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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 82: Live To Sienna Pt.82 Bahasa Indonesia

The existence of elves, like dragons, are treated as fairy tale creatures, so it was regarded as just a legend until now, but every time anyone tries to get rid of that forest, those businesses were thwarted by unknown events, so it was clear that there was some mystical power hidden behind it. For that reason, no one entered the forest because there was a rumor that they could not come out of the forest forever.

As she turned around towards the forest, Carl stood between the trees. He asked Sienna to come into the forest with a nod of his head when his eyes met hers. She told Hain to go back first and prepare a meal. Then she turned around and entered the forest.

She was a little afraid when she couldn’t see the image of Carl anymore as she had just seen.

‘I’ve heard that if one comes in by mistake, one won’t be able to get out of the Elvin forest forever, but I haven’t heard anyone mention anything about it involving the works of people…’

Sienna thought that the image of Carl she saw might have been a forest vision, but shook her head over and over again.

It was dark in the forest. A dense cluster of trees rising above the sky, the place was barely distinguishable only by relying on a narrow beam of light passed through dense leaves.

There was a rumor that if one came into here, one would be cursed by missing elves. How could they find their way in this dark? It was dark like a sunset forest in broad daylight.


“The sound of a horse crying?”

She followed the sound into the deep woods. The moss on the stone was slippery and so she moved cautiously. Inside the forest, a glossy black-haired horse was eating tree moss. It was a fine horse with hard muscles. Sienna drew slowly to prevent the horse from being frightened.

“Where’s your owner?”

The horse was not afraid, but Sienna stood still while she wiped its fur from the back of its neck.

“You’re not afraid.”

Carl’s voice came from behind. This time, she answered without being surprised. Because she came into the forest thinking he might be here somewhere.

“It’s not me who doesn’t know fear, it’s Carl. What are you doing walking around like this? What if you see anyone else? When did you return to the Imperial Palace again? Did you finish what you went to do?”

Sienna asked him quickly. There was a cherished tone in her voice, so he laughed with a pleasing look on his face.

“What’s with so many questions? I don’t know what to answer first.”

“When did you come back?”

“It hasn’t been long since I entered the palace. Unlike the usual, there were a lot of people in front of this forest in training camp, so I was waiting until they were gone.”

“I was wondering how you could travel quietly back and forth from the palace, but there must have been a way through this forest. Is there a secret passage?”

“I owe it to him to go back and forth in this forest.”

Carl came close. At his approach which seemed as though he was about to hug her, Sienna, not knowing what to do, moved out of the way. He stared at her face, then reached out and brushed the horse’s hair.

‘What was I thinking? Why would he hug me?’

Sienna looked embarrassed, stuck between the horse and Carl. Seeing her face, he held back his laughter. She became as hot as her cheeks would explode in shame.

“I thought this was a great way, but it was just a horseback riding place. What if other people come back and forth of the castle through this forest?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. It’s all because of the moss that makes you lose your way into this forest. It gives off hallucinogenic ingredients, which can make you lose your mind if you stay for a long time. It’s the same for animals. But animals that originally grew up in this forest are resistant.”

“Then what if someone steals this horse?”

“This guy’s pretty picky. Don’t worry, I’ll hide quickly when I sense an aura.”

Sienna nodded. She wondered how in the past, when Arya was rebellious and had robbed the imperial palace, Carl had regained the castle in such a short time. She thought it would be impossible unless there was a hole in the wall, but there seemed to have been a large hole through the elf’s forest.

The horse grumbled seeing as it liked the scratching of the hand on his back.

“It seems he’s found a liking to you. It’s a long way off from day to day. I think he’s found out who’s the wife of his owner already.”

“It’s not because he thought I’m your wife, but because I was originally popular with animals.”

“Is it?”

As she tried to take his joke seriously, Sienna hurriedly changed her words.

“It’s a joke. There’s actually someone else who’s really popular with animals.”

Sienna recalled Roy and said in an excited voice,

“It’s really amazing. If he stays still, birds will fly in and sit on his shoulders. At first, I thought he was talking to animals.”


Suddenly, because of Carl’s sudden silence, Sienna looked back. He was frowning his brow as if he didn’t like something.

“Why? Are you uncomfortable?”

He shook his head without answering.

“Did you finish your work well?”

“Yes. As you said, I took the numbers to the lord.”

Sienna looked surprised. It was easy for him to say as if he’d been on a picnic, but it was never easy to wipe out bandits. If it had been an easy task, the Southern aristocrats and merchants wouldn’t have bothered to continue getting headaches from the issue. What’s more, it’s not that they could end up destroying them either, but that they’d accepted getting humiliation repeatedly.

She had to be surprised at what he had done. She couldn’t help but admire his ability to finish the job unnoticed by others in such a short time. It was not for nothing that he was called the God of War.

As Carl let out a small smirking, he laughed and said,

“As you said, if a landslide occurs every time and there’s ship carrying wheat in numbers, they will strike.”

“Landslides are going to happen for sure.”

“I hope so. Rather than that, there seemed to be something else that was going on that seemed more fun. ”

“Have you seen it?”

“I was going to go to your palace, but there were a lot of people gathered around the Phoenix Knights’ training camp. It seemed to be related to you so I kept my eyes on there.”

“Originally, I wasn’t intending to make the matter so big. I was just trying to teach a lesson to the Phoenix Knights’ captain but as it continued on, it became bigger.”


“The problem of the Imperial Knights has been with us for a long time. No, evening calling them knights is ridiculous itself.”

Carl’s guards were also members of the imperial knighthood, but it was different from those who wore swords as if they were decorations. With him were those who fought on the battlefield for more than half of the year and those who fought on the battlefield like the knights of the Heidel region, who always fought against monsters.

“One of the Empress’ powers is the Order of the Crown. You know, Arya’s power is their place, not their force. The position of the imperial knights is like a baron. She is courting the central aristocracy by selling those positions and at that for ten years. I’m sure she’ll be paying as much attention to it because of this. It’s better not to poke about it and end up getting hurt.”

From his strong warning, she said,

“I have no intention of clumsily poking at it. I’m going to shake the whole royal family altogether. It’s only the bait to cast a fishing rod. Now, that the big fish bait is in the water, all we can do is only wait.

“Since you say it like that, I am looking forward to it. But it’s not going to be easy. The scandal surrounding the Knights has been deeply rooted for a decade. Even if it has fallen over from the interpretation of the law, it still wouldn’t be that easy to change.

“Yes, it’s going to be so complicated but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up easily. But if the best in power tries to change it, they can’t be helped.”


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