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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 79: Live To Sienna Pt.79 Bahasa Indonesia

“I do understand. He was in another knight’s squad originally, but he caused a problem which led to him being kicked out to this way.”

“Originally, the Phoenix Knights are famous for its headaches. Since a new knighthood was being set up, the ones, who aren’t useful or be cut out, were put here as a trash can. It’s harder to find the ones who didn’t cause any troubles in the past here rather.”

“He didn’t just cause any normal trouble. I heard he beat up his previous captain.”

“What? He beat up his captain?”

“He apparently said he didn’t like how he was talked with informal language by someone who has no skills and ordered him around as he pleased. He didn’t even have a sparring match with him, but rather beat him up like a dog.”

“Even so, if that guy was the leader, he should be at or above the expert’s intermediate level. But to a lowly normal level, he got beaten up like a dog by that knight?”

“I heard he’s in the middle class, too. He was registered as a beginner, but everyone says he’s good enough to be in the middle class. What’s funny is that he didn’t come to work because he was playing around with a girl on the day of the screening.”

“Wow, he’s a madman, a confident madman. Well, it turned out great. I was bored. It’s been a while…”

Her words didn’t last long. Because Jamie, who had received several equal swords that came like a wild bull, thrust the tip of his sword onto his neck.

It was a dull game, barely over ten attacks. Considering Jamie’s decision to take ten swords, but Equal never made a proper attack.

“What is this, is that Equal Spencer guy really in the middle expert class? It doesn’t seem like he would even be at a beginner level, let alone a mid-middle level.”

“That is to say. Maybe it’s just a guy with the same name? That’s weird.”

When the duel between Equal and Jamie ended so bland, people booed at Equal. A big monster couldn’t beat a little one.

Equal spit on the floor.

“I was overcome with consideration to go easy on the little boy and that is all, but that smudged little boy is nothing!”

His lips were trembling, though he shouted out loud. His body, regardless of anything, first recognized the strongman. It was not up to him. However, Equal did try to ignore his instincts, saying he could not have really lost to a young man.

“If you don’t feel like you’re doing it right, you can have another round. It’s so boring that I can relax. If you talk nonsense about shallow water on the battlefield, your head would fly first, but it doesn’t matter.”

“All right!”

Equal sprang to his feet at Jamie’s suggestion. That’s because he didn’t want to admit, shamefully, that he lost to Jamie by just less than ten blows.

“If Lord Waters wants it so badly, we’ll have a rematch.”

Asen said. Jamie made a condition for him.

“Instead! I’m not going to accept ten blows anymore because I’m going up against the same person for the second time.”

“Do as you will. Lord Waters seems to have given enough consideration to the Phoenix Knights.”

“This young, little one pretends to be proud to the end. You’ll regret accepting the rematch. Sir Trint, you certainly didn’t restrict the grinding of my opponent’s bones.”

“It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t cut off any limbs.”

Equal showed a thick skin. The reporters, who were watching Jamie and Equal, cheered. He was hoping that he would start a proper showdown.

But in only three seconds, there was a violent sound of blows. This time, it was a more futile result. Nevertheless, the Phoenix Knights, of course, shut their mouths as one.

As soon as the number dropped, Jamie drew his sword. Then he turned his arm and hit Equal with the base of the sword handle. His action was so fast that few saw how he knocked down Equal. Just in the blink of an eye, it was confirmed that Equal had collapsed with foam in his mouth.

The wind blew over the training ground and the sand was blown away. Asen declared Jamie’s victory and said to him,

“That attack was too much.”

“I’m sorry. I thought he’d for sure stop it with his sword…”

At Asen’s words, Jamie said with apologetically,

“Hahaha. I’m sure Lord Waters would have found it difficult, too. By your standards, it would have been like dealing with a child who didn’t even have a chance.”

The Phoenix Knights protested when Jamie easily knocked down the well-known Equal so easily. It was because Jamie hid his skills.

Asen looked at Sienna with an embarrassed face. Sienna stood up and yelled at the Phoenix Knights.

“What the hell are you doing in this place where the Prince is also present? It’s like fighting dogs, not knights.”

The Phoenix Knights blushed. They seemed to recognize again that they are now seeing a lot of snow rather than a little. One of the Phoenix Knights stepped up.

“I know that Your Majesty the Crown Princess disapproves of us. But at the least, this is too much. You tricked such a powerful man into playing with us by making him out to be an expert beginner.”

At the words of the article, not only Sienna, but also Valore, Marie, and Jamie’s facial expression changed. Now he was ignoring his master, Sienna. He was going to say something, but Sienna apologized to Valore first,

“I’m sorry, I haven’t won the Phoenix Knights’ trust yet.”

“No, how can their irreverent attitude be the fault of Lady Sienna?”

Valore glared at the article and said,

“I wonder how such a pathetic fellow, less polite, came into the Imperial Order. I don’t know whose recommendation you’re making of…”

His voice was not loud, but the knight cowered loudly. It was because Valore’s words were full of anger. Sienna glared at the article and said,

“You mean I’ve given Lord Waters a lower-ranking while betting under the pretext of my name, but you still have doubts.”

“No, not really, but… it’s too much of a difference in ability. I do not mean to insult Your Majesty the Crown Princess. But the previous games were so one-sided…”

He was talking gibberish, but his point was well delivered. Other knights who watched the match also nodded and agreed with him. Sienna looked at Asen and said,

“Sir Trint, I’m sorry, but the Phoenix Knights have doubts about Lord Waters’ ability, so I think we should change the way we deal with it.”

Asen agreed with Sienna.

“Then, I will change what the Crown Princess had originally stated. Only one of the most confident men in the Phoenix Knights come forward. He has to be the best swordsman.”

Clorel stepped forward at his words.

“Sir Trint! I’m already able to play one game, but can I really go out? In this knighthood, I am the best. ”

Jamie nodded in approval, and Asen put Clorel in front of him.

“When I shout out one, two, three, you can pull out your swords and begin. The rules are the same as before. However, the first person to cut off their aura during the sparring match will lose.”

At the end of Asen’s words, Clorel asked,


“What if he tries to cheat his skills? Isn’t it possible to cut off one’s aura early even if one can’t keep their aura up in terms with their skils?”

“That, I’ll put my name on the line to have it checked. There’s no way you can’t believe me even if I put my name on it, right?”

Asen asked Clorel in warning because he had once protested against Sienna’s promise with her name on it.

“That’s… that’s not possible. I believe in Lord Trint.”

Asen’s wistful purr eyes intimidated Clorel. It was so funny. The man who is the leader of the Phoenix Knights, the Knights of Sienna, says he can’t trust Sienna, but he can trust Asen.

As soon as Asen called for the beginning, the auras shot up from the swords of the two men. Jamie’s sword quickly encircled his sword. It was a clear, dark blue color. Clorel’s sword, by contrast, was blurred and was only a slight thud on the surface of the sword, as if it were melting away.

Tack! Jamie hit the floor and ran toward his opponent. His sword and the aura of his sword came together, falling down with a large arc towards the head of Clorel. Surprised, Clorel sat on the floor, unable to maintain his sword. He could see his trousers and legs getting wet. Jamie’s sword stopped on his head.


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