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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 79: CH 70: ZONE VS INTENT (2) Bahasa Indonesia

The mana user needed six steps in order to reach the summit.






And finally… Avatar.

<<War zone: screams of thousands soldiers>>

<<Tyrant intent: Dragon Fear>>

The intent represented the will of a person to perform an action. Killing intent, fighting intent, Tyrant intent. Since a person could make different choices and perform different actions, one person could use thousands of intents.

But the zone was different. It represented the supreme truth laying in one heart. One person could only have one zone. Even though said zone could change.

As Sol reviewed the information about the zone, he knew why the Duke was showing him this scene.

The zone was the supreme truth. The zone represented the outlook of life of the user.

The zone was not only a supreme weapon but also a supreme weak point since not only it showed everything about the user, but its destruction could bring the user on the path of insanity.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Sol understood more than ever how gruesome war was.

There was no glory in war.

There was no joy in war.

Even the victor had to stand on the bodies of its soldiers.

Children who will never see their parents again.

Parents who will never see their children again.

This was the true ugliness of the thing known as war.

“Your highness, as of now I have lived for three generations.”

The voice of the Duke sounded so far away from him. There was none of the usual joy. Only gloom and sadness.

“I fought against Wratharis more times than I can count. I fought against the greedy dwarves. I fought against the cunning demons. I fought against the prideful elves. More than anything-I fought against the incarnations of gluttony. I have fought for so long. More than the number of years you lived.”

Sol listened attentively. This was the wisdom of the old.

“Your highness, do you know? I see each and every soldier as my own child. From the foot soldiers to the high and mighty generals. I see all of them as precious children of the kingdom I swore to protect all those years ago.

“Your highness. Let me ask you again. What is war?”

Sol continued to fight back the pressure of the zone with his intent. But inwardly, he asked himself the question.

What is war?

As someone from a modern world he could give many answers.

Literally speaking, war is an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents and militias.

From an economical standpoint, war was a fight necessary in order to obtain more spaces and resources.

Ideally speaking, war is the place where heroes rise.

From a realistic standpoint, war is death and destruction.

From a cynical standpoint, war is the game of the higher ups and the sacrifices of the lower people.

So many definitions. So many ways. But if you asked Sol to give an answer to this question. Then he could only give one answer.

“I do not know.”

The atmosphere stagnated as the zone seemed to vacille a little. The fragile balance seemed to tilt in Sol favor.

The Duke looked at him with curiosity in his eyes as he smiled mysteriously, “You do not know?”

“Indeed. I do not know.”

The intent of Sol intensified at those words.

“All my life have been blissful. Even though my parents died, I do not remember them and as such have no particular feeling of sadness over it. I never had to starve. Never had to suffer. Never felt loss and never fought for my life. As such, what could I know about war?”

Sol was someone who always refused to overestimate himself. It was one thing to show pride. It was another thing to change it into arrogance.

The one standing in front of him was a veteran who fought for more years than he lived in this world. Any answer he would give by using his knowledge would be without substance.

In his old world, Sol was nothing more than a random teenager who never lived any particular events. In this world, the greatest extent of his suffering was some harsh training he received from his aunt.

What could he understand about war?

What could he understand about pain and suffering?

“I know nothing and this is exactly why!”

His tone changed from a calm breeze to a raging tornado.

“This is exactly why I need your loyalty!”

His intent was slowly changing even as the words left his mouth.

“A king is the leader of a kingdom. But, a king is in no way omnipotent.

“There’s many things I do not know. As such it’s necessary for me to surround myself with people who do know!

“What I need are trustworthy comrades who will follow me on the path I am about to follow!

“What I need is a close advisor who will guide me on the path of greatness!

“What I need–are people full of experience and worthy of trust.”

Standing up, Sol looked down on the old Duke.

Pointing at him, “I do not know war. But you do.”

“I have no experience with war. But you do.”

“I do not understand the pain of war. But you do.”

“Then, if you are truly the greatest general of this kingdom. If you are truly the one who went through thousands of battlefields but still came out alive.

“I ask you. Right here, right now , are you willing to make an oath!? Will you swear allegiance to me?!”

The zone of the Duke was no more. All around him was golden light so pure and so bright it was blinding.

<<Ruler intent: Dragon Awe>>

Looking at the young prince bathed in such a light in front of him, the Duke could feel his blood boiling.

How long had he waited for such words?

Standing up, he looked deeply in the eyes of Sol and–slowly put one knee on the ground.

“Tyr Highland, do you swear allegiance?”

Putting his left fist over his heart and his right hand behind his back, the Duke answered loud and clear.

“I, Tyr Highland, in front of the goddess do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to his highness Sol Dragona Luxuria, his heirs and successors, according to law. Until death!”


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