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Chapter 747: To The End (5)

‘I think I really left it… that’s a problem.’

I tried to capture Cherubim’s end, who died as he called his siblings, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the bag placed near him. It was torn to pieces so much that I could no longer recognize its shape, seemingly representing my feelings.

I could tell without looking inside. It was probably completely ​​smashed. How could my bag be safe when even the lab surrounded by divine energy was ruined?

Cha Hee-ra, who was walking after turning her back, also looked again as if the bag caught her eyes.

‘Ah… come to think of it, she also wanted to get that bag before.’

I felt happy that she checked its condition instead of me. If the item’s property was maintained, maybe there was hope…

-Ah… it’s all in pieces.

As if confirming there was no hope, she just threw it away.

I didn’t even need to send a message to Heera to ask. One of Kim Hyunsung’s collections had already completely lost the function of a bag. As she said, it was already in pieces.

‘Fuck… My alchemy kit was also in it.’

It was so ridiculous that I wanted to recreate it, but I couldn’t.

‘It was a legendary-grade alchemy kit… The dragon breath potion and the bomb of light potions were all there too.’

No, honestly, that was okay. I didn’t welcome the situation where I had to use the battle potions. The most important thing was the anesthetic potion.

‘Ah… Fuck. What should I do?’

Should I just go in without it?

Wouldn’t it be okay to go in without it? I had endured comparable pain so far. Honestly, even at Ito Souta’s incident, I went in without an anesthetic potion… It was easy to use my body carelessly…

However, Lee Kiyoung from that time and the current Lee Kiyoung were different. I honestly couldn’t even remember how Lee Kiyoung felt in his early days, filled with the desire to somehow survive.

Did they say that when there was enough to eat, and life became easy, the ones who changed were humans? It isn’t a pleasure to be stabbed in the stomach; Light Kiyoung had long been freed from such hardships.

‘Ah, didn’t I put one in the room?’

It was then that my head flashed momentarily.

“What? Something went wrong?”

“No… Anyway, I’ll have to stop by somewhere and go.”

“Is it near? It looks like Hayan will summon it soon… Never mind, you already know that better than anyone.”

“It’s not too far from here anyway. Let’s go quickly.”

“Ahem. Seeing you say it like that, it looks like you’ve hidden some secret weapon.”

‘It is a secret weapon.’

A secret weapon that would allow me to me get into the mood. If I were in pain, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the scene where I had to shed some tears.

If there were a hole in my stomach without anesthesia numbing down the pain, time would probably run out just with me screaming. There wouldn’t be any time for a final goodbye.

‘Wow, fuck. Thinking this way, Cherubim is really great.’

If I were him, I could bet I would’ve rolled around.

“Exactly how much time is left?”

“About an hour.”

“That’s enough time.”

‘It must be there, right? I would have left it there, right?’

The pigeons might’ve scoured my room, but the anesthetic potion would probably be fine. It was hidden properly. How could they find it?

When I poked Park Deokgu’s forearm, he changed direction like a bull. It didn’t take too long to get to the destination.


“Just go a little more.”

After entering the room, I began to check the interior immediately, and as expected, traces of pigeons were noticeable.

I couldn’t even think of it as a room already, but in fact, it didn’t matter what happened to it.

When I tapped on the floor, the lock was dismantled, and the ground cracked, revealing a small warehouse.

Park Deokgu, who had come in with me, was snooping around like he was amazed. He soon saw me and nodded.

“Did you hide it here?”

“Yes. I have a few for emergency use.”

Three dragon breath potions. One bomb of light potion. In addition to that, it was where items I thought were necessary for survival were collected and stored.

Although the size was too small to be called a warehouse, I still couldn’t help but smile.

‘After all, fuck, the one who is prepared wins. Oh, I also kept a spare bag.’

If there was a small problem, it was that I couldn’t see the anesthetic potion.

I tried rummaging around to see if it would be further inside, but the green potion I thought had been stored wasn’t there.

‘What the fuck. Why isn’t it here?’

The advanced healing potions and mana recovery potions were all there. In addition to the advanced alchemy potion set from the survival kits, and catalysts that weren’t officially sold were there.

‘Where is it?’

I wondered if I hadn’t stored just that one, but it couldn’t be.

Of course, it didn’t take long before I realized what was going on.

“Wow… Fuuuck…”

“What is it now?”

“I really… That’s ridiculous…”

“Did something go wrong?”

‘Lee Jihye… Fuck… You… Really.’

If someone took it, wouldn’t it be obvious who the culprit was?

“Wow… Really… that woman… How could she do this? Fuck, you went too far. Do you have no manners? That’s just wrong…”

As I hurriedly turned my head, I could see Dominions lying down covered in scars.

Cho Hyejin’s body also didn’t look well. It seemed that there a great fierce battle occurred while I wasn’t looking.

No, they were still thrusting their spears towards each other.

-R-Run away, Hyejin.

-I can’t do that.

‘There was a lot of progress, really. Did the plundered soul pop out and tell her to run away? Is that what the story is? Isn’t that a poor Doom Kiyoung imitation? You’ve met the odds, right? No, what’s the meaning behind the looted soul suddenly entering Dominions’ body?’

-Run away while I hold this body down. Quickly.

-I can never do that.

‘Fuck, really. That’s abominable. Seriously.’

How could a person be so disgusting? That expression seemed to fit best.

Even if I only looked at the gist of it, I could get an estimate. That woman was also a famous person for not being able to tolerate pain. It felt unnatural to see her moving with holes drilled all over the body.

Even if she shared the pain with Dominions and Ronove, I could bet that Lee Jihye wouldn’t be able to bear that much pain.

Her body wasn’t trembling, and, honestly, she didn’t seem to feel agony. Anyone could see that she had the appearance of a person who took an anesthetic potion.

Her acting wasn’t bad since her body trembled as if it were really painful, but looking at it from the point of view of someone who knew the truth, her ways were despicable.

-Hyejin doesn’t have to sacrifice for me. Yes. As this man said, I… I am…

-No one is not worth saving in the world. I believe in that.

‘Hyejin, don’t be fooled. Really… You have to see that fox… she’s abominable. So much so that it even scares me… Wow…’

-Didn’t Jihye tell me?

‘What did she tell you?’


‘What did she say?’

-Others can feel what we can’t.

‘Look at those disgusting eyes.’

-We think we know ourselves best, but sometimes we don’t… Didn’t you say those lines?


-When you told me that, I couldn’t understand what you were talking about, but I think I can understand it now. It’s the same with Vice Guild Master Kiyoung.

First of all, I liked that she mentioned me. Besides, she called me Kiyoung.

-Vice Guild Master describes himself as a person who doesn’t know how to yield, but that isn’t the case at all. He is a person who is warmer and more responsible than anyone else. He knows best how to sacrifice himself for others and realizes what real concessions are.

‘Ah, it’s worth listening to these things.’

-The same is true for you. Although you despise and disparage yourself, you are someone much greater than you think. You are a kinder and warmer person than you think.

‘That’s wrong. She’s really not.’

If she were kind, she wouldn’t have taken my anesthetic potion.

-I’m… not.

-No. I’m right. I’m telling you this because I’m sure of it. You don’t have to disparage yourself like that. You don’t have to judge yourself so negatively. It was also you who said that it is good to listen to others. You can break free. No, I’ll break you free from there.

Once again, I saw Cho Hyejin charging in with her spear.

Dominions was revealing her true identity as if they were moving to the climax at that moment.

Watching Lee Jihye, who said she didn’t need to do that, shedding tears, and Cho Hyejin, who was filled with the tenacity to save her, made me so disconcerted that I couldn’t even say anything.

‘What does that woman think about people’s feelings?’

Cho Hyejin didn’t seem to be shaken, but she was. Although she didn’t look like she’d break, I knew she was barely holding on.

Lee Jihye, who took the anesthetic potion, was unwavering. She was just telling her to run away or that it was okay now, but she honestly didn’t look okay at all.

No, thinking that was acting, I got perplexed.

‘No, fuck, what can I do without my anesthetic potion?’

If even the one remaining bottle had been consumed, there was really no other option anymore.

-Sigh… Sigh…

-Hyejin… I… don’t think… I can…

I wasn’t sure if she was even aware of how I felt, considering she was busy shooting a movie over there.

I couldn’t understand what the hell was going on. I knew it was roughly that kind of atmosphere, but it was hard to keep up with the development.

One thing was certain. Cho Hyejin and Lee Jihye were located in the last remaining control room.

Lee Jihye, who was quick-witted, guided Cho Hyejin to that place.

‘Ah… fuck, this will start.’

Before even thinking about other measures, Cho Hyejin stretched out her spear. I heard a loud sound, and a message from manager Kim Mi-young came in.

-The operation was successful.

‘No. Wait a minute. I don’t think we should succeed yet.’

I turned my gaze in a hurry, but Jung Hayan was already done with the incantation.


Jung Hayan lifted her staff upward, and unrealistic sights began to come into my eyes.

A magic circle covering the whole northern area, a huge wall that slowly began to be summoned, and heroes and continental leaders all slowly appeared.

-Charge forth, heroes allied with the light! Let’s protect the continent!

Oscar, the revolutionary leader of the State, was the first to jump off the wall with a sword.

‘No. Not yet.’

-For Benignore! Don’t leave even one alive!

Pope Basel and the Holy Knights, who were screaming at the moment, jumped into battle with desperate determination.


-The time has come to return the favor.

It was Pristina from a neutral country that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

‘What’s up with you all? Why are you doing that as a group? Fuck. If you’re going to return the favor, you shouldn’t have come now.’

-We will win! We will never lose.

Even the leader of the Republic shouted as if he was drunk on the continent’s feeling.

-For true unity!

‘Don’t be united yet. Fuck.’

Elios of the Multi-Races Association.

-We have long forgotten many things. Let’s fight to get back lost time.

‘No, just forget it.’

I’d rather he didn’t show up, but even the lizards came.



Even Kim Hyunsung was holding a sword and making a determined face. I could see him staring at his weapon and nodding.

‘Fuck… Not yet, you bastards. Not yet… Hyunsung. I’m not ready yet. I’m not…’

Kim Hyunsung’s sword felt more threatening than usual.

-Let’s win.

‘Not yet…’

An ideological war at the scale of myths was unfolding before my eyes.



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