going to start fighting at any moment.

This atmosphere was strangely exciting.

Unfortunately, Ji Shan Shan didn’t understand and was basically too lazy to be bothered by it. Standing before Cui Jun, she spoke, “Why did you bring Cousin Cui here? It isn’t to find trouble for Jing Yun Zhao, right? Cui Jun, we aren’t that kind of people. Since she has the ability to participate, then that’s her problem. I don’t want to be part of it anymore!”

In the beginning, she had targeted Jing Yun Zhao only because she made Cui Jun wait by her door for more than an hour.

She liked Cui Jun and had never made him wait ever since they were young. Every time the two met up, she would always arrive much earlier than the appointed time, so she couldn’t swallow it down.

However, during Cui Jun’s absence, she found that Jing Yun Zhao wasn’t as bad as she had thought. At least, she had no intentions towards Cui Jun at all, and she hadn’t known that Cui Jun was at her door.

She was someone who made it clear between things she loved or hated. If Jing Yun Zhao was in the wrong, then she would definitely not rest up on her torment. But since she wasn’t, then what was the point in wasting her time on a wild goose chase?

Despite that, when Ji Shan Shan’s words arrived at Cui Jun’s ears, he felt that it was incomparably piercing. He just didn’t like such a stupid girl. When they were young, it could still be called cute that she was slow to react with a worrying/pressing temper, but it was different now.

Only her height grew, her brain didn’t.

In his imagination, his future girlfriend must be someone like his cousin; smart and talented, as if they were carrying some sort of halo upon themselves. No matter where they go, they’d attract the attention of everyone around them. [with your trashy personality, lets not talk about getting her to be your girlfriend, would you be able to attract her attention?]

His cousin studied in a university in Ning City and was peerlessly outstanding in every department. It was a pity that someone like his cousin was too rare.

“Ji Shan Shan, don’t talk nonsense! My cousin is Jing Yun Zhao’s benefactor! She organized a committee in her school to donate things to her and even sent a lot of clothes and shoes, as well as other studying materials. She just heard that Jing Yun Zhao is now a pharmacist, so she was curious and wanted to come see. What’s more, she always comes every year, what’s so strange about it?” Cui Jun immediately defended.

Ji Shan Shan pursed her lips, “Don’t be angry, I was just saying things…”

“That said, didn’t Jing Yun Zhao give away everything to others? Cousin Cui donating things should have no relation to her anymore…” Ji Shan Shan turned around and directed her words at Cousin Cui,” Cousin, you won’t use this matter to be Jing Yun Zhao’s benefactor, right? It’d be such a joke. Others obviously aren’t lacking at all, you’re just showering your love on an uninterested party”

“How could you talk like that to my cousin?!” Cui Jun frowned.

Ji Shan Shan didn’t like this cousin, and it was an extreme dislike.

She held the fact that she was older than them by a few years to always teach Cui Jun and her, saying that they should study and learn properly in school at this age and shouldn’t have an early love etc. Every time she was with Cui Jun, this cousin of his would always give him a call, whether it was to help her buy something or that something had happened at home.

Anyways, this woman was just especially troublesome, but her relationship with Cui Jun had to be so good, so she was also helpless.

Either way, her mind was set on marrying Cui Jun once she’d grown up, but if there were to be one factor that would change her mind, it would definitely be this cousin. Just thinking that they’d be sisters-in-law made her head want to explode.


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