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Chapter 748: To The End (6)

I saw giant dragons covering the sky. Their numbers were so large that I even wondered if there were actually that many in the continent.

Dozens of angels attempted to intercept the dragons. The chaotic and fierce battle in the air itself was an indescribable sight. Of course, it was even more colorful than the scenes mixed with graphics in the movies.

As the number of angels became increasingly difficult for the dragons to keep in check, the elves continued to shoot arrows to assist the flying reptiles.

Some of the angels approaching the dragons fell to the ground, and the dragons crushed their bodies with their huge fangs and claws.

As their Breaths containing concentrated energy were fired, the pigeons immediately spread out in the air, and of course, the ones caught in the aftereffect melted immediately on the spot.

The war situation wasn’t advantageous, however. The dragons who fell because they couldn’t withstand the offensive of the pigeons were also visible.

I didn’t know if I could say it was a relief, but I noticed that Dialugia was still fine, and she, like the rest of her kin, continued to release their Breaths.

Dwarves and other races also jumped off the walls with swords and axes. I thought the best way to describe it was that they put all their effort into it. It was literally a battle that would decide the life or death of the continent.

-Let’s show our power to those demons. We have to make them realize that the united continent is powerful!

-Attack! Attack!!

-Don’t stop moving! Keep shooting!

-Don’t back off! This is the finale!

Since the war was happening all over the north, it became difficult to get a view even with the telescope. Large-scale battles were continuing simultaneously. The State soldiers and the Holy Knights confronted the enemy with divine power, and the soldiers of the Republic rained down magic.

I found them beautiful, the huge explosions that were reverberating the atmosphere in quick succession and the unusual colorful flashes appearing everywhere. The scene in which the continent’s heroes faced the enemy at their respective locations couldn’t be described.

“Hyung-nim, I think we should go out quickly.”

‘Fuck, I know that too.’

Was it just my imagination that I felt that all circumstances were forcing my sacrifice for some reason?

I tried to buy some time, but Park, Gi, Lee, the three siblings, were already ready to escape from this place, and they had already started to run before I could even say anything.

‘Ah… fuck, I think I should just go in.’

I wanted to find another way, but it was hard to do that at the moment.

‘I don’t have time. I have to get ready.’

I didn’t know when the timing would come.

The outcome that was seen through Yuno Kasugano was turning more and more into reality. Just by the fact that dragons appeared, the puzzle was already put together.

I still couldn’t see Hee-ra fighting with a spear stuck in her, but she would run over right away since the final war had broken out. If she fought a little, she would get hurt, and that part of the scene might become a reality.

I couldn’t see Raphael, but he’d probably join the outer battlefield with the Friendship Guild soon.

Genorziah and Jung Hayan too. It was only a matter of time before Jung Hayan, who embodied tremendous magic itself, recovered her magic power and charged into the battlefield as well.

-Jung Hayan… Not yet…

-No. I-I-I can do it.

-You shouldn’t, Jung Hayan. You need to recover a little more.

She seemed to want to join the battlefield right away, but I could see her biting her lips at the pressure of the magic tower’s grandfathers surrounding her.

‘Right. You should rest a little more… Logically speaking, if an ordinary human had used up that much magic, they would’ve died instantly. One couldn’t have even used it in the first place… They would burst during implementation.’

She understood better than anyone else that she was forcing herself too much, but I could bet that her break wouldn’t last long anyway.

‘Because she recovers magic power quickly.’

Genorziah, like the final boss, was still pretending to be stern after releasing the scams… Were there three hours left until Jung Hayan fully regained her max magic power capacity? No, about five hours?

Depending on the situation, it could be considered a long or short time.

‘Ah… Fuck, my anesthetic potion. Fuck… Ah…’

I felt like I was in a situation where I had to make an avoidable decision, which made my mouth taste bitter. I kept trying to convince myself in strange directions. For example…

‘No, but how can I convince him in such a short time. Isn’t this changing in the future?’

That much.

The question was, wasn’t it that the timing should be right? Even if I arrived at Kim Hyunsung’s location in time, the scenario would be completed only when he stabbed me.

‘Ah, it’s so sudden that I didn’t even get to organize my lines. It’s too weird. I can’t just blurt it out all of a sudden. I’m the masked trash. It’s weird if I say it like that. Will he believe me? I’m sure he won’t believe it, and in the end, he won’t stab me. Aren’t we running out of time? Fuck. Shouldn’t someone be beside me and help me out… I don’t have enough time to prepare it…’

Of course, there was someone who could help. There was the pigeon who remembered what happened in the first round.

However, if he met Kim Hyunsung…

‘Hyunsung could lose again.’

It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in our regressor, but in fact, Seraphim was like Kim Hyunsung’s counter only by his existence. It meant that there might be an unforeseen death even before I could say anything. Of course, the current Kim Hyunsung looked a little different, but…

‘Just no.’

Even if a situation where Kim Hyunsung confronted Seraphim was created… It was doubtful if the pigeon would become like the grandfathers who spoke of old stories. Surprisingly, there was a possibility that he could do that because there was a lot to talk about…

The first thing that came to mind was whether there was a need to gamble like that. It might make more sense to find another way. I could drop Kim Hyunsung to Seraphim as much as possible… or I could just find another direction towards the same ending little by little. If I had to look for someone else…

‘Who could be?’

Who wouldn’t feel guilty?

‘Jung Hayan?’

Maybe it was possible. She had the basic sense of guilt about Han Sora, but essentially, Jung Hayan was brazen. If platinum-colored swords stuck out, there was a high possibility that the number would be very small. The problem was…

‘It will take a little longer for her to recover magic power.’

One of the important issues was whether I could buy enough time until she was prepared to join the battle. It reminded me that there was only one method, and there was no other way.

As I slowly turned my head, the heated battlefield caught my eye again. Overall, it felt like they were pushing, but no one could guarantee how the current war would be overturned.

Unlike the previous one, when the guerrilla warfare only hurt internally, humans openly went all in, so I couldn’t carelessly disrespect them.

Even without Seraphim’s instructions, it wasn’t strange if a control tower had been built by now.

As if my thoughts were correct, I saw pigeons moving more and more organically.

-For… Varian!

-Request for the support! Call for support!

From the end of the temple and walls, there were signs that the war would be overturned little by little.

‘I have no choice but to do this to protect the continent, fuck.’

Leaving the method aside… At first, it seemed like a situation where Lee Kiyoung had to make up his mind and sacrifice.

As I looked away, I saw Kim Hyunsung joining the battlefield and cutting down the angels. The way he was constantly swinging his sword and changing the war situation made my jaw drop.

‘Wow… Our Hyunsung is definitely strong.’

His sword was surely sharper, almost as if he had decided to believe in himself a little. Unlike before, when Lucifer’s power was activated randomly, Kim Hyunsung’s sword was currently powerful.

I was worried about whether he was getting lost again, but I could see him opening his mouth when he got the chance.

-Where is Kiyoung?

“I’m escaping with Deokgu. Don’t worry. We’ll be arriving at the control tower soon. You don’t have to come this way. First, the situation over there…”

-Is he really okay?

“Yes. We’re almost there. I think we will also meet the Mercenary Queen, so don’t worry and just throw yourself into the battle. The war situation isn’t that good. It’s not far from where you are now…”

-This place will be fine.

‘Not really. You need a lot of help there.’

To be honest, it looked like a battlefield where Kim Hyunsung wasn’t required. Kim Hyunsung had already dealt with the intermediate-level named pigeons there, after all.

He also knew how he could move more efficiently in such a situation. It was more advantageous to deal with those a bit stronger than to fight with regular pigeons. That was what he might think.

No, he definitely thought he had to do something more important than that. As expected, he nodded and opened his mouth.

-Seraphim’s location…


“I don’t know. I haven’t confirmed it yet.”

It was actually being confirmed, but…

‘If I tell him again and then he loses, we will be in the same place…’

-You don’t have to worry.

“I’m not worried…”


“I’m not worried. It’s about compatibility. Hyunsung cannot beat Seraphim. The compatibility is too bad. Now that I have organized a unit to go there, I think it would be better to focus on the other side.”

‘I think the Holy Sword Warrior Party is ready. Raphael is also in good shape.’

-No. It’s fine. I can definitely win.

‘No. You can’t win. You can’t win even if you reborn. Do you think you’ve forgiven yourself of your sins? I’m just saying, the guilt you have is a problem that I can’t help you with. Of course, it could have brought you back to life, but it’s just for a moment.’

The inscribed wounds in guys like Kim Hyunsung never disappeared. If I thought that the sword of judgment wouldn’t fall, I wanted to tell him that it was a mistake.

“It’s impossible. I think it would be better to talk later. I will contact you again once we enter the control tower. Instructions will come down from the command post for further instructions, so keep the frontline from crumbling until then.”

-I can definitely win.

‘Ah… Yes. Yes. You will. You got the disease of the protagonists. The main characters are usually like that. You think that you can win if you re-challenge the enemy who you lost to once. But the reality is different. No means no. It’s not because I’m afraid to drill a hole in the ship right now, but the battle itself will not be established.’

It was then that he opened his mouth again with a serious expression.

-If Kiyoung helps me… I can win.


It didn’t mean that he could win if I cheered for him.

-There is no way I can lose.

I immediately understood what Kim Hyunsung was talking about. I slowly tapped my thighs with my fingers and calculated the odds, and I thought it wasn’t going to be bad.

‘There is a possibility.’

It was worth a try.

‘If I think he can’t do that during the fight, I can just send in the Holy Sword Warrior party.’

In fact, the odds of doing so were remarkably small. It didn’t seem he would lose no matter how I thought about it.

After interrupting the voice message for a moment, I immediately began to speak to Park Deokgu.


“Is the conversation over?”

“Support me with your shield. Let me sit there.”

“What… You mean to run in this state?”

“Only until we get into the command department. There are no enemies nearby anyway.”


“Just do it. And ask all your troops to bring all of the Goddess’s Hand Mirrors they have, and ask Jeong-yeon to fix the Goddess’s Hand Mirrors in…”

“Roger that, Vice Guild Master.”

“Oh, you came at the right time. So…”


“You just need to maintain the Goddess’s Hand Mirror fixed with magic power. I will check it while moving, so please stay in the position as much as possible.”


I could see the hand mirrors slowly levitating. The hand mirror with no screen then began to light up. Kim Hyunsung, reflected in the telescope, was holding his breath. He was seen laughing, seemingly ready to do what he had to do. I spoke.

“It’s a bit far.”

-It’s okay.

“I’ll pick up the points.”

-Okay. Let’s do this. Good luck.

“You too.”

I could see the vast battlefield at a glance.


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