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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 73: CH 64: WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM? Bahasa Indonesia

In the busy streets full of festivity, a carriage pulled by nightmare horses was slowly advancing.

Despite how crowded the streets were, the road was free from anyone blocking it. None of the citizens dared to face or block the way of this carriage. The visible insignia of a Phoenix, clearly told to whom this carriage belonged.

The royal family.

In the carriage, currently, three persons were seated. Those three were none other than Setsuna, Milia, and Sol.

As a prince, he couldn’t visit the house of the Duke without a retinue of his own. It would not only be unbecoming and what’s more, it would have been stupid and naive.

Closing his eyes, Sol begins to remember the information he had on Highland.

From what he remembered, they were basically the oldest noble family in the kingdom and had control over the military.

Weirdly, despite all this, they had basically no influence in the political atmosphere of the kingdom. The cause is their so-called neutrality and unwillingness to dip into the dirty world of politics.

For some, this was an admirable family. Meanwhile, many nobles saw them as barbaric nobles who only knew how to swing their swords.

This thought always made Sol scoff in derision. Only nobles could mock the very people who assured their protection.

In absolutely every war, the Highland family was always on the Frontline. Because of that, during the last great war against Gluttony and Echidna, the war during which his father died. The Duke of that generation as well as his cousin also died forcing the last generation Duke to take control of the family once again to give the time for the heir or heiress to grow.

“They are basically like me.”

Sol murmured out loud without paying attention. Milia, who also grasped all the information about Highland understood Sol’s words.

“Indeed. The current younger generation of the Highland family is composed of three people. Two young women and another young man.”

“Three? I have heard of the siblings Ares and Athena. But never of the third.”

Milia nodded, her eyes expressing doubts, “The third and youngest was called Aurora. She was a candidate for the place of Holy Daughter. But for some reasons she mysteriously vanished.”

“…Mysteriously vanished?”

Sol frowned at that. For Milia to say that it means that even the crown’s shadow didn’t know what exactly happened.

“By the way, is she also the granddaughter of the Duke?”

“No… She is the granddaughter of Lord Gerald.”

Sol immediately frowned at that.

“Uncle Gerald?”

Gerald was as much a teacher for him as Medea had been. In fact, in his heart, the position Gerald occupied wasn’t low by any means. He was the sole father figure he had in this life. He saw him as a gentle grandfather who would sometimes spoil him and sometimes be strict with him.

But, Gerald had never mentioned his granddaughter in front of him. Clenching his fists he asked,

“Do you find him suspicious?”

Milia didn’t answer, but from the hesitation in her eyes, her answer was clear.

This realization brought a painful blow to him.

“Should I stop my investigation?”

Seeing Sol like that, Milia asked with a low voice. She hated seeing such an expression on Sol’s face. For her, the only expression that suited him was one of happiness. If necessary she would do everything for him. Though she had to admit that a little part of her would be disappointed.


“No. “

Sol went past all her expectations,

“Do not stop. Even though I believe that Uncle Gerald would not harm me. We must always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.”

Looking at his expression full of determination as he made such a difficult but mature choice, one thought went flashed in Milia’s head.

‘Sigh, I think I need to change panties. The current ones are ruined.’

After this, all discussions in the carriage died down as it was clear that Sol was brooding.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before they ultimately stopped just in front of the castle belonging to the Highland.

The castle itself had nothing special. It was simply decorated and seemed more like a fortress than anything else.

In front of the gate, on either side of it, two lines made out of soldiers and battle maids were formed, each of them holding a long Halbert.

The moment Sol stepped down from his carriage.


In unison, they all hit the ground with the butt of their Halbert and screamed with a vigorous voice.


This was followed by them crossing their Halbert high up, creating a road for him to pass.

At the end of this road, three people stood while looking at him with curiosity. They were the Duke and his two grandchildren.

Sol, observing this display in silence asked.

“What is the meaning of this?”

The scene in front of him might look like a display of respect, but he could feel each of the soldiers emanating their full mana before focusing it in front of them.

The one who answered was none other than the Duke himself. His face was solemn as he said,

“Your highness. You should know the symbolic meaning of the night visit. Right in front of you is what we call the path of the warrior. If you cannot even pass this, then how could we talk as equal?”

Sol pinched his eyebrows and scoffed in annoyance.

He knew that the Duke meant nothing bad by it.

He knew they were just straightforward about their desire.

He knew that by succeeding in this test, he would get their respect.


“Who the hell do you think I am?”

He growled before slowly opening his eyes who were now black and gold. The gentleness in them nowhere to be seen and replaced by a cold stare.


Some of the soldiers couldn’t help but tremble and swallow painfully at the sudden change in atmosphere.

Sol was already in a bad mood because of the possibility of Gerald causing problems. But now, he was completely pissed off.


One step was all it took. The pressure that the soldiers initially projected was completely blown away by his own.

“Do you think I am a joke?”


“Do I look like a pushover to you?”


“So let me ask you again dear Duke. Who. The. Hell. Do you think I am?”

By the time he finished speaking, he was standing face to face to the Duke. The two of them standing eyes to eyes. The soldiers around them all kneeling while their face was covered in sweat.

The only people still standing aside from Sol were the three Highland as well as Milia and Setsuna who still stood in front of the carriage as they observed the scene.

The Duke, facing the young man in front of him sighed wistfully,

“You really are his son.”

“Wrong answer.”

The pressure surrounding Sol vanished as fast as it came. A beautiful smile slowly forming on his face before he slowly bent down and spoke to the Duke’s ear.

“Let it be the last time. Otherwise, there won’t be any castle left for me to visit.”

The Duke impassible as always chuckled a little,

“Ohohoh~! What a frightening young lad. Indeed. I was wrong. You are in no way like your father. Should I say that you inherited the pride of your mother?”

Looking at the old man in front of him, Sol continued with a straight face.

“I am neither. I am me. I am Sol Dragona Luxuria. I am your prince and your future king. Never forget that.”

Sol didn’t like to flaunt his authority. But for a noble, much less the crown prince, acting humble was nothing more than a disgrace.

He will never use his authority to bully people, but he will never shy away from using it on people who underestimated him.

The standoff between the two lasted for a short while before a good-natured smile formed on the Duke’s lips.

“Ohohoh~! Indeed. Indeed. Forgive this old man.” Bowing a little, he said without any frustration in his voice, “Your highness, I the Duke of Highland, am happy to welcome you to my abode. I hope it will please you.”

Giving a nod, Sol gestured to Milia and Setsuna to follow him in. Inwardly, he gave a bitter smile.

‘It seems like I am facing an old fox.’

This night promised to be very interesting.


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