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Return of the Mount Hua Sect – Chapter 147: Anyone who touches my stuff is dead! (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Yoon Jong’s eyes twitched nonstop. There were more than a hundred strong people in front of him. The appearance of them densely lined up like a mud wall was terrifying enough for his teeth to start clattering.


“Stop! Stop those bastards first!’

The strong men began to run at Chung Myung, who seemed dangerous to them. Were they afraid?

Of course, Yoon Jong was afraid too. He wasn’t afraid of what the people running at them would do, but rather of what this guy would do to them.


Chung Myung, at the forefront, swung his sword and slammed aside those who were rushing into him.




The person who was hit in the face by Chung Myung’s sword was thrown into the sky. As Yoon Jong had experienced how painful that was, he felt sorry for the man who flew into the sky like a bird.

‘He won’t be able to eat meat for one month.’

No, maybe he would have to eat porridge for the rest of his life. It was too harsh a price to pay for someone who just wanted to get their hands on some treasure.

Chung Myung was like a natural disaster.

People who were swept away by disasters didn’t think about ‘why’ they happened. Rather, they just lamented about how unlucky they were and regretted their lack of preparation.

Perhaps, coming here was their biggest mistake considering the fact that Chung Myung was the one facing them.

Puck! Puck! Puck!

The sword, which was back in the sheath, was constantly blowing away people.



All they could do as they got blown away was scream. Even in this urgent situation, Yoon Jong kept closing his eyes occasionally to pray for the ones who got hit. It was unfortunate for them, but this was an unavoidable situation. Because Chung Myung was now half out of his mind.

“Sword Tomb! Sword Tomb! Sword Tomb! Ack!”

These were the only things that were coming out of Chung Myung’s mouth.

‘I tried being patient for so long.’

He wasn’t such a patient person. How cramped his mind must have gotten because of his wait for the news to spread and for Wudang to arrive.

Chung Myung was moving around like a storm as if trying to get rid of everything in his way. And those who didn’t even initially care about the arrival of the disciples of Mount Hua were now looking at the people flying in the sky.


“People are flying?”

People’s eyes widened.

Where else could they see humans flying like birds? This was absurd enough for them to forget about the Sword Tomb for a while.

‘What is this?’

Most thought of the situation like that.

Those in the front couldn’t see what was going on behind, and all they saw was people being flung upwards in all directions. However, almost everyone who gathered here were strong people. So, they soon recovered from the shock of the sight before them and understood the situation.

They didn’t know the identity of the person responsible, but the sight they were seeing said that the person was strong. It was clear to them that a very strong person had arrived. Chung Myung, who was at the forefront of the charge, kept hitting people away with the sword.

“Leave them alone and enter the Sword Tomb!”

They decided that it was more important to enter the Sword Tomb than to stop Mount Hua. The strong people broke through the blockade and entered the Sword Tomb. Those who were behind them blocked the path for others to move.

And, of course, when compared to those who were present there, Mount Hua was much stronger.


Chung Myung once again struck down those who were in front of him.

“Calm down and follow me!”


Yoon Jong, who was right behind Chung Myung, kept looking at him clearly.

‘The path is open?’

Those who were tightly surrounding the place before were now moving to the right and left, being pushed away by Chung Myung.

‘This bastard is doing this!’

Yoon Jong focused on Chung Myung.

Normally, if they tried to enter hesitantly, they would have had to be ready for a strong backlash. But as soon as he appeared, Chung Myung showed his force by throwing people away, so those who were around the Sword Tomb began to do what they could and not fight with them.

Mount Hua…a fight with them didn’t seem right after Chung Myung’s display of power.

And the structure of the Sword Tomb was unknown to everyone. In other words, even if one entered it, they wouldn’t know how much more trouble they would have to go through after entering.

Those who knew that fact didn’t dare take on a strong enemy right from the start. Naturally, they decided to preserve their stamina, and let Mount Hua go in.

‘Did he think about this in advance and act like that?’

It wasn’t known what Chung Myung’s intentions were, but it was certain that he brought the results. And Yoon Jong saw that he was right.

As the path opened, Chung Myung raised his voice and said.

“Enter! Enter and destroy the entrance!”


You can’t say…

And it was then.

There were those who responded before Yoon Jong could even process what Chung Myung said. The other people who had been in front of the entrance jumped into the Sword Tomb right away.

Yoon Jong’s eyes went wide at it.

‘What are you planning to do now, you bastard!’

Those who jumped in right now at an amazing speed had to be the strongest people gathered there. It was obvious from the speed.

It would be futile to restrict their entry right away, so did he decide to bring the competition into the Sword Tomb?

“Enter! Right now!”

A small number of strong people entered, and even people of some minor sects entered. Even as they were swinging their swords, they didn’t stop running ahead. One or two sects pushed people away to get their people inside.

“Yah, shouldn’t they be stopped?!”

Even though the path was cleared, Chung Myung’s party didn’t speed up.


“There will be fewer competitors.”



“Sahyung is still a long way off from the Sect leader’s position.”

What was that?

The moment Yoon Jong was about to ask something, Chung Myung swung his sword and rushed ahead. Yoon Jong shut his mouth and followed Chung Myung.

“Get those people away!”

There were still people who occasionally tried to block the path of Chung Myung, but they were soon blown away by his sword, similar to fallen leaves in the autumn wind.

“Catch them!”

Yoon Jong screamed and chased after Chung Myung. Jo Gul and Yu Yiseol were guarding the rear along with Baek Cheon, who was swinging his sword to the sides, relentlessly following Chung Myung.

At that time, Yoon Jong’s face went stiff. Something touched his foot, but it was more like he stepped on it.


Suddenly, the floor on which he was standing, turned blood-stained.

‘This is no spar.’

It felt like the hair on his body stood up as he realized the truth. He didn’t feel it till now since Chung Myung was at the forefront blocking everything coming to them, but now that they were getting close, he felt it.

Yoon Jong bit his lip and clung to Chung Myung.

Those who were now scared of Chung Myung were aiming for the back, and they were being blocked by Baek Cheon.

In such a way, the disciples of Mount Hua almost arrived at the entrance. Chung Myung glanced around.

‘Those who had to go in, have gone in.’

Adding more wouldn’t make sense.

“Everyone jump…”

But it was then.

“Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon, oh!”

Chung Myung turned his head. And there were beggars running towards them with their bodies covered in sweat.

“Yah, you! You have no conscience at all! If you did, you should have taken us along as well!”

Seeing some beggars run towards them while they were sweating profusely, a pity that should have not existed within Chung Myung’s heart sneaked out.


Chung Myung shook his head and told Baek Cheon.

“Sasuk! Take the kids in first. I will bring the beggars with me.”

“Will you be fine?”

“Don’t worry!”


Baek Cheon didn’t ask anything else. In this situation, it didn’t matter if he was right or wrong. Even if there was no order to jump into the fire of hell, one had to have the confidence to close their eyes and jump in.

“I will take the lead! Yu Samae! Take the rear!”


As the entrance approached, they changed their position without hesitation. Baek Cheon, Yoon Jong, Jo Gul, and Yu Yiseol jumped in.

“Where are you going!”

There was someone who was aiming to enter the Tomb by taking advantage of the gap, but Chung Myung, who noticed him, kicked him away.

Chung Myung, who was feeling bitter, grunted through his teeth.

“Come quick! Come!”

“N-No! damn it!”

Hong Dae-Kwang couldn’t do anything but move with an urgent heart and anxious mind.

“These fucking bastards have cleared the fucking way for the Mount Hua brats! But not for us!”

Those who paved the way for Chung Myung were blocking the way of Hong Dae-Kwang. And the man was already looking like he was on the verge of exhaustion.

“Damn it, you bastards! Open up the path quickly! The Sword Tomb! The Sword Tomb! I need to see the Sword Tomb!”

“Ugh! Branch leader! We’ve used too much energy already!”

“What are you saying! The disciples of Mount Hua are right there! Move!”

“We cannot!”

Hong Dae-Kwang’s face turned red.

‘Did the disciple of Mount Hua eat dragon bones or something?’

How the hell could they have broken through this wall of warriors? Even if the brat was Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon, it made no sense!

It was then.


Chung Myung, who was watching the situation from the back, rushed in and pushed the people who were blocking the path of Hong Dae-Kwang.

‘He, he is a real monster.’

Hong Dae-Kwang’s eyes widened in an instant when he saw Chung Myung wielding the sword. The people here weren’t normal warriors.

Even the disciple of Wudang wouldn’t be able to handle a situation like this. But Chung Myung…just one disciple of Mount Hua, was able to overcome such strong people and help him.

However, Hong Dae-Kwang felt burdensome looking at the people around him. Weren’t they all aiming for the same thing?

In Hong Dae-Kwang’s head, the evaluation of Mount Hua and Chung Myung began to rise rapidly…

“What are you doing! There is nothing to do standing there! Come fast!”

In the same manner it rose, it started to drop.

“Come you! You bastard!”

The evaluation…let’s put it away for now since this was a pressing situation.

“We need to take the ones behind me too!”


Chung Myung clicked his tongue at the words and ran ahead.


Why was he running towards us?

He grabbed the beggars with one hand and threw them ahead.


“No, why are you throwing…. Uhhhh!”

Hong Dae-Kwang’s eyes widened. It seemed like they were thrown haphazardly, but the ones thrown went right into the Sword Tomb.

‘It is like playing ball.’

If it weren’t for the subordinates of his who were flying, he would have enjoyed this. Chung Myung, who threw the beggars, looked at Hong Dae-Kwang. Hong Dae-Kwang, who looked at the terrifying eyes of Chung Myung, knew what had to be done.

“Go, go!”

Hong Dae-Kwang bit his lip and let himself be thrown into the Sword Tomb. It wasn’t known what would happen, but he couldn’t make this monster anymore frustrated.

As all the beggars entered, Chung Myung looked at the entrance and then looked around.


It seemed like all the useful things were inside, all that was left…

‘If we wait longer, more useful ones might come.’

Speed was important. But he couldn’t waste time waiting for something to happen.

Chung Myung decided to block the entrance, and those who were bewildered by Chung Myung’s actions went breathless at his present appearance. And then they realized that Chung Myung was now alone.

No matter how strong Chung Myung was, he couldn’t handle all the people gathered alone. People began to exchange glances, and they shortened the distance from Chung Myung.

However, Chung Myung carefully looked around like he didn’t see them approaching, and frowned.

‘This is like war.’

A round vacant lot in the middle of the dense forest. And the soil that was reddish. Didn’t this feel like a place where warriors would fight to their deaths?

‘Well, it isn’t important now.’

Chung Myung pulled the sword out of the sheath with an indifferent face.


Those who were approaching took a step back as they heard the sound of the sword being unsheathed.

“The invitation ends here.”

Chung Myung smirked.

“We hope to see you next time.”

Chung Myung jumped into the endless hole, and at the same time, began to swing the sword to all sides.

Slash! Slash!

Chung Myung kept disappearing while cutting things.



As he fell deeper, the entrance began to collapse.


“Stop that!”

Those who rushed in late couldn’t stop it, and the opening was blocked with rocks and soil.

“Dig! Dig through the damn thing right now!’

“That wicked bastard!”

Those left behind were cursing him as they tried to dig through. But it would take them several hours to dig through it.

Everyone looked at the closed entrance with blank eyes.

The face of the young man who destroyed the entrance of the Sword Tomb was deeply engraved in their minds.


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