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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 107: CH 98: FORESHADOWING Bahasa Indonesia


*Clang* *Clang* *Clang*

Somewhere in the mansion of the Travers family, the sound of metal clashing could be heard.

Currently, Theresa was wearing light transparent clothes and was sitting in front of a fire stove as she swung down a hammer larger than her head again and again. Even though dwarves possessed a resistance to fire and she was wearing fireproof clothes, sweat was flowing from her body like water.

Even so, her body was steady and her expression focused.

*Clang* *Clang* *Clang*

She continued to swing her hammer without pause, and under her mighty strike, the weapons she was creating were gradually taking shape.

As a dwarf, she was extremely talented, not only in business but also in forging. In the past, she would always be the one taking care of the crew’s weapons.

Currently, though, she wasn’t just creating any kind of weapons. But perhaps what would be the greatest masterpiece she ever created. This was even more so because of the materials she was using as the base.

Her eyes seemed to glow with madness as she continued to swing her hammer with all her might. Even though her muscles were aching. Even though her bones were cracking. No matter what, she would complete them.

After all, it was the last thing her late friend asked while giving her the most important things for any creatures of rank S.

Her horns and her core.


In the Gorfard mansion, seated on a throne, a handsome middle-aged man was looking absentmindedly at the red liquid swirling in his glass of wine.

He was the Duke Loki Gorfard.

Next to him, the head butler who generally took care of Leonard was standing impassively. His gaze, uncertain.

“So, how is my incapable son?”

After a while, he seemed to wake and posed this question. The butler hesitated a little before bowing.

“He is currently enjoying the wolf slave.”

A sneer formed on Loki’s face. “So, the Gorfard family is facing one of its greatest crises and that stupid son of mine is busy fucking some mutt. Is it what you are saying.”

The butler simply kept his head low. He knew that his master was already disappointed in his son since long ago. The current situation didn’t make his impression better.

The dark gaze of the Duke landed on the silent butler for a while before passing. He knew that it wasn’t the fault of this servant of his. His son was just too licentious.

If at least he was as skilled as he was lustful, he wouldn’t have minded. Sadly, it wasn’t the case.

He couldn’t help but think about the son of that infuriating dead bastard. Compared to the son of that man, his own was just garbage.

“Mars, even in death you still manage to surpass me.”

Gulping his wine without even tasting it, he simply threw the glass away and watched as it broke once it landed in anger.

All his life, he had been in the shadow of that man. Be it in terms of birth, look, talent, skills, attraction toward women, charisma.

He still remembered the shy weak boy he had once met and disdained. That boy became a man he could only look up to.

Even now, more than one decade after Mars’s death, he knew that the current him would still lose if he fought against the past Mars.

For someone as proud as him, this humiliation was something he simply couldn’t bear. Worse was that, after the father, they were now asking him to bow to the son?

A feeling a cold rage washed over him as he swore inwardly,

‘I am going to break it.’

He refused to die of old age without managing to do anything great. He refused to submit to some brat no matter how talented he was. Soon; he would enter the annals of history.

A crimson glow shined in his eyes as he thought about this before he let out a chuckle. Leaning back on his throne, he asked the butler,

“Why do you think Justice always wins in the end?”

The butler was somewhat taken aback, at this question. Though it was just a rhetorical one as the Duke continued,

“In my eyes, Justice always wins because the winner is the one who will become justice, and so…I am going to represent Justice.”


Sol was currently hugging Milia who was curling on his laps while he was sitting on a bed.

The room they were using was a rather austere room that seemed to belong solely to Milia. But from the lack of warmth and decoration, it was clear that it was rarely used. Still, it was large enough and luxurious enough to befit her status as leader.

Even though she wasn’t shedding any tears, Sol could feel an incredible feeling of grief washing off from her.

Hugging her tighter, Sol couldn’t but remark how small Milia seemed now. For as long as he could remember, she had always been this woman smiling with a motherly smile that would always take care of him while admonishing him if he made mistakes.

In a way, she had been even more of a mother for him than anyone else. Thinking about this, she couldn’t help but wonder since when this situation changed.

He could understand why Camelia loved him. After all, she had been in love with his soul since she perceived it. But what about Milia? He doubted there were many people with the power to see souls.

‘Most likely it was on this day.’

He couldn’t be sure, but it was his greatest guess. Still, this didn’t matter right now. His attention focused on her face as he felt her tug on his clothes.

Looking at her pale face, he gently smiled and asked, “A little better?”

Milia blushed a little before nodding her head, “Sol, please could you set me down now? This is a little embarrassing.”

Sol was a little taken aback before he began to chuckle, “I remember that we did many things that should have been far more embarrassing than this.”

Milia nodded shyly before stepping away from him. Currently, she felt as if her heart was about to explode. It seemed that explaining most of her past helped her stabilize some of her emotions.

Seeing her flee away like a little squirrel, Sol let out another chuckle before settling down.

Milia herself could only helplessly chuckle at her own actions before leaning against Sol’s shoulder. Even back then he was a child, hugging him was all she needed to stop her nightmare.

Sol was her safe harbor. The sole place where she could bask in the warm light of the sun.

Putting an arm around her shoulder, Sol pushed Milia’s head down on his laps. “Don’t struggle. For once, let me spoil you, alright?”

Stopping her struggle as he asked, she relaxed obediently and enjoyed Sol’s ear cleaning skills.

The atmosphere surrounding the room slowly became warmer as silence settled between the two. The worries and uneasiness in her heart further melted as she closed her eyes.

Sol knew that moments such as this should be enjoyed as much as possible. He knew that soon he would face a new trial. It was easy to speak about bloodshed, it was another thing to go through it.

For him who had never killed, what was about to happen would without a doubt be heavy. But,

“I will not falter.”

Murmuring those words under his breath, Sol’s eyes blazed with conviction.

Under him, Milia slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the handsome face of Sol, smiling, she raised her hand to caress his face, before saying,

“Your highness, now that we are alone, let me tell you the full story.”


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