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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 85: Live To Sienna Pt.85 Bahasa Indonesia

Sienna went into her bedroom with the meal tray that Hain had handed over. Inside the room, Carl was sitting at the table, looking at the map and agonizing.

“Do whatever you want to see after you eat. Aren’t you hungry because you slept on an empty stomach yesterday?”

“You know it well.”

“I told Hain to take care of Mir’s limelight.”

At her words, Carl formed a troubled face. He was thinking about how Sienna understands his unique diet, which was sweet, sour, and salty Mir. She spoke in a pitiful voice,

“Don’t think too much, just eat. You said you were hungry. What do you think?”

She put down the tray and looked at the open map on the table. There was a red and blue dot on the map. It was not a map drawn in the notation that she knew, but there was no difficulty in reading it. The boundary with Castro was clearly visible.

Sienna took a bite of the fruit on the tray and mumbled questions.

“If there’s a war against Castro just like Arya thought, where are you going to go?”

“We have to push in so far as to finish it quickly. They’ll call for a cease-fire as soon as they succeed because they’re in a position that’ll always be within reach of the capital. I’m thinking it’s better to move on to this plain area instead. Because it’s a large area, it’s easier to attack than to defend, and it’s better for us because it can be procured on the way without having to ship large quantities.”

“Why don’t you take this path more than that?”

Sienna pointed to a thin stream of water next to the path that Carl said.

“On the map, it’s a small stream where only small fishing boats can come and go, even if the river looks big.”

“It was a pretty big river originally. Although the water has dried up due to a long drought, if there is a heavy rain, it will be enough to travel on medium-sized ships. What’s more, the Navy ships in Laifsden looks thin and long. And this is wide.”

Carl nodded at Sienna’s words.

“As you say, it may be possible if the precipitation increases.”

“And I’m sure you didn’t just leave it up to the numbers in the Hegea River this time. You’ve mixed it with military leadership, so you’re taking this opportunity to train them to accept them as the military.”

Sienna patted a small stream of water next to the Castro empire on the map and said,

“And it would be perfect for a surprise attack against Castro because they won’t think the army would come through the river because of the narrow width of the river. The ship can run at night if you have a skilled navigator. There must be some numbers of people who are good at quietly moving ships, which in turn will become a really well-done table.”

“That’s a pretty good operation. As long as there’s heavy rain and the water is rising.”

Sienna laughed at Carl’s sarcastic praise. To put it into perspective, it was not her plan, it was Carl’s idea of an operation. In the past, Carl was able to use this method to quickly end the war against Castro.

Sudden downpours have a lot of effect on wars, usually, when it rains heavily in wars, the attacking side was at a disadvantage. This was because the morale of the soldiers has been undermined, the danger of infectious diseases was also high, and it is difficult to lead horses and soldiers onto the muddy ground.

However, Carl used the rain to do a good job. The operation was such a catch-up operation that it was later referred to. That’s why she had remembered it.

“Don’t you think you should stay? All the plans are made on the premise that there will be heavy rain.”

“And I think it was around this time…”

She opened the window and checked the sky. Black and heavy clouds were falling low and dusky.

“I don’t’ think we need to pray for rainfall? I think the rainy season will start tomorrow or tonight.”

Carl followed behind her, going up along the window in front of her. Shoulder to shoulder, the two stared out of the window. The sky was covered with heavy dark clouds as if to sprinkle showers at any moment.

“Even if you say it’s possibly because of your informant’s ability and reasoning to find and gain information, how can you be so sure to know that it’s going to rain though?”

Sienna still looked out the window and said,

“Just think that this information is from a very good source.”

“Your informant seems to be a prophet, not an informant.”

She told Carl to trust her as he pleases, but she could never reveal the source of her information because she couldn’t tell him that she knows the future.


Arya laid herself out long on the sofa in the drawing room. Sienna massaged her feet.

“Why is it raining so hard? I hate rainy days because my dress feels heavy.”

In front of her, grumbling in a discontented tone was lined with maids and servants holding various dresses. Next to it, there was a dress designer who she watched in caution.

“I need an attire to wear when some big incident occurs. You’d better take that one out. It looks so shallow.”

Arya beckoned, and the maid, holding the red dress, hung the dress on a movable hanger that sat on one side.

“I guess you’ve gotten quite old, too. You used to make a lot of eye-catching dresses, but now I guess your style has fallen behind in times. Put that away, too! It’s a long way past the fashion trend to wear something like that.”

Every time Empress Arya uttered a word, the tailor sitting in front of her looked at her stupefied.

“Then these clothes…”

The tailor asked with an anxious look.

“I don’t want to wear those, but I’ll pay for them. Though it’s not appealing to my eyes, I don’t want to see other people going around and wearing those clothes in front of my sight.”

“Thank you.”

“But if it continues like this, I’ll have to rethink my deal with you. The one-eyed tailor is popular these days, right?”

The one-eyed tailor made Sienna’s wedding dress.

“You mean Gerald? He’s just someone that has been sewing under me. He was lucky enough to even get the chance to design his first Crown Princess’ dress, but he doesn’t have any skills.”

“The Crown Princess Sienna…”

Arya’s face crumpled violently. She was an irritating child. She thought she was just a dumb chick from the north at first, but she feels as though she has been getting in her way little by little like a thorn to her eyes. Every time she saw her acting fiercely and confidently carefree without regarding anything she said and being brave, she felt bad.

‘How dare she does not know her place! She’s a stupid bitch who doesn’t know who got her up to that position, not being able to distinguish between the heavens and the Earth!’

“Your Majesty the Empress, the Duke of Panacio, has arrived.”

Arya’s face became more irritated when she thought of Sienna. No, rather, it was full of disgust.

“I’m tired for today, so ask him to come to see me tomorrow!”

“It’s urgent, so he says he needs to see you today.”

Arya pressed her forehead.


‘Pig-like bastard!’

She continuously gnawed at the tailor over and over again.

“In any case, there’s nothing I like. You’d better bring a decent product next week. My patience isn’t that long. Leave now.”

When Arya shook her head, the maids walked out of the drawing room with the dresses in their hands, and the tailor quickly stepped out after them. As soon as they went out, Define Panacio stepped in with urgent footsteps.

“What’s the emergency that’s made you come looking for me? I didn’t want to meet anyone today because I wasn’t feeling well.”

Arya was getting a foot massage from her maid even though Define had come in. It hasn’t been a day or two since Arya has treated her maid in such a way with the same feeling, so Define sat down, carelessly.

“I wouldn’t have come here in person if the emergency wasn’t so extreme. Has Her Majesty the Empress also hear of the news? What happened at the south gates a while ago?”


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