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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 81: Live To Sienna Pt.81 Direction Bahasa Indonesia

“Don’t tell me you’re as good as that. Honestly, I’m a beginner of the expert. There’s one or two for each mercenary squad. It doesn’t make sense to be inferior to the mercenaries, as they become knights of the imperial family.”

At Jamie’s words, Deli said with a fake cough,

“kekeum! I’m not that…”

“There’s a lot of people who can do it with a sword for two hours or three hours. Are you going to call all of them swordmasters? There are dozens more in Heidel alone, so if you look at it on an imperial scale, there are hundreds. It’s not like a master is so common. ”

Deli looked away from Jamie in shame. Valore, who was listening to their conversation, asked Asen,

“Sir Trint, you tell me. Is it true that the imperial knights are no better than the mercenaries outside of the castle?”

“There are set things in place, but Lord Waters’ words aren’t completely wrong.”


At Asen’s words, the others were stunned, too. It was a great insult and shame that they were not as good as mercenaries themselves, living in the pride of the imperial knights. However, they failed to refute the remarks because of Asen, the most powerful member of the imperial knighthood.

“I can’t really count on. I had always believed that the Knights of the Imperial Household was a powerful group of men, but I guess it was no match for mercenaries.”

“It’s a small mistake.”

Asen kicked his head down in front of him.

“How could that be your mishap? They must have interpreted the law as their own way. No, it’s my fault that I didn’t even know this was going to happen.”

Valore sighed deeply. His face was full of water. It must have been his mother and uncle who had freely interpreted the decree. Ten years ago, it was clear at that time. But there was nothing he could do.

“Your Royal Highness, I would like to engage Lord Waters, if you would allow me.”

Asen asked Valore for permission.

Valore was meticulous. If Asen was defeated by Jamie, the imperial knights will face the earth. Even the most underperforming imperial knights had to maintain their dignity.

“If you really want to do so. However, I think we should seek permission from Lord Waters himself rather, not from me. Sir Waters, I want Lord Trint to spar with you, but what do you think?”

“It’s an honor for me. I’m happy to be in the capital city for the first time and face the right opponent.”

With Valore’s permission, the two settled in the middle of the training grounds. As Deli announced the start, the two quickly stepped up and narrowed the distance. There was a glow coming off their swords, Jamie’s hand had a blue aura and in Asen’s hand had a yellow aura.

Kwa ka kwang-! The sword just hit back and forth, and a tremendous roar shook the earth’s axis.

“Is that the real sparring match between experts to say?”

Valore said in a startled voice. The battle between Jamie and Asen was too much to watch. The snow failed to capture all their movements. It was like a yellow and blue lantern clashing. All they could see was the remnants they had already left.

“Damn… it’s great.”

Deli murmured in a sickening voice.

Sienna looked more carefully at Valore and the expressions of the knights at how they were observing Jamie and Asen’s moment. In the face of real power, they confirmed the feeling of helplessness they were feeling.

Jamie and Asen’s sword crossed to face each other. The forces to push each other out were so strong that when the two passed, the floor of the training ground was deeply damaged. They were facing each other solely by the power of sword and muscles.

Pa ba bak—! When the two men, who were sharing their swords with each other, met in the middle for the last time, they fell down to opposite sides.

The confrontation was so fierce that they were soaked with sweat. Jamie collected his sword away and put it in the sheath. He greeted Asen with courtesy,

“Thank you for teaching me. I think I’ve learned a lot only from being able to face Lord Trint and your sword.”

Jamie’s words were to acknowledge Asen’s victory. Their performance was so high in standards that the knights, unable to tell with the naked eye whose victory had won, gave him the cheer he had endured.

Wow-! The knights hugged themselves and celebrated Asen’s victory by whistling or clapping. The whole place has become noisy.

The imperial knights were sweating profusely, even though they did not participate in the competition. It had meant that they had watched the match between Jamie and Asen with that much concentration.

The Phoenix Knights, as well as the imperial knights in this place, had been trampled on as much as their pride could take on by Jamie. They would have been so desperate because it would have been hard to make a comeback if he hadn’t lost here to Asen. But as Jamie declared defeat, at least one last pride could be saved.

After hearing Jamie’s greetings, Asen also gave him his due.

“I think this old man has learned a lot more. Thank you for accepting the sparring match.”

Jamie and Asen narrowed the distance and shook hands. Asen said in a small voice,

“Thank you for saving this old man’s face. I was sure I’d be at least an expert intermediate level, but I don’t think so. What level of competence does it take in the North to be recognized as a mid-level?”

“In Heidel, you must avoid four expert beginners and their stabbing swords everywhere, and after fifteen minutes, you will be admitted to the intermediate level.”

“You’re supposed to be attacked by four powerful men like you?”

Jamie said, blinking with a small face.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? Oh, is it different in the capital? I’m sure ten years ago, the sparring matches…”

“No, you’re right. I just misunderstood for a moment.”

Asen replied in haste. In fact, in areas other than the North, ‘sparring matches’ means a one-on-one confrontation with the same powerful person, but his pride was too hurt to say that thing. He admired himself. As expected, Heidel’s standards were only high.

“How many people in the North are there like you?”

“It’s an embarrassing story, but I don’t even think I’m a strong man. There are already more than ten middle-class experts, and there are three others besides my father.”

Jamie’s reply gave Asen a dejected smile. This young knight in the north tried to show a leisurely smile no matter what number he called, but it was overwhelming.

“Heidel must be a monstrous place. It’s not a place for men, it’s a place to fight monsters. I don’t know if I should be relieved that the monsters with this incredible ability are guarding the North, or if I should be nervous about the idea that there’s a strong man like this to the pit of my stomach. Anyway, I think it’s clear. The fact that sooner or later, we have to experience the cold snap from the North at any cost.”

“Anytime, please visit Heidel. My father will welcome you with a good heart.”

When Jamie and Asen’s battle ended, Valore offered words of encouragement to the two and stood up to leave.

Valore’s face was full of fatigue. So did the knights. There was darkness on their faces, even though it ended with Asen’s victory.

They, who used to be frogs in a well, now know which predators exist outside the well. They know the fact that they are nothing but frogs with that title now.


Sienna also stood up, leaving the Phoenix Knights to Jamie.

“Don’t drag it out too long and even if minimal, let at least half stay.”

She was well aware of the Northern training intensity, so she gave the necessary advice and got up from her seat, thinking that in a few days she’ll have to hand over the list of Arya’s characters to Jamie.


Sienna felt a bit of an aura on her way back to the palace with Hain, in the woods next to her.


It is strange that there is a forest in the castle, but this forest has existed since the empire was founded. When the king’s friend, the elves, planted some water as a gift when he founded the city, legend quickly spread that the plain land had turned into a large forest.


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