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Return Of The Devil’s Son – Chapter 63: Bonus chapter Bahasa Indonesia

Heaven ran through the long halls of the castle holding her dress up as to not fall while the air whipped her hair back. She loved running and didn’t understand why she had to wear a dress. It was hindering her from running the way she wanted. 

“Your highness, be careful!” Lydia called as Heaven ran past her. “There she is running again.” She then told the maid next to her. 

Heaven kept running until she neared a crossway in the hall and heard some chattering voices. She slowed down and stopped before leaning against the wall and looking from behind the corner. It was her father speaking to some soldiers. He had that serious look on his face that he only had when speaking to men or when scolding her. Heaven didn’t want to anger her father or bother him so she lifted her dress again and began to tiptoe over the crossway hoping her father wouldn’t notice her. But as usual, he did. 

“Heaven!” His voice made her freeze in place with on leg still in the air.  Oh no, she thought. 

Slowly she turned her head and found her father walking up to her. “Are you running again?” He asked.

Heaven put her feet down, adjusted her dress quickly and curtsied. “I am, Your Majesty.”

Every time she tried to behave like a lady she could see a hint of a smile on her father’s face but he tried to remain serious.

 “And without shoes again?” He crossed his arms over his chest. 

Heaven looked down at her bare feet. She forgot her shoes again. 

Looking up she smiled brightly at her father and just when she thought she was getting away she heard another alarming voice. 


Oh no. It was her mother’s turn to nagging her. 

“Here you are.” Her mother said as she came around the corner. “I was looking for you everywhere.” 

“What about me?” Her father asked smiling brightly at the queen. 

Oh no! Heaven felt embarrassed every time her parents became loving toward each other in front of her. 

“I’ll be looking for you when your daughter gives me time to look for someone else except for her. Look at her. She hasn’t dressed properly yet, and her hair is still unwashed and…oh no.” Her mother shook her head as she also noticed that Heaven was barefoot.”And she is still running without shoes. You spoiled her too much.” 

Lucian gave his daughter a stern look. “Do you see? I am getting scolded because of you again.” 

“I am sorry, Your majesty. I’ll dress properly from now on.” Heaven told her father. She knew she was her father’s weakness. Even when he scolded her he never raised his voice. 

“See. I haven’t spoiled her. She is a clever girl.” Lucian told Hazel. 

Heaven nodded her head in agreement. “Yes, mother. I can almost read and write as good as Zarin.”

“Almost.” Her mother emphasized. “And he is younger than you. I want you to read and write better than him.”

“I can’t do that,” Heaven said looking down. 

“Why?” Her mother asked. 

“Because he wears trousers and I have to wear a dress.” 

Heaven’s parents looked at each other then laughed. Heaven didn’t understand what was so funny. 

“Do you want to wear trousers?” Her father asked. 

Heaven looked up suddenly excited. Would her father let her do that? 

She nodded. 

“But then you will have to be better than Zarin not only when it comes to studies but also fighting skills.”

Heaven couldn’t believe her ears. “Does that mean I can wear trousers?”

Her father nodded. 

“Papa!” Heaven jumped in excitement then wrapped her arms around him. “I love you. I’ll do my best.”

Lucian hugged her back and stroked her hair. “I love you too. Now hurry, your lesson starts soon.” 

Heaven had almost forgotten that she had to study soon with her cousin Zarin. Zarin was uncle Roshans son and their teacher was none other than her grandmother Irene. 

Once Heaven arrived at the class she had already changed into a pair of trousers and tied her hair up into a ponytail. Her grandmother and Zarin were already there waiting for her. Was she late again?

From the look on her grandmother’s face, she knew she was late. “I am sorry I am late.” She apologized then looked at Zarin who seemed annoyed with her. 

“You are always late. There is no use to apologize if you won’t change your behavior.” Zarin told her. 

Zarin was ten years old, one year younger than Heaven yet he acted as if he was much older than her. 

“I am trying,” Heaven said getting annoyed with him too. 

“Try harder.” He said and they both glared at each other with anger blazing through their eyes. 

Zarins’s eyes were the brightest blue just like his mothers and his hair was raven black just like his father. But his attitude was unlike anyone’s. He was utterly annoying, Heaven thought. 

“Alright, both. Let’s not fight today.” Irene interrupted. 

Luckily they finished class without killing each other and then Irene gave them hugs and kisses before sending them off. “Don’t fight now alright?”

They both nodded before leaving. 

“What are you wearing?” Zarin asked confused once they were outside the room. 

“That none of your business.” Heaven snapped then turned her heels and began to walk away. 

The sound of footsteps followed her. 

“Why are you following me?” Heaven asked turning around.

“I am not. You are walking in front of me.” He said simply. 

“No, you are following me!” 

Zarin shook his head. “You are crazy.” He said and walked past her. 

Heaven’s face turned hot and red with anger. Did he just call her crazy?

“You!” She yelled behind him. “Stop right there!”

But Zarin kept walking away. 

More anger built inside of Heaven threatening to explode. All those times he had belittled her, all those times he had scolded her and treated her like a stupid person came to her memory and made her explode. 

She ran after him then grabbed onto his hair tightly. 

“Ouch! What are you doing?!” Zarin groaned in pain surprised by her attack. He tried to take her hand off his hair but she held on tightly. 

“Apologize!” Heaven ordered. 

“Let go of my hair!”

Heaven pulled him down on the floor holding onto his hair for life. 

“Let go of me!”

“Apologize first!” 

They began to roll on the floor, Zarin trying to come loose from her grip but it wasn’t easy. 

“You are crazy!”

Heaven pulled his hair harder and he groaned in pain again. 


Suddenly her mother’s voice cut through the air before she got pulled away from Zarin. Both her parents were there and even Zarins’s parents.  

Zarins’s mother helped him up and adjusted his hair while he gave Heaven an angry look. 

“What are you doing?” Her mother asked appalled while her father held onto her as if she would escape attacking Zarin again. Maybe she would if he kept staring at her like that. 

“What happened?” Klara asked Zarin.

“She just attacked me out of nowhere.” He explained. 

“That’s because you called me crazy,” Heaven yelled. 

“That’s not a reason to attack someone.” Her mother spoke. 

“Zarin, you shouldn’t call someone crazy.” His mother scolded. “You should apologize.”

“You too, Heaven.” Her father gave her a light push. 

Heaven looked at Zarin. She really didn’t want to apologize to him. Why would she?


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