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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 94: CH 85: DANGEROUS WOMEN Bahasa Indonesia

In a white void, Lilith slowly opened her eyes. It only took her an incredibly short time for her blurry eyes full of confusion to sharpen before they slowly narrowed.

“The only one who can mess around with my mind is you. Camelia. Stop playing around.”

“Fufufu~I told you that there was no way she would panic.”


“I must say, hearing your voice really fills my heart with so much happiness.”

Three feminine voices resonated in the void before one after another, three women appeared.

One was a busty blonde, one a short loli, and one a green-haired tall woman.

Looking at those three women together, Lilith’s eyes misted a little before she regained her sharp expression.

“Reminiscence can wait for later. If you are all here, I guess the plan is close to completion?”

Camelia, hearing Lilith’s question gave a cold smile.

“Those idiots are moving in the background to take over my position in the church. Fufufu~How could they know that all their supposed allies are my puppets now?”

“Uwa~ You are as scary as I remembered. I thought age would mellow you. Aren’t old women supposed to be gentler?”

Camelia’s smile twitched, “And your mouth is still without a break. I thought you would become more calm after growing old.”

“Me? Old? Hehe~ I am a dwarf you know. I am still a young flower in our standard.”

Camelia was unable to retort to this and could only change the subject, “Enough about age. Anyway thanks to Castitas, I won’t grow old as long as I have her blessing. Did you complete what you ought to?”

Theresa’s usual joyous smile vanished as she sneered, “Who do you take me for? Of course, I succeeded. My brother was really in cahoots with those bastards. Thankfully, I managed to take over the family and now I am part of the highest council.”

“What about your brother?”

“My brother? Dead of course. There’s no way I would leave such a variable alive.”

None of the women’s presents seemed surprised. After all, they knew very well that behind her usual antics was a woman who would destroy anything that stood in front of her.

As a dwarf, she only moved for benefits. Friendship and family were second. Sometimes, Lilith wondered if Theresa wouldn’t hesitate to turn on them if her benefits were threatened.

“Ugh~Lilith, your distrust toward me is as obvious as always.”

“My, my, Theresa, you know very well that the only one who truly trusted you from the bottom of his heart was Mars. Though he is dead now.”

The green-haired green-clothed gave a motherly smile as she said that, following those words, the atmosphere immediately cooled down.

Camelia pinched her eyebrows, “Persephone, how many times did I tell you to not destroy the mood?”

Persephone tilted her head in confusion, “But he is indeed dead. Us not saying anything won’t change this situation.”

Camelia sighed and decided to once again drop the subject. Not only was Persephone one of the first witches in existence, but she was also the witch of life.

Her view toward life and death was simply completely different from common people.

A lull filled the place. Lilith, even though hurt by Persephone’s words didn’t take it badly. Because Persephone words were the truth. Still, she was once again reminded how extraordinary her brother was to lead a group with so many mismatched people.

Even now, the only reason they could work together was because of their common goals. Sweeping her hair, she asked, “Persephone, what about your sister?”

Persephone still gave her gentle smile, “Mother gave me the okay to capture Kali. We don’t know how deeply involved she is with those bastards, but no matter what, she is worthy of punishment. Mother judged that Freya would be too kind. Fufufu~naughty little sister needs to be punished harshly.”

Her gentle smile became a little sloppy as a blush covered her face.

The other three shuddered, falling in Persephone hands was in a way a punishment worse than death. Not only did she take pleasure in torturing people, but thanks to her power over life, she could make sure that even weeks of torture wouldn’t leave the slightest wound… At least none physical.

After calming down, Persephone turned her attention to Lilith, “By the way, yesterday when I entered Lustburg, I met little Sol. He is truly a gentle and handsome boy. I would have stayed longer to discuss with him, but I didn’t want my sister to meet me. After all, I am just a backup in the case Freya doesn’t do her job.”

Persephone felt a little giddy as she remembered Sol. Even though he was disguised and she had only met him when he was a baby, she could never mistake this powerful life force.

What’s more, it seemed that he had managed to bring out Medea out of her prison. This alone was enough for her to take a fancy to him.

‘I wonder if mother will meet him. She seemed really interested when she was informed about Blaze’s pregnancy back then.’

She thought idly before discarding those thoughts.

Theresa, who was a little sullen at first began to laugh again, “Yeah, I also met him yesterday. He is really a good boy. Well, I guess it’s as expected of my godson. Mhm~ By the way, Camelia, why are we the only one here? What about Arachne?”

Camelia didn’t answer and simply gave Lilith a look.

“Arachne is still ambivalent. She will meet Sol today. I guess that she will make her decision then.”

Camelia frowned at Lilith’s answer, Arachne had been one of the people who took really badly Mars’s death. Since then she has greatly changed.

“Are you sure she won’t hurt Sol?”

Lilith showed surprise for a while at Camelia’s question before she broke into a smile, “Arachne? Hurt him? This is impossible. No matter how much she dislikes Sol, Sol is Mars’s son. She would never hurt him. What’s more, heh, even if she really tried to hurt him, she would be in for a surprise.”

Lilith had full trust in Sol’s ability to protect himself. He might still be weaker than her, but if he decides to focus on defense, even she herself would have a hard time hurting him.

‘Dimension magic is truly a cheat.’

All of them opened their eyes wide at this. In terms of pure power, aside from Theresa who wasn’t a fighter, the other three stood more or less equal.

But, in terms of attack power, Lilith was without a doubt the strongest. For her to praise Sol so much despite such strength showed how truly amazing he was.

[Medea’s world]

Sol, who was currently in Medea’s world, felt his body twitch for a short while.

“What’s the matter?”

Looking at the pink haired woman sitting on his lap snuggly , he wondered whether his lap was such a pleasant place to sit.

“Soooo, I was supposed to meet Medea, where is she? Also, why are you seated on my lap?”

Since her skirt was so short, when she sat on him, he was directly in contact with her panties-covered ass. Even though she was rather thin like Medea, he had to admit that her ass really felt good and was a little distracting.

What’s more, since he did not get to cum during his short episode with Setsuna and Lilin, his senses were currently heightened and his dick was rock hard. Though it seemed that Freya wasn’t bothered by this.

“You were indeed supposed to meet her, but I asked her to give us some time to discuss together.”

‘So you will ignore my question about the lap?”

Smiling wryly, he decided to stop minding it. His boner would settle down sooner or later, and worst case, he had many willing women at his disposal.

‘Since I am already in this situation, I might as well make the best of it.’

The sudden twitch from a few minutes ago reminded him of a sensation he had during his visit to the Highland family. As if he was being spied on and as if his blood was boiling.

Freya and Medea were some of the oldest and most knowledgeable beings he knew. So there was nothing to lose in asking.

Recounting the situation, Freya pondered a little bit before nodding,

“Your sensation wasn’t wrong. This should indeed be Tiamat. From what I know. It’s one of her skills called, <<starry sea>>. Thanks to this ability, she can observe the destiny star of people related to her by blood.”

“Destiny, as in foresight?”

“More or less, I guess? Frankly, it’s hard to know since it isn’t like I saw her use it personally.”

Sol frowned a little, for one, the idea of being spied on by his grandmother didn’t really sit well with him. What’s more,

“If she can see destiny, why didn’t she help Blaze and Mars?”

“This doesn’t work like that. She isn’t omniscient nor she can really see the future. She can only see destiny. For example, death is a destiny. But knowing how and when is only possible with foresight.

What is more, the divine beasts are physically forbidden from entering the mortal dimension. The most they can do is send something like an avatar devoid of any fighting strength. Finally, from what I know, she was in hibernation more than fifteen years ago.”

“…I see.”

This world really had many restrictions. Still, for her to enter hibernation before her daughter’s death and to only awaken after so long, it truly seemed too convenient.

‘Well, I will visit the Astral realm soon. I guess I should be able to meet her.’

“Well, this was all I wanted to ask. What about you, what did you want to talk about?”

Freya, in the most natural ways possible, answered,

“I want your child.”


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