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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 77: :Live To Sienna Pt. Bahasa Indonesia

Sienna looked at Clorel with scary eyes and said,

“Even if you took the dirt out of your clothes, the smell of the alcohol has not faded yet. Whenever Sir Simon opens his mouth, I get headaches from the smell of the alcohol.”

Clorel’s face was crushed to the bone.

“I came here because I have something important to say today. Let me introduce you first. This is Sir Jaime Waters. He’s been recognized by Heidel as the first expert.”

At Sienna’s introduction, Jamie greeted them with courtesy as he had practiced. As soon as his changes with his personnel were over, Sienna did not hesitate to bring up the subject.

“From today onward, the Phoenix Knights will be revamped.”

The leader opened his mouth when she said a new shakeup would be made. Sienna first opened her hand up and stopped him.

“You have to listen to what I say. How dare you stop me in the middle of what I was saying”

“I’m sorry, but…”

“First of all, instead of Sir Simon, the Knight Commander, Lord Waters here will be temporarily serving as the Chief Executive.”

“What do you mean? No matter how much he is of your father’s blood, you can’t just give him a job as a leader to the first class of experts.”

Sienna frowned at his words.

“Of course, I’m going to give you a chance. That’s why I offered Lord Waters a temporary job as head of the company. The winner of today’s contest with Lord Waters will be the new leader of the Phoenix Knights. Of course, there will be a chance to challenge not only Sir Simon, who was the former leader, but also for everyone here.”

The knights fluttered. It was shocking to see anyone suddenly change their leader, but the opportunity to become one had taken them back. Moreover, their opponent was a first-time expert. He was never a difficult opponent.

“The one who wants to hide in his sister’s skirt and become a knight…”

Clorel said in a loud voice. Jamie ignored him. He judged that he didn’t have to get angry because he had a chance to show his skills. Sienna also continued to speak in defiance of Clorel’s provocation,

“It’s not just the change in the leader’s position. Starting tomorrow, those who fail to keep up with the training, and those who fail or are late for training, will be forced to quit the knighthood.”

“I’m getting more drunk than before,” Clorel replied.

“Regardless of being the Crown Princess, no one can cut the knights at will as they please.”

“No, it can be done. Also, I’m not just going to let anyone quit, either. They’re going to be expelled for being dishonorable.”

“Your Royal Highness!”

“I think you’re mistaken, the Phoenix Knights are my Knights. These are the knights I received from the imperial family, the people who represent my face, the people who are supposed to be my hands and feet.”

As she spoke to each of the knights with a wistful, purr-faced glance, the knights lowered their heads to avoid eye contact.

“If I’ve been waiting for two months, I think I’ve given you all a lot of opportunities. I have never seen a glimpse of any of your faces in such a long time. Those who were supposed to escort me and guard my palace never said hello to me. That’s not all. When my husband, Prince Carl, was present, the captain of the Phoenix Knights entered my palace in an unkempt manner, soaking the floor with dirty mud feet. I’ve never experienced a bigger insult in my life.”


Clorel opened his mouth for an excuse, but Sienna cut him off.

“I had to work hard that day to appease Prince Carl, who had wanted to hit the knights in the head and accuse them of contempt.”

Her words gave the knights a luster. It was in her belief that Carl would have been left with enough guilt to cut his throat off.

“I think I’ve put up with this a lot more than you all think. I’m not going to continue giving leeway forever to some sons of bitches who don’t think they need to pamper up to their owner. That is to say if one doesn’t know who their master is, and they don’t have the ability to prove themselves.”

Whether he had felt insulted by what Sienna said about the word “bitch,” Clorel spat on the floor with a ‘Ka-ak’ sound. It was not the act of an article of the imperial family, but an act like a city councilman rather.

“I have no thoughts of putting up with this even after hearing you say son of a bitch. I’ll quit first.”

Not only did the leader of the knighthoods do so, but also, all of the knights stepped forward saying they would quit.

“If you quit now, I won’t stop you. But I’m not going to let any of you go so easily because you’ve insulted me like this. I don’t have to cover for the people who aren’t of the Phoenix Knights. If you want to quit, please quit. But what all of you need to know is that you have not given up on your own accord but will be exiled in disgrace.”

“Exiled in disgrace! That’s too much.”

The knights’ resistance grew stronger. If the knighthood was dishonored by the knighthood, the baron should be returned to his position and should never be awarded again. Disgraced expulsion made it impossible to even become an article on other lands, not an imperial knight. In short, it was the act of drawing a red line in a knight’s life and giving up his aristocratic status.


She handed over a bunch of papers when Sienna called Hain. It was from Kelly. Sienna began to read aloud what was written on the document.

“Lord Cloel Simon fifty-seven. Sir Patricia Phillips forty-two. …Tayron Falcon sixteen.”

When the names of the knights were listed one by one, the voices of the knights died down. However, Sienna was still whispering to figure out the number she was adding.

“The numbers I’m calling you now are a record of the dates you didn’t enter the palace after you became a Phoenix Knight. This document was obtained directly from the gate keepers. It’s a collection of records of those who come in and out of the gates, so no one would doubt the authenticity of the data.”

Her words calmed the knights.

“It’s only been three months since the Phoenix Knights were created, and it’s a mess. One person picked out the day he got his paycheck, and he only went to work on the day he got his paycheck. It’s impudent of you to get a full paycheck while not doing your job properly. Some people even borrowed money by selling their names as the Phoenix Knights. Of course, I also paid for it and brought the contract.”

At Sienna’s words, most of the knights had their heads down.

“If you think this is too much for you, please complain. But I’m not going to let it go. You will be guilty of defaming me but not my name. As you know, the imperial law states, ‘Anyone who defies my master’s honor will be put to death.’”

Of course, there were very few cases in which the law was actually applied and put to death, but it certainly existed.

“All right. Let’s do it, that match. So, what happens if any of us wins, Lord Waters?”

“As I said, from then on, the winner will become the leader of the Phoenix Knights.”

“And what we did before will all be forgiven?”

Questions popped up from here and there, Sienna nodded slowly.


“I will. If any of the knights beat Sir Waters here, I will. I’ll burn this contract here and make it a debt-free one. But I don’t know if anyone who hasn’t trained properly for months will be able to do that.”

Then Clorel, the leader of the team, said with an air of indifference.

“The difference between the first and the middle classes of the expert is far more distant than the earth and the sky. I’m sure you’ll regret it.”

“He looks too young. It doesn’t seem it’s been that long since he’s entered elementary school?”

“That’s right. He’s not an ordinary soldier, and from the expert class, he’ll need the skills and the stamina to be one.”

“Well, isn’t the one who will become the captain, the one who goes first?”

There was a flurry of articles that took Sienna’s offer as an opportunity. Clorel glared at them. Still, seeing that no one cared, the captain seemed to have found no trust in them either.


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