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Seducing the Student Council President chapter 104

15. Dragon of the End – 05

It was a scene no different from a scene from a myth.


In the wide hollow, two different beings were fighting fiercely, scattering life to each other.

The identity of a creature that was so gigantic that it was unbelievable that such a creature was alive and moving was a ‘dragon’.

A legendary creature that appeared only in the old-fashioned children’s books I read as a child, and if I had been Altina just a moment ago, I would have snorted, asking where such a thing exists in the world.

However, as if that dragon was mocking Altina’s thoughts, it was not enough just to exist in front of her, and it was showing off its majesty as a transcendental person to its heart’s content.

The amount of magical power floating around the dragon’s body was greater than any magical power Altina had ever seen in her lifetime, and the magic pouring out so naturally, as if breathing, was so powerful that even a considerable amount of water evaporated. It was fire magic.

‘Is this the dragon of the end?’

On the way here, I heard an explanation from Jin. What we have to confront from now on is the element of demise that only appears in old stories, and if we don’t stop it, Nineveh may end up extinct.

In fact, Altina didn’t feel the reality at all listening to Jin’s words.

It wasn’t because I thought Jin’s words were lies. Because Altina, who has far superior and more sensitive senses than normal humans, has also clearly tasted the sensation that the world is changing and turning upside down.

In addition, the incomprehensible images projected through the eyes even at this moment added credibility to Jin’s words.

But now that he was looking at that existence with his own eyes and facing the terrifying danger of that existence, Jin’s words began to come true.

That Nineveh might be wiped out entirely? no way. There was no way that it would stop at that level of damage.

If that thing were to be completely released from its seal and go out of this place, in that very moment, not Nineveh, but the empire itself might disappear.

That thing will be freed, and the words that it will be released from this place have just such a meaning.

So Jin’s judgment is correct. It was a creature that shouldn’t exist in the world, and it was one of the factors that threatened the world with its existence itself.

And Jin was currently risking his own life to stop that.

Before formally entering the battle, he left with a ‘request’ to Altina.

‘Let me tell you one thing first. It’s impossible for me to fight it and win. no… It would be impossible for anyone in the world to fight it and win.’

‘why? Could it be that the being in front of me is immortal?’

‘It is true that it is immortal, but should I say it is temporary immortality with conditions and limitations? As much as there are limitations, its power is absolute, but it would be accurate to say that the weak point to stab at the same time is clear.’

‘… ?’

‘To put it simply, you can never win if you fight against that. On the other hand, as long as the conditions are met, the other side is a fraudulent existence that does not have the factor of death, so there is no way they can be matched.’

‘Then what are you going to do? you said earlier You never intend to die here.’

‘That’s why your role is so important. While I’m wasting my time dealing with that, there’s something you have to do.’

‘Remember. This may seem trivial, but at the same time, I know that it is more important than anything else in fighting against it.’

Actually, it’s something I don’t like very much. No, to be more precise, should I say it’s something I don’t want to do?

But your likes and dislikes are not that important. What really mattered was that he believed in and trusted him.

So, Altina could never fail. Even if he believed in the woman he was entrusted with, it was no different…

“… Al, Tina?”

Truly foolishly, it was to rescue Claire, who had been seduced by the whispers of the end and had fallen into the existence of tying the dragon to the present world even at this moment, because it was not enough to loosen the chain that bound that dragon.

“An asshole bitch.”

As a sorcerer, there is no way to know whether it is because he is unable to control the magic that seeps in around him, or because his body is completely taken over by the ‘Dragon of the End’, but in any case, he is out of breath and can’t even control his own body properly. Those were the first words Altina uttered while looking at Claire.

“It’s not enough that you’ve lost yourself as a self-proclaimed wizard and become someone’s puppet, and you’re really useless to bother him like this.”

Quite different from the friendly tone he usually uses when dealing with Jin, his tone is cold, cold, and devoid of any emotion.

It was a tone she had never used except in the early days in front of Jin, but the way Altina used that tone was extremely natural.

yes it will Because a woman named Altina von Rudel Serias basically used this tone of voice to someone she considered to be outside the ‘line’ she had set.

It was just that she was restraining herself as much as possible, fearing that he would think she was a stiff and arrogant woman if he found out that she was using this type of tone on a regular basis.

Right now, he is devoting all his nerves to fighting, so he probably won’t have the energy to overhear our conversation.

Actually, it didn’t matter if he listened. Because the current Altina was very angry.

She was a woman I didn’t like. A shameless woman who, not having caused a lot of trouble to Jin, clung to him like a parasite without shame, and brought food to Jin as if she were raising livestock, trying to make him full.

At least it was because he was born with dexterity like a wizard, or if he had a knack for rolling slugs, the food he cooked was delicious, and Jin also seemed very satisfied with the food Claire made, so Altina also wondered if that woman was flirting around him. I just tacitly agreed to it.

Anyway, since Altina was also a daughter of an aristocratic family, she had a mindset that made it easy for one man to have multiple women or one woman to have relationships with multiple men.

And to that extent, Jin was already half resigned as he saw many women fluttering around him.

Ah, this man must be a man that a woman like me cannot completely monopolize. For eternity, I will have heartache watching that man spend time with another woman and smile at another woman.

But that didn’t mean that this feeling for him had faded.

It’s just that in his life, he knew that he couldn’t monopolize him as his own, so he prepared a little empty space and composure in his heart.

As much as that, Altina was acknowledging it in her own way, seeing Claire, who was so dedicated to Jin and bringing her lunch box.

She really is a girl who doesn’t have a single eye for a part that she likes from head to toe, but she was even making a great decision to take on the role of a cook in the family she and Jin will create in the future.

But look at that now. Right now, Jin risked his life to hold on to the ‘Dragon of the End’ to protect Nineveh, and furthermore, to prevent the destruction of the world from the End.

However, instead of being helpful to him, I feel like something is rising up inside me as I look at those little things that are blocking his path instead of being helpful to him.

At this moment, Altina defined Claire in front of her as her clear ‘enemy’.

“… A nuisance? I?”

Claire opened her eyes upwards, as if she had clearly recognized Altina’s words even though she was already halfway insane.

“Yes, nuisance. do you know this? Jin came here to save you. He still believes he can save you and asks me to save you. And even at this moment, I’m even dragging my time against that dragon to save you.”

“Shall I be honest? If you listen to the situation quietly, you say that a woman named you is in charge of giving power to that dragon and fixing it in the present world? So the simplest way to resolve this situation would be to kill you, right? If you’re going to cause such a nuisance like an idiot, wouldn’t dying be the way for the world?”

Claire smiled bitterly at the sight of Altina spitting out the words that were inside her without any consideration for Claire.

If it was Claire from two hours ago, she would never have stayed still after hearing that. I don’t know anything else, but there was no way I could bear to say that I was a nuisance to him.

… However, the current Claire was thinking that Altina’s words might be absolutely right.

Certainly, even when he thought about it himself, the woman he was was a nuisance. After being swayed and played by a mind that did not come from oneself, it has become the main cause of the coming of the end like this.

No, maybe his life wasn’t worth it from the beginning. Thinking that I was born into this world for the purpose of spying on a certain man and destroying the world, it was a natural result that my own heart was broken.

not worth buying No, Claire let out a self-deprecating laugh, saying that her life might not have had any value in the first place.

“Then kill me.”

“… What?”

“Just kill me. Like you said, I was a pathetic bitch who was a nuisance to the world like an idiot. If death could atone for my sins, that would not be a very bad ending.”

Although Claire’s body is now implanted with limited immortality, that doesn’t mean she won’t die.

If it is Altina who has risen to the level of a master beyond human limits, there must be a way to overcome all of that and give Claire death.

Actually, Claire didn’t want this ending either.

She also wanted to love someone sincerely. And as much as he loved someone, he wanted the love back.

And I wanted to be happy. I wanted to build a family with him, have children, and live a happy life.

It’s just that he gave up on everything because he realized that his wish was futile from the beginning.

When Claire said to kill herself in such a trivial way, Altina’s expression changed momentarily, albeit very slightly.

But that’s for a while, Altina, who has captured her own expression, raises the corner of her mouth slightly and makes sarcastic remarks.

“In the end, you were a worthless woman who didn’t even have the courage to die on your own and wanted to borrow someone else’s hand. Well, in a way, that doesn’t make sense. Because you, from the beginning, were you a fake who had nothing of your own mind?”

Claire bit her lip gently at those words, which went too far, but at the same time faced reality itself to the point of being cold.

All of Altina’s words are right. he is fake It is also a stupid and ugly fake that mistakenly planted feelings for someone else as their own.

“Then, in conclusion, your feelings for Jin were all fake, right? Peeping at him as if he was in heat, coming up to him like a feral dog, wagging his tail, and laughing while talking to him, must all these be fakes? right?”

But why? Logically and rationally, all of Altina’s words must have been correct. It must be the truth itself, where no false corners can be found.

“So admit it. Your heart was worthless from the start, and everything you said was just the bullshit of a foolish woman.”

“… it’s you.”

“… What?”

“… no.”

Even if it was herself who had fallen into this state, it seemed that there was still something left in her heart.

Because at the very moment Claire told her that her feelings for him were fake.

“no! As much as that, absolutely not!”

Unknowingly, there was a roar that rose from the lowest part of the chest as if it were pleading.

“Everything you said is right. It’s true that I’m a sinner who deserves to die, and it’s also true that I’m a doll with no feelings and emotions of my own.”

“But not as much as this heart toward him. As much as this is my own Even if you insult my feelings, I will never forgive anyone… !”

Even though everything she had was taken away, Altina sighs and laughs as she sees Claire spouting death as if she could never give up the last thing left.

“Now you have a face worth seeing. Do you know how hard it was to watch you with dead eyes like a corpse just now? There was no point in swinging a sword against a woman who was already half-dead, but-”


A reloading sound is heard from the horse gun that Altina took out before she knew it.

It was a kind of ritual. It is Altina’s own ceremony of parting, meaning that from now on, you will deal with the other person with all your heart, and at the end of it, you will definitely kill it.

“Now I can swing my sword without hesitation. And at the end, I’ll let you die as you wish. Claire.”

“… Try it once if you can. Even if I feel unfair, I have no intention of dying as easily as at your hands.”

It’s only for a moment to quietly stare at each other like that.

And in the next moment, the two women started a clash based on their own beliefs.


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