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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 83: Live To Sienna Pt.83 Bahasa Indonesia

Carl nodded, but Sienna looked at him. He had a thought-provoking face, and it was clear that he was considering how to use what happened today to reform the knights.

Sienna, however, intended to reform the Knights through Valore, not through Carl. She didn’t tell Carl, but Valore would end up getting up on to the throne first. This is because while Carl was away on the front lines, Valore is named Emperor as he abruptly ascends in the capital.

Sienna did not tell Carl this story on purpose. He wouldn’t believe it, but if he knew it and stayed in the capital, she was afraid the future would flow in an unpredictable direction. There were also some worries in her mind that had arisen that he might fall into Arya’s trap, getting into a dangerous situation and that Aryan’s rebellion might be advanced.

“I don’t like it one bit.”

As she came to her senses at Carl’s words, Sienna tilted her head. He didn’t know what in the world she didn’t like…

“That look now, the face that’s hiding a great secret from me.”

Sienna tried hard not to be surprised by what he said.

“What secret do you mean? Don’t make any assumptions for no reason. And Sir Carl, has there ever been a time you’ve taken a liking to me? It’s not like you’re going to like whatever I do…”

“Earlier, when you treated the Phoenix Knights as sons of bitches, I liked you a lot.”

Her face turned red. She meant to say it to them to make their pride die down, but everyone was watching.


As Sienna tried to make an excuse, he said with his face full of playfulness.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. Because I liked it. Though I didn’t know you’d be able to say that much with your mouth.”

“When did my mouth talk like that?”

“What was it you said? Did you say they’re dogs who don’t recognize their owners? You said they’re dogs sh*tting on their owners’ faces.”

“That’s what I said?”

“How good my ears are. I heard your voice very clearly here, too.”

“Listen to it and let it out the other ear. And shouldn’t you have to pretend you didn’t hear anything even after hearing it?”

“I can see from your face that you’re itching to swear at me. Why don’t you try it? I’ll forgive you with a broad generosity, so try it.”

“There’s never been a time I wanted to swear before!”

Carl made fun of Sienna, whose face turned red. She belatedly realized that he was teasing her and turned the subject around.

“What’s his name, this black horse?”


“You don’t have a name, do you?”

“I don’t have any hobbies to name things.”

“Then how should I call him?”

On Sienna’s question, Carl brought two fingers to his mouth and whistled, and the black horse moved its head to look at him.

“No matter what, haven’t you been together for a long time and you still haven’t given him a name?”

“I don’t know when I’m going to die so how can I for such a thing…”

There was a shade on his face. The canary and the dog that Carl once named had left his hands too easily. Since then, he has not named the things he cares about.

“If you can’t think of a name, would you like me to name it for you?”

“Don’t do that. He’ll die quickly if you give him a name.”

“There’s no such thing. It must have been a strange name. It’s said one’s fate can change depending on the name.”

“Is that so?”

“If the horse doesn’t have a name, can I put one on him? He’s a Gritage, so Gritty! It means you’re going to live long, and strong.”

“That’s a good name.”

A smile spread around his mouth, perhaps a satisfactory name.

“How old is this guy?”

“Well, maybe it’s been about five years since he was born.”

“The horse lives a long time, doesn’t it?”

“They said he’d live for about thirty years.”

“Gritty will probably live longer. I gave you a good name. But you’re five years old and you’re all grown up? You’re not getting any bigger here, are you? He’s this big now?”

Gritty’s back came up to Sienna’s shoulders.

“I can’t really ride him if he gets any bigger than this. I think it would be too scary if I rode on top of him. He’s high and he’s going to be super fast. I think people who can ride horses are amazing.”

“Would you like to ride?”

Sienna’s head turned in a circle.

“No! I’m scared. What if I fall? And I’ve never ridden a horse before.”


“Yes. I’ve only ridden a carriage before, but not a horse.”

Heidel didn’t need horses. There were many soldiers, but there were more battles on the walls than on horseback. Moreover, the cold weather in Heidel wasn’t a climate that horses could endure, so Sienna didn’t have much to see for one. She’s seen only a few times the horses brought by merchants who sometimes fly daily necessities or grains on the land.

Carl jumped on the horse and reached out to Sienna.

“It’s scary…”

“Hold on.”

He took her by the arm and pulled her up onto the horse and sat before her.

“What if I fall?”

“I’ll catch you, so don’t worry.”

Carl wrapped his arms around her waist and held the reins with one hand.

“Is it alright for you to just hold the reins with one hand? More than that, isn’t there like a handle or something like that?”

“Haha, I thought you were a person who had nothing to fear in the world.”

“There’s a lot I’m afraid of actually.”

Sienna had no fear of going up high. She had been doing that since she was a kid.

But riding a horse was a different story. She had never seen a horse before, but for her to find herself riding one at high speed?!

It was so terrifying to have to balance herself on a slippery horse while he’s running.

Carl kicked the side with his leg and the horse darted forward.


The trees came too fast. The horse ran like a meadow through cramped trees. She’d rather close her eyes, but she was so surprised that she forgot how to close her eyes.

Gritty ran very fast. He was younger and better than the other horses, and the forest of the elves, like the inner quarters of her house, grew faster and faster. Sienna trembled with fear. Then Carl gradually began to slow down.

As the horse slowed down from running so fast, she could not look back on the forest properly because her eyes were still filled with images of the forest. It wasn’t as scary as it was when the horse was running excited, but it wasn’t entirely reassuring. What’s fortunate is that the temperature from her back gives him a sense of stability.

The horse that carried them stopped when it reached the lake. Carl propped up Sienna’s waist so she could get down.

“I really thought I was going to die. I’ve screamed so much that I think my throat’s gone too.”

“I thought my ears were going to go out from your screams, too.”

“So, it was good to stop a long time ago. I was so scared I’d fall from Gritty.”

“I held on pretty tight and I even slowed down…”

As Carl said, he had wrapped around her waist with a firm arm throughout the race. Sienna could not bear his arms touching her belly in spite of her fear.

‘Won’t he think that my back is too thick? It’s embarrassing how my stomach went in and out every time I breathe.’

She was tightening her stomach in the midst of her screaming. She was even more nervous because of Carl. She looked at Carl with an unfrozen face.


He shrugged his shoulders and pointed to the lake with his jaw. As if, he came all the way here to show her this. Only then did Sienna see a panoramic view of the lake.


She was struck with admiration.

In the middle of the forest was a huge lake. The lake, which seems to be out of reach, overwhelmed the beholder by its size. It occurred to her that the appearance of the emerald water pooling over white gravel was so mysterious that it did not seem like a lake. It was a lake filled with white stones, a sight never thought of.

“I wanted to show you this.”

“It’s amazing.”

“I only recently discovered it thanks to him.”


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