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Return of the Mount Hua Sect – Chapter 68: Don’t worry! I’ll make you win! (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chung Myung’s gaze slowly shifted from left to right.

The people receiving Chung Myung’s gaze couldn’t even make eye contact with him and quickly turned away their gaze.

‘Don’t look him in the eye.’

‘Shit! I got caught!’

The third-class disciples desperately turned away from Chung Myung. Just by looking at his gleaming eyes, it was obvious that they wouldn’t be able to back out if they got caught.


An eerie voice that seemed to crawl its way out from the depths of hell emerged from Chung Myung.

“I don’t want to see you losing to those Southern Edge bastards!”

His eyes were gleaming with madness!

‘I might pee here!’

‘What am I supposed to do if he comes at me with that insane look on his face!?’

‘He looks even crazier today than normal. Is it because it’s a full moon tonight?’

Even if everyone else accepted defeat, Chung Myung would never admit it. The other may think that it’s reasonable to lose to the Southern Edge Sect, but Chung Myung would never be able to sleep if they suffered defeat at their hands. How could he live peacefully without punishing those idiots that stole the Plum Blossom Sword technique?

“Sahyungs, you need to win. I will make it so that you win.”


Everyone was desperate to escape from this demon.

But even when there were so many people, why wasn’t there at least one person who could speak up?


It was Jo Gul.

With a blank face, he looked up.

“What do you mean by that? To die once?”


Chung Myung smiled when he heard the question.

“Sahyung. Sahyung, come to me”

“… Me?”

Jo Gul raised his finger and pointed to his face.



Jo Gul looked around and saw all the other sahyungs happily nodding their heads.

Jo Gul stood blankly with his mouth agape as the feeling of betrayal rushed over him.

‘You traitors!’

Was there no such thing as companionship? Before Chung Myung came to Mount Hua, there was strong loyalty among them. Just when did this place turn so harsh?

“Come here! Quick, quick!”

“Great Sahyung.”

Jo Gul looked back at Yoon Jong for the last time, who lightly coughed and spoke.

“Go already.”

“You son of a….”

He stopped himself from cursing.

In the end, Jo Gul bowed his head and trudged forward like a cow being led to a slaughterhouse. Yoon Jong’s eyes fell on Jo Gul.

Chung Myung looked at Jo Gul and said,

“You said you wanted to fight them, right?”

“… yes.”

“It might be a bit strange, but….”

Chung Myung chuckled. It was an eerie sight to see his chilling smile illuminated by the light of the moon as he held a real sword.

“Sahyung is already strong enough.”

“… Huh?

“It’s not like your training until now was done in vain.”

Jo Gul frowned.

“So, we aren’t too far from the Southern Edge Sect?”

“That would be a no.”

Chung Myung quietly shook his head.

‘Wasn’t Lee Song-Baek known to be one of the strongest second-class disciples?’

Seeing how the other disciples treated Lee Song-Baek, he was definitely strong. If he had to assume what level of strength the third-class disciples would have based on that…

‘It’s similar to what I thought before.’

Jo Gul can compete fine, and Yoon Jong might need some luck on his side. But the other disciples had no chance.

Of course, the competition can change rapidly depending on their individual physical conditions and luck. But, unless heaven’s luck falls on them, the other third-class disciples of Mount Hua cannot overpower the Southern Edge sect.

“Although, it isn’t because sahyungs are weak.”

“… what is it then?”

“You’ve reforged your body, but you are doing the same things you did before.”



Jo Gul looked down at his body.

‘My body did change.’

Thanks to Chung Myung’s weird training and the medicine he gave out, the third-class disciples became so strong that they could compete at a higher level.

Just seeing the muscular frames that everyone had developed brought a smile to his face.

Of course, it wasn’t just good to look at.

After adapting to the training, the disciples realized that their bodies had become stronger than in the past. Their swords moved faster in their hands, and their lower body was as strong and stable as a boulder.

“But it’s the same thing. Is there something wrong with what we are doing now?”

“That’s what I’m going to be telling you from now on.”

Chung Myung smiled and approached Jo Gul.


Chung Myung’s sword scratched against the ground with a grating sound. Jo Gul gulped and stared at his approaching figure.



“Why are you learning the sword?”

“… that…”

In the Mount Hua sect, there could only be one answer to that.

One controls the body and sword to eventually reach the greatest understanding of Dao. A sword is a tool along the path to achieving the highest peak of the Dao.

‘There is no way this guy wants that answer.’

If he decided to say nothing, he would be insulted.


“Isn’t it to beat up our opponents?”


Chung Myung clapped in applause.

“That’s a shocking answer from Sahyung. It’s really unsuitable for us Taoists, but that is the correct answer for a typical swordsman.”

… it would have been better to give the obvious answer.

Chung Myung nodded his head.

“You’re half right. It’s to win. So, what should we do to win with the sword?”

“Shouldn’t we grow stronger?”

Knowing that no matter what answer he gave would lead to him being verbally thrashed, Jo Gul answered right away.


However, Chung Myung agreed with Jo Gul’s statement.

“You just need to be stronger. If you are stronger than the opponent, you will win. But this means things might be a little different.”

“… I don’t understand.”

“It’s simple.”

Chung Myung smiled brightly and raised his sword.

“From now on, Sahyung and I are going to fight. Sahyung, use every possible means to overcome me. I will only swing my sword once.”

“… really?”


Jo Gul frowned.

‘Isn’t he ignoring my strength too much?’

Jo Gul was already used to dealing with Chung Myung. He knew better than anyone that beating Chung Myung was impossible no matter how hard he tried.

But this fight was a different story.

No matter how wide the gap between them is, it would damage his pride to lose to Chung Myung when he would only do one slash.

‘I need to show him how strong I am!’

Jo Gul clenched his teeth and raised the wooden sword.

“Are you going to continue with the real sword?”


“…it might hurt someone.”


Why wasn’t he giving a clear answer?

Was he going to cut Jo Gul or not?

Jo Gul shook his head to clear and calm his mind.

“Can I start?”


As Jo Gul confidently raised his wooden sword, Chung Myung smiled.

“You seem to be quite confident, Sahyung.”

“Thanks to you, I trained myself to death!”


Chung Myung smiled as he lifted his sword.

‘Confidence, that’s good.’

Those who wield the sword need to be confident. People who don’t believe in themselves have difficulty showing their abilities.


‘It is a little too early.’

The third-class disciples are still just chicks. As Mount Hua has been developing at breakneck speed lately, it was natural for the disciples to be excited. But now wasn’t the time to be confident; it was the time to solidify their basics.

Chung Myung had to show them that.

Jo Gul stared at Chung Myung with a fierce glare.

“Be prepared!”


“This isn’t personal in any way! Haaaa!

Jo Gul charged and jumped towards Chung Myung. His eyes were burning furiously in contrast to his words that no personal feelings were involved.

It was flustering that he was showing so much killing intent.

‘Did I do something wrong?’

The others would be dumbfounded and pissed off if they had heard Chung Myung’s casual thoughts, but fortunately, no one could.

Chung Myung silently dodged Jo Gul’s swift sword strike.


However, Jo Gul’s sword began to make a dizzying change.

Falling Petals Sword.

Even though it had been less than a month since they started to learn this, Jo Gul was able to skillfully wield it. In harmony with the Seven Star Steps, the Falling Petal Sword was so sophisticated that those who didn’t know the sword stood in awe.

‘He sure is talented.’

Chung Myung looked at Jo Gul with renewed vigor.

Judging by the innate talent in the sword, Jo Gul was second to none in Mount Hua. Judging by his talent alone, he was even on par with Lee Song-Baek.


Chung Myung smiled.

Aren’t plants supposed to grow stronger when they are stepped on occasionally?

This wasn’t a selfish thought; it was purely for the sake of Jo Gul’s growth.

Chung Myung tightly grabbed his sword.

“Isn’t he doing quite a bit better than what we expected, Sahyung?”

“… better?”

“Yes. It seems like sahyung is pushing Chung Myung into a corner.”

Yoon Jong smiled bitterly.

“It sure does look like that.”


“It looks like he’s pushing Chung Myung into a corner, but not once has he been able to land an attack on him.”


While the others paid attention to Jo Gul’s sword, Yoon Jong paid attention to Chung Myung’s movement.


No, it wasn’t that.

Chung Myung wasn’t using any special footwork or techniques. If the opponent came close then, he would back away, and if the enemy attacked, he would slip past their moves. With one step at a time, he steadily dodged everything as if he could read Jo Gul’s movements before they were made.

Honestly, it was more like watching a well-choreographed sword dance than a match.

Jo Gul’s sword cut the air only inches away from Chung Myung as if it was intentionally avoiding him with each step.

‘Just how far ahead is he able to predict Jo Gul’s movements?’

The only time Yoon Jong fought with Chung Myung was when he got beaten or when they were training together.

It has already been several months since Chung Myung came to Mount Hua, but it was his first time seeing Chung Myung spar in a match.

Yoon Jong was able to understand.

The difference between Chung Myung and them.


Jo Gul clenched his teeth and shook his sword.

He couldn’t hit the opponent.

It was like fighting with a ghost. Even though the technique was executed perfectly, Chung Myung avoided it with casual movements.

Just one inch.

If Jo Gul aimed for Chung Myung’s head, he would tilt his head to avoid it. If he aimed for the shoulder, he would glide out of the way. Just one inch closer, and it could have been a hit or a strike or anything.

It was an uncomfortable feeling.

Jo Gul’s loss that first night that Chung Myung arrived in Mount Hua was one thing. But wasn’t it supposed to be different now? Even when he was doing his best, couldn’t he at least hit him once?

Jo Gul clenched his teeth and poured strength into the sword he held.


Jo Gul’s sword brilliantly shone bright blue.

“Sword qi?”

“He can use sword qi?”

The voices coming from behind didn’t reach Jo Gul’s ears.

Jo Gul achieved this feat while in a desperate situation as he was determined to pummel Chung Myung.


“This is the end.”

At that moment, Chung Myung suddenly stepped forward. He raised his sword above Jo Gul’s head with just one step.

Jo Gul saw it.

The sight of Chung Myung raising his sword.

The world seemed to come to a stop. Yet, within this frozen world, Chung Myung’s sword continued unimpeded. In a natural motion, like a gentle breeze or free-flowing water, the sword swung down.


The sword that pointed exactly at him stopped.



With a force that made his ears go momentarily deaf, it fell on Jo Gul’s head.

‘I’m going to die….’

Jo Gul couldn’t take his eyes off the sword in spite of all that was happening. In an instant, the life he lived till then flashed in front of his eyes.

Before he even realized it, the sword touched his head.


Then, with a sound reminiscent of eardrums exploding, the sword stopped right at Jo Gul’s forehead.


Jo Gul fell backward to the ground, staring at Chung Myung as if his soul had left his body.

Then, Chung Myung smiled and opened his mouth.

“How does it feel to die?”


What do you mean? How does it feel…!? It feels exhausting.

Uh… um, well….


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