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Seducing the Student Council President chapter 105

15. Dragon of the End – 06

Unsurprisingly, a woman named Claire Delphine Mascarena belongs to the category of genius.

So far in her life, Claire has never had much trouble learning something, mastering it, and incorporating it into herself.

It was probably around the age of five, when she happened to be able to watch the family mage use magic, and all Claire thought was that this was worth doing.

Even within the Mascarena family, who are said to be born with a talent superior to anyone in the world when it comes to magic, Claire’s talent was something outside the norm.

There was a gap that could be said to be the difference between heaven and earth between learning magic as original knowledge and implementing that magic in the present world, but to a woman named Claire, the two seemed insignificant.

No, to put it a little further, Claire didn’t understand the other wizards who couldn’t do such a simple thing well.

Why can’t other people do something so easy?

Are you finding it difficult to calculate the magic formula? The process of synchronizing the magical power within the body with one’s own will, reconstructing the arrangement of magical power, and sublimating into a single law is difficult?

Why? What is the reason why it is difficult to create a single magic on the spot in real time, but to reproduce the solution process and the calculation process of knowing all the answers?

Imitating someone else and imitating it similarly to the real thing is nothing more than a person, not even a monkey, so why are people looking at themselves that way?

Well, even if she was such a Claire, she wasn’t a god, so in the process of directly implementing magic into the present world, there was an unfortunate incident that magic often got out of her control due to her lack of proficiency, but at least she was lacking in using magic itself. never once did I feel it.

In the end, it was after entering Nineveh that Claire realized her own ideal.

She came to realize that after entering Nineveh, where the most talented people in the empire are gathered, and facing the so-called ‘genius’ among them.

About the fact that other people in the world were not stupid and stupid, but that you were so brilliant.

As much as it was, Claire never said it out of her mouth, but she had this thought in her heart.

Although girls like Kayana and Altina are monsters who reached the level of masters at the age of teenagers, he said that he would never fall behind them.

No, there was no way that those ignorant swordsmen who could only carry one sword and set it up could not be their opponents when dealing with magic.

I don’t know how great the master’s level is, but the essence is not the movement of the body unfolding with a single sword in hand.

However, he could bring about all sorts of natural phenomena at his fingertips by synchronizing with the magic of this world, and if that wasn’t enough, he could use miracles that bend the world’s providence and make common sense impossible things possible.

So there is no need to panic that those two women are sticking by his side. I thought it was clear that I was a woman who had nothing to lose compared to those women, but-


Claire finally had to admit it as she saw Altina pushing herself without any hesitation, with herself in front of her who had clearly risen to the level of a great wizard.

The fact that the Masters, who had reached the point where they could see the world with just a single sword, were a much more monstrous race than she had previously thought.

Claire is strong. He had a computational power superior to that of any other magician in the world, and even possessed the ability to synchronize magical powers, allowing him to casually implement even magic he had never seen before with his own fingertips.

Even though she didn’t want it, Claire, who received limited immortality and magical powers from the ‘Dragon of the End’, had the ability to claim herself as the strongest wizard in existence in a true sense.

Based on her magical power, which is not an exaggeration to say it was infinite, Claire was using firepower magic that could easily reduce at least one person to ashes, but Altina cut through those magics without difficulty.

No, it wasn’t something that could be simply expressed with the word ‘cutting it open’.

The aura currently possessed by Altina’s sword is not enough to disrupt the arrangement of the magical powers that make up Claire’s magic. As if she knew what magic Claire would use in advance, she surprises her blind spots at the right time. .

In addition, the area Altina aims for is always the area close to the vital point.

The sharp point of the sword aims at Claire’s eyes, the trail of the sharp sword seeks to sever Claire’s wrist, and the wave of aura that slashes everything in the world aims for Claire’s tongue and gallops fiercely.

… However, at the same time, it was also an act that did not make much sense.

Why on earth is Altina aiming for such an ambiguous part?

Altina said that she would definitely kill Claire. If so, wouldn’t it make more sense to attack her heart or head, which could surely take her life, rather than attacking her wrists, eyes, or tongue?

“Don’t get me wrong. I just thought it would be too extravagant to kill you gracefully right here.”

“… What?”

“do you know this? The fact that I was annoyed at the woman you were from the beginning.”

Actually, it wasn’t that irritating. The reason was unknown, but it seemed that Altina had somehow hated the name Claire since she was very young.

As such, he did not know how disgusting he was to see Claire set up in front of him.

I hate those eyes staring at Jin. That wrist carelessly touching Jin’s body is so detestable. That tongue whispering subtle words to Jin is annoying.

So, this is just a simple rant. He takes out his anger on a woman named Claire who, not knowing his subject matter, slobbers toward him and, instead of helping him, becomes a clown.

“So I’m sorry if I even harbored any doubts. Because I intend to kill you for sure here today… !”


At the same time as the horse gun in Altina’s hand spits fire, lightning is also shot out from Claire’s hand.

In an instant, the bodies of the two retreated to the rear along with the flames that lit up the air.

Objectively, Altina was the stronger side here, but as Claire is also receiving infinite magical energy from the dragon, the powers of the two are virtually equal.

The distance between them is about 10 meters.

However, for the two who could be called superhumans, it was as if there was no such distance.

And the two confronting each other, instinctively realized.

If you continue to fight in this state, you won’t be able to decide the victory or defeat in the end.

If so, there is only one way to resolve this confrontation.

Among the things each has, use the strongest moves to knock down the opponent in front of you!

woo woo woo-

The aura on the sword Altina was holding started to shimmer like a mirage.

It wasn’t a phenomenon that occurred because Altina couldn’t maintain the aura that was wrapped around her sword.

Altina was operating the aura that was now attached to her sword beyond the limit, and as a result, she was taking a method of blowing the aura she could not control into the future through ‘time interference’.

In the duel with Kaya last time, if he had used ‘Time Distortion’, ‘Sky Blade’, the extreme strike, this time, on the contrary, by overlapping various space-time auras, he would give the greatest blow he could inflict. It counted.

The name of the skill is ‘Heaven’s Fury.’

It is a sword with the power to evaporate even a single mountain, assuming it lands properly. It is impossible for Claire, who has not properly polished her magical proficiency by relying on her natural talent, to block this blow!

And Claire, who confronts him, also begins to cast the most powerful magic that she can use.

“Fire at the bottom of Purgatory, fierce flame that burns even blue flames… ”

“… under?”

And when Claire chanted the spell, Altina’s face subtly changed somewhere.

“The Spear of Cocytus? Are you trying to use the Spear of Cocytus?”

The next moment, Altina growls ferociously at Claire, who is casting magic with her face unchanged.

“Are you insane? Did you dare to polish the magic that hurt Jin so hard? Is that not enough, he’s trying to use that magic right now where he’s risking his life to save you?”

“But, at the same time, this magic is also the magic that created the bond between Jin and me.”

“… What?”

Altina’s eyebrows twitched at Claire’s calm words.

“Everything you said is right. i am a doll The emotions I have are not what I want to have, and my feelings toward someone are all fake from beginning to end. Even at this moment, I am not sure if I really have free will.”

“… But, what is the fact that I am nothing more than a doll and a fake? If I’m a fake and the reason why I fell in love with a man named Jin is artificial, does that mean there’s nothing to it?”

Claire’s horse was small, but at the same time straight and powerful. There was no longer any hesitation in Claire’s eyes as she looked at Altina.

“The dragon of the end said. It was his own intention that I became interested in and like a man named Jin, and I am just a slave to the fate he foretold earlier.”

“But to put it in reverse, doesn’t that mean that nothing else was set aside for me, except for the fact that I became interested in Jin and developed an unexpected crush on him while caring for him?”

The magical energy in Claire’s hand begins to rotate at a furious speed. It’s only been two months since the monster practice, but the perfection of the ‘Cocytus Spear’ she emits is incomparable to that time.

What kind of meaning did the magic of ‘Cocytus’ Spear’ have to Claire?

What kind of feelings did Claire have so far been polishing the magic of ‘Cocytus’ spear’?

“As you said, the relationship between me and a man named Jin might be something filled with lies from beginning to end. But at this moment, the heart I have is absolutely not a lie. As if from that day on, the ‘Cocytus Spear’ has been polished and polished to the death so as not to repeat the same mistake again!”

“So, this heart I have is only mine. Even if my body and soul belong to that dragon, my heart is mine!”

As if squeezing the soul itself, Claire screams with all her heart.

And ‘Cocytus’ spear’ also begins to glow more and more coldly, as if responding to the owner’s cry.

“So get out of my way, Altina! Because I have to defeat you right here and go to help Jin!”

Shouting as if she could no longer yield anything, Claire unleashed the ‘Cocytus Spear’ with all her might.

At the very moment when Altina’s ‘Rage of the Sky’ and ‘Cocytus’ Spear’ clashed and the cavity was dyed in dazzling white-

[…] Well?]

“… uh?”

And in the next moment, everyone gathered in this cavity felt that something decidedly had changed.

“… It was pretty close, but Altina seems to have succeeded in the end.”

When Jin muttered something with a tired face, the dragon that was confronting him looked down at his paws with a confused look on his face.

Originally, it was a wound that had to be healed immediately after being wounded. However, the resilience that gave the dragon immortality was no longer working.

And there is only one clear conclusion that a series of circumstances can bring.

[Dude, you played tricks on my one and only apostle. Cunningly, using that bitch!]

“Rather than being cunning, can’t you just say that you are good at plotting?”

Jin smiled and shrugged his shoulders as he saw the ‘Dragon of the End’, who lost his immortality and returned to a normal lizard.

“Claire is no longer your puppet. Claire, on her own, freed herself from the fetters you set and became a human being.”

All conditions are now in place. As Jin and the ‘Dragon of the End’ had equal senses, a ‘fight’ was established between the two, and even the immortality, which was the last obstacle to dealing with that, was sealed.

It’s the first time in the past nine episodes that everything has gone so smoothly.

Although there were considerable twists and turns, all the conditions were finally met.

In a true sense, all the conditions to hunt the ‘Dragon of the End’.


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