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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 92: Live To Sienna Pt.92 A Sudden Change Bahasa Indonesia

Carl took off his white tunic, kissing Sienna. Sienna also helped him take off his clothes.

When he was hurriedly undressed, his solid upper body was revealed. There were scars everywhere in his body, but even the scars felt like decorations to make him stand out.

Sienna stared at his upper body bewitched and slowly swept his chest down with her palm. The places where her hand grazed his chest felt as hot as wearing a wreath if it were wearing. He moistened his dry lips and began to unbutton her dress.

Perhaps because he was in a state of excitement, his hands flashed through the air one after another and in frustration, Carl looked at her and asked, “If I just tear it up…”

His voice seemed to be of a man who had not been hydrated for a long time. The grief dried up and came out.

“Wait! Wait…”

Sienna shook her head violently. She carefully unbuttoned the buttons around her waist, saying she would do it. In the midst of that, Carl touched her forehead and put his lips on Sienna’s neck, forcing him to breathe hard.

If he could, he wanted to leave his marks all over her body. He just wanted to soak his scent onto her so that someone like Valore could not covet her.

Whether she knew it or not, Sienna’s hand gestures of unbuttoning were only slow. Carl swallowed dry saliva and watched her unbuttoned.

After unbuttoning all the tight buttons, she held onto the dress and looked up at Carl. She had a complicated face, a face that showed she would one day regret her actions with him now.

Even the slightest regret and hesitation in her eyes came to Carl’s notice in an instant He approached her with a shake of his head.


His gut seemed to melt away by burning with incomprehensible possessiveness, greed, and lust.

-It’s Sienna, it’s her I’m craving.

Valore’s voice seemed to clench in his ears. If Carl doesn’t hold her up right now, he felt like she was going to be taken away by him.

‘How dare he!’

Not even Valore’s calling of Sienna’s name was enough to fill the castle. He wanted to pull out his tongue that called his wife’s name, break the heart that he wanted to give to Sienna, and burn the eyes that coveted her. If that doesn’t work, he was to carve himself deep in Siena so that no one can covet her.

Just for a moment, he was hurt by the small gesture of her conflict in her relationship with him. Carl felt pathetic of himself, but he felt as if an indescribable emotion burning its existence onto his brain that he could not define with reasoning. Reason has long been thrown onto the ground.

Carl kissed her lips, pulling her waist in close. He was thirsty. Even during that moment as he was already coveting her mouth…

Like a long-starved child sucking at his mother’s breast, the wanderer devoured her lips as if he had found an oasis.

“Uh… ugh…!”

The harsh kiss made Sienna groan with frustration. Carl took his lips off her and looked at her. Her face was red-hot, her lips redder than that. Even with a mess of hair, he still wanted her.

Carl slowly peeled off her dress. Her body was revealed as the clothes went down gently.

When her voracious breasts shaped like a drop of water was revealed, she shrank in shame, biting her lower lip. Every little act of her came as an overly provocative temptation.

Carl grabbed Sienna by the waist and led her to the bed. On the bed, she looked up at Carl. As Carl scanned her whole body, she said with a red face, “Stop staring.”

– Shhh… don’t say anything else. At least this time, I don’t want to hear Carl’s voice.

Sienna was the one who led him with a provocative face when she gave her kisses roughly, but now she was the one that looked embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

Carl smiled and kissed her deeply on the neck. Sienna brushed Carl’s hair.


Carl left a stronger and deeper mark on her every time she called out his name. He wanted to take his time and covet her gently, but there was an impatience. There was a fear that in time, she would get taken away.

A Sudden Change

Carl opened his eyes dimly, feeling the dawning of the twilight. He raised himself up and looked next to him with a satisfied smile, like a predator who had finished a full meal adequately.

Sienna was asleep, not turning around, with her quilt in her arms. She took all of Carl’s side of the quilt away and covered it onto herself. The child-like figure brought out a smirk.

Although they had met every time with their eyes open, it felt different at that time when he saw her sleeping like this. Perhaps because of the slightly raised lip line, she seemed to be smiling softly, even though she was asleep.

When he looked down at Sienna’s face and saw her shoulder and neck, which had strong traces of himself remaining, and he turned his head away in embarrassment.

-I don’t want the crown of the emperor. What I’m coveting is Sienna, it’s her.

Carl was angry when he heard Valore’s confession unexpectedly yesterday. He didn’t understand why the remark made him so upset. When he heard the story, he kissed Sienna instinctively. Then he dragged her to the bed.

He tried to hug her without hesitation, but after, when he faced Sienna, he felt guilty. The fact that she might be harboring someone else made him falter. No, in fact, rather than her having someone else on her mind, he was afraid that he would be hated if he held her by her own will forcefully. Nevertheless, his desire of interest in kissing her neck and keeping her in his arms was at odds.

Carl wanted to ask Sienna. Who was buried in her heart? He was wondering if this blazing heart of his would cool a little if he heard the name.

But she didn’t say the name. Instead, she put her arms around Carl’s neck and whispered.

– Shh… don’t say anything else. At least this time, I don’t want to hear Carl’s voice, either.

With Sienna’s already hot and burning kiss, Carl didn’t care anymore. What kind of person she is, who she has in her heart, all he had just felt was her being in the bosoms of his arms.

Carl raised himself and muttered, picking up his clothes that laid on the floor.

“I wonder what kind of expression she’ll make in the morning, but…”

He wondered what expression she would look at herself with when she woke up, but he couldn’t wait here any longer.

Originally, he should have left early last night. Pavenik must be waiting anxiously for him to come out of the capital city so quietly. Carl changed his clothes with regret.


He approached Sienna, who made a rumbling sound, whether it was due to the heavy blanket or perhaps because of last night’s intense time. Then he kissed his lips straight onto her white forehead.

Carl’s gesture was as careful and gentle as if he were dealing with something very precious. He tried to slip out of her room quietly with a farewell kiss. But it was sad to just leave.

He sneaked into the capital and had to leave quietly, but he felt sorry to leave nothing behind. It’s ridiculous, but he was also worried that she might dismiss his work as just a sleepover, a dream.

His mischievous spirit rose when he saw the pen on the table.

“Will she say it’s childish?”

Carl sat by her bedside with a pen full of ink. Then he carefully scribbled down her palm.

“Did I write it for nothing?”

Carl’s face swelled when he saw the childish sentences left on her palm. He wrote it like a joke, but after facing the sentences, he felt pathetic and childish. But now he couldn’t erase the ink stains left in her hands.

“I can’t help it.”

With a burst of laughter, he patted Sienna’s sleeping hair and went outside.



As soon as Sienna had come to her senses with the sunlight that flooded the room, she muttered without even opening her eyes.


What on earth was he thinking? No, what could she have thought? When she remembered yesterday, she blushed and buried her face in the pillow.

“I’m crazy, I’m crazy.”

It was only after dozens of consecutive ‘crazy’ shots that she checked the seat next to her. Fortunately, Carl had left for the border area, and the seat next to her had cooled.

“Argh! You’re crazy, too! I’m out of my mind. How could you do that?!”


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