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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 91: Live To Sienna Pt.91 Bahasa Indonesia

“I’ll never covet my brother’s possessions. Even if it’s the only thing in the world, I’ll never take my brother’s place, even if I’m going to go mad.”

She opened her eyes to Valore’s words.

“Does he know what it is that he, himself, is saying right now? Right now, he is saying that he doesn’t want the throne in front of Sienna who is the wife of Carl.”

After hearing this story from the door, she wondered what kind of face Carl was wearing as he listened. At the same time, it felt like a tragedy that Valore and Carl, who were able to share good friendships regardless of whether they were of blood or not of blood, should hate each other and covet each other’s possessions.

“But I’ve begun to feel greedy. That self of mine, which is seemingly terrible, had become greedy. What should I do, Lady Sienna?”

He asked Sienna for an answer. She poured a drink into Valore’s glass.

The problem wasn’t lying in whether Valore was feeling greedy or not. Even if he doesn’t want to, since Empress Arya is behind him, she’ll try to take Carl’s life. In fact, the emperor’s position will, in turn, end up returning to Valore.

“It is said that the emperor’s position is not handed down by humans, but rather, it is given down from the heavens.”

“It’s given down from heavens.”

“So, don’t resent him if that position goes to Sir Carl, or feel guilty if it goes to you. Regardless of desires, you two will move in accordance with your destinies as it is.”

“To say destiny… destiny.”

The word, destiny, has come rolling out of his mouth many times. Like an unacceptable word, several times until he has gotten used to it.

“Indeed, it might be destiny.”

He smiled a dejected smile.

“You’re destined to accept it.”

“It’s impossible.”

She knows how it feels to be resentful to destiny when it’s not on your side in favor. For Sienna as well, she had once gone through a destiny so hard on her as she couldn’t have what she wanted.

Unlike Valore, who will have what he wants in his hands no matter what he feels about his greed, she could not have the coveting and coveted Carl. He was always a distant being and was not hers to begin with, but he was another woman’s named Bluebell. Trying to force the string of destiny onto something not meant to be only returned to her, not of Carl’s heart, but only his wounded gaze and indelible stigma.

“I think the time is getting too late now.”

When she saw Valore’s red face, Sienna said, “I see. I’ll have to go back now.”

Although he had spoken those words with his own mouth that he’ll have to go back, he stared blankly at the liquor glass, which was filled with alcohol. He said to Sienna.

“May I play one last song before I go back?”

“It’s an honor to hear Valore’s songs.”

“It’s embarrassing, but it’s a song I made for someone.”

He paced along and sat down in front of the piano.

“I was hoping that Sienna would listen to it more than anyone else. It’s my first time playing in front of anyone.”

“It’s an honor.”

Valore’s thin, long hands pressed hard on the white keyboard. The clear sound of the piano sounded as softly as the spring breeze. Then, the mood immediately changed. The warm tones of the spring sun went wild like a storm. Humid, grim, yet rough, as if expressing a whirlwind of desire.

Sienna listened to Valore’s music and drank a glass. The beads of sweat fell from his passionate forehead to show how heartily he played.

‘Was Sir Carl also listening from inside? No, that isn’t it because it’s too late now…’

Carl said he was leaving by today, so Sienna thought that when she opened the door, there would be only a gust of cold air remaining. She had gotten used to sleeping in a bed with the presence of another human after having felt a human body’s temperature for the few days he was staying with her, and today she had felt like she wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep well. The empty side of the one beside her seemed too much of an impact to her.

The wild-running performance ended at its peak. It was an unfinished end, but rather it matched with this song. She thinks that it was a spiraling of emotion that wouldn’t come to a halt.

As Valore’s hands came down to the base of the keyboard, Sienna clapped.

“What a wonderful song.”

“Thank you for listening.”

“You said that you made this song for someone, right? Make sure you let that person listen to it. It’s such a good song, but it’s a shame. I don’t know who that person is, but I’m sure that person will be impressed.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, absolutely.”

“…okay. I’ll be taking my leave now then.”

“Yes, go in carefully.”

Valore stared blankly at her, who had gone out through the door. It was a dark, turquoise door that had been closed.


Valore, as if he had bitten a glue, forced open his jaw that wouldn’t fall off easily.

“What I want isn’t something like the crown of the emperor.”

A damp, sticky feeling encroached on his body. It was now one with himself that was dirty and disgusting, and yet wouldn’t fall apart.

“It’s Sienna, it’s her that I’m craving.”

Valore shook it off with a hard time. Beyond the door, she was not going to hear it. It was something he can’t say, but he wanted to get it out of his mouth. In the empty hallway, knowing no one would hear it.

Valore didn’t know. The fact that his sad confession was clearly told to another pair of ears.

Sienna told Hain that she would have a quick breakfast tomorrow and returned to her room. The room was dark with the candle extinguished. A heavy rain was beating against the window. As she entered the room, she saw a figure sitting on the chair. It was Sir Carl.

“You haven’t gone yet?”

Carl raised himself up without answering.

“I thought you were going to leave by the end of today. It turned out well. I wanted to give my greetings maybe before you go…”

Carl strode towards her in defiance of what she said. Seeing his stiff face, Sienna stepped back in horror. The wall touched behind her back.

“What is it?”

Carl slowly swept down her face, locking Sienna against the wall. She called his name in a frightened voice. Without answering, Carl lifted her chin up and sucked her lips roughly.

The sudden kiss loosened Sienna’s legs. He wrapped his arms around Sienna’s waist, which was about to sink, and coveted her without letting her miss a single breath when she exhaled. Her breath was intermingled with the scent of hot wine and the scent of ripe fruit. Sienna groaned as she felt the hot breath penetrating into her mouth.

After a wild kiss, Carl’s and Sienna’s fell with a throbbing sound.

“Sir Carl?”

With a mixture of embarrassment and surprise, Sienna called for Carl. Carl, who was afraid that she would express rejection, said first.

“Don’t say anything. I’ve heard enough of unwanted stories today.”

Carl violently held onto her arm and led Sienna to the bed.

“Sir Carl…”

Sienna suddenly did not know why he was doing this. Carl, who had led Sienna to bed, laid her down on the bed and looked down at her. The moist, wet look seemed somehow hurt, and Carl himself seemed to be embarrassed.

Carl, acting as if he would have taken her to himself so roughly at once, stopped with an agonizing look. He just looked down at Sienna for a long time. Sienna seemed to chill out in the icy snow of Carl’s complex heart as her heart was pounding.


Sienna swept down Carl’s face with her hand. He burst out laughing, feeling the smooth texture of her skin. She slowly swept down his nose and lips with her thumb.


Contrary to his complex mind, Sienna now wanted to kiss this smooth nose and covet the sweet-looking lips again.

‘I didn’t want to love again, but…’

The pledge of that time has long faded. Sienna faced Carl’s dark, light-green eyes. The mere sight of his eyes made her dizzy and excited as if she had been feeble.

“Sienna, you…”

It was when Carl tried to say something by calling Sienna’s name. Sienna said, with her arms around his neck and pulling.

“Shhh… don’t say anything. I don’t want to hear Carl’s voice this time, either.”

Sienna lapped her lips on his lips and dragged him into bed.


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