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Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 338: Humble Origins (身世卑微) Bahasa Indonesia

Yet, they only saw that the bag was filled with hard soil, and the colour of it was darker than normal.

“Isn’t the words ‘Zao Xin Tu’ written there already, surely there aren’t any problems with your eyes right?” Ji Shan Shan instantly refuted.

Jing Yun Zhao only chuckled before replying, “Little Miss, if you don’t understand anything then be quiet, cause the moment you say anything, I could already tell you’re a joke. You, as someone that has studied medicine concoctions, probably knows what ‘Zao Xin Tu’ is right?”

“Isn’t it just scorched soil from an earthen stove…” Ji Shan Shan said with some anger still in her heart.

“You’re correct, but you didn’t explain it in depth. Zao Xin Tu aka Fu Long Gan, are clod1 that have gathered in the center at the bottom of an earthen stove that uses wood or weeds as a burning material. Although it usually has a burnt yellowish colour, some that have been burnt for a long time would have a purplish or dark brownish colour to it. As a result, it’s medicinal efficacy increases, it becomes as hard as stone, has a pungent taste, and is slightly warm in nature, which allows it to warm a patient’s stomach and can also stop bleeding and vomiting. Normally, they are more commonly found in the countryside, but it wasn’t hard to collect them, so what type of clod are these? If I’m not mistaken, these scorched soil are made using coal as a burning material?” Jing Yun Zhao said in one breath.

Jing Yun Zhao who followed Old Man Xu for so long couldn’t endure it anymore when faced with such a situation.

Jing Yun Zhao’s words stunned the surrounding people, and one of the older and wiser people amongst the crowd immediately went forward to investigate. As the person checked, he started to show an unnatural expression.

Even if the scorched soil produced with coal were to be burnt for a longer time, it still wouldn’t be comparable to a genuine Fu Long Gan.

This was because coal contains certain toxins, and if it were to be combined with other medicinal herbs… the whole crowd could already picture the disastrous outcome.

The only problem was that this was a medicine fair, and naturally, the ingredients and materials gathered here are the cream of the crop, so how could such a mistake happen? Adding on to the fact that the medicinal materials are all checked before being brought to the medicine fair.

Jing Yun Zhao’s mouth was dry as she said more than she was used to normally.

She always hated people who showed-off, but since Old Man Xu’s reputation was on the line, she had to become a show-off and display her knowledge to the crowd, not only to prove that the invitation she received from Old Man Xu wasn’t just simply gifted out to random people but to also prove that she, Jing Yun Zhao, was someone capable.

With Jing Yun Zhao uncovering such a big flaw, some people in the crowd already went to inform the organizers.

The Medicine Fair was organized by several pharmaceutical masters, with these pharmaceutical masters competing against one another, while the apprentices of these masters also compete against each other, to the point that even their children are also competing with each other.

Let’s take the Ji Family and the Cui Family for example, even if Jing Yun Zhao didn’t treat them favourably, they still couldn’t be underestimated. This was because the Ji Family’s ancestors used to make medicine for the royal court, causing the Ji Family’s standing amongst the group of pharmaceutical masters to be higher. On the other hand, the Cui Family was similar in regards to their ancestors also being famous.

Now that the problems with the medicinal materials have been revealed, it’s time for the organizers to shirk responsibility and push the blame onto one another. As for Jing Yun Zhao, she already left the scene as she didn’t want to see such a disgusting farce.

However, through this incident, the people clamouring that Jing Yun Zhao had no talent or ability practically disappeared.

It doesn’t matter how capable Jing Yun Zhao was, since she’s already proved that she was better than her peers.

Naturally, even if she walked the talk, there would still be a group of people that only focused and remembered her tragic past, and seeing that she didn’t care at all, the group of people couldn’t wait to tell everyone about where she came from and how she only had a humble background.

Moreover, in this group of people, the leader of it was Cui Jun.

After Cui Jun got ridiculed by Jing Yun Zhao, he felt that his face was lost, hence why he didn’t appear in front of Jing Yun Zhao anymore for the past few days. However, people were saying that he left temporarily due to urgent matters.

With the absence of Cui Jun, the others started to treat Jing Yun Zhao politely.

Especially Ji Shan Shan, who’s attitude towards Jing Yun Zhao was way better compared to before, and she would occasionally bring her to view the nearby mountains with Tong Yan.

The only issue was that Ji Shan Shan was a stubborn person, and you could see that she still wasn’t convinced, and she was like a cannon, all it took was a little bit of fire to set her off.

“Ji Shan Shan, Cui Jin brought his Biao-jie over here already, and the both of them are now doing research on medicinal herb seeds…” A little girl rushed towards the 3 of them and said towards Ji Shan Shan.


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