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Restarting From Genesis – Chapter 184: Orientation Complete Bahasa Indonesia

The room was suddenly filled with hushed whispers at the mention of necromancy. This was a hot-button issue due to the recent fall of Laconia at the hands of a large horde of undead and the sudden emergence of the Necropolis in its place.

“Silence,” The teacher ordered after a few moments, causing the room to quickly quieten down. “While yes, even though it may be considered controversial, the dark element is still a very viable source of magic.”

“Now, moving on to how one acquires that source. Let’s briefly talk about attunement,” She said, “Now, I’ve previously mentioned that attunement is the act of infusing your body and soul with your chosen element, now how we go about this is somewhat of a complicated process.”

“There are a couple of steps that a wizard must take before acquiring attunement. The first step, and arguably the most important one, is that your soul must achieve proper resonance with the elemental magics of your chosen type,” The teacher explained, “Some of you may know of this as the elemental trials, but for those unaware, it will be better explained once it is your turn to take the trials.”

“After completing your trial, the next step is to then infuse your soul with the chosen element,” She explained, “You will be given a list of items that you must collect for the attunement ritual. Once you return with the items the attunement ritual will commence.”

Upon her first explanation ending, Merlin received a quest notification.

[Common Quest]

Attuned to the Elements I.

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