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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 75: Live To Sienna Pt.75 Bahasa Indonesia

Sienna fiercely put her hands up as soon as she heard the name and refused. If it was Topelius Simon, he was the top doctor in the entire imperial palace that had studied and mastered one-thousand-two hundred different methods on herbal use and efficacy as a medical botanist. She couldn’t bring herself to show her arm to such an accomplished man.

Far from being injured or having any remnants of a bruise left anymore, she couldn’t reveal her arm even more so because she was sure they’d make a mockery out of her. She said quickly,

“It’s only a minor injury so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my arm. Rather, I’m more hungry than anything else. It seems without a doubt I’ll have to go for some lunch.”

Valore rolled his eyes and looked at Sienna with caution. He did so because it felt like she had used a citation to go back on the terms that she was hungry. A moment of disappointment flashed over him, but he suddenly said in an excited voice,

“I didn’t think about it before. Then, why don’t we have a meal together? Let’s go to my place.”

“Thank you for inviting me to dinner.”

Sienna accepted his invitation with pleasure.

“It’s just that I had a previous engagement with Lord Waters… If you don’t mind, could Lord Waters join us together?

Jamie, who stood behind her with as much guile as he could, was surprised when his name was mentioned.

“Oh, my, I was so surprised that I didn’t know Lord Waters was here with us.”

“No, not at all. It’s because I acted as though I didn’t seem to be here. Don’t worry about it. Don’t pay attention to me and you two continue your conversation. I think I’d better go back today.”

Valore took Jamie’s hand as he tried to slowly take steps back.

“I’ve always wanted to meet Sir Waters, Sienna’s brother. If you don’t mind, why don’t we have lunch together?”

“Wow, it’s an honor. But, I’m not good at manners… I’m afraid I’m going to make a mistake, rather, I’m much stiffer.”

“Don’t worry. I don’t care much about etiquette. Then let’s go.”

Valore ordered his servant to prepare the meal in advance. And he asked her to tell Princess Marie to join his palace if she hadn’t eaten yet.

Jamie was moaning at Sienna as he looked ahead where the knights of Valore took lead with him.

“I guess I should’ve just gone back. What shall I do?”

“That’s why I told you to learn some manners earlier. Let’s just leave it at that, there’s nothing we can do about it now. Don’t cause any accident while trying to be mannered and if it comes to it, just confidently get on your knees. Just be confident, brother is the only son of Howard Waters, the duke! Just think you’re going to start acting like father from now on. When you eat, in a case where food gets on your face, wipe it off immediately, and make sure to swallow all the food in your mouth first before speaking, and for the order of the food, just watch and follow what I take first. Brother, your copying skills are amazing. You can just think you’re being trained in swordsmanship and that you’re just going to do the same thing.”

“I think I can do that much.”

“If it’s hard, just do what’s convenient for you. Prince Valore is a generous person, so you’ll be fine.”

Sienna followed Valore, thinking there would be a small chance of a big accident happening.

To get to the palace of Prince Valore, they had to pass through the main palace. If the first royal palace where Sienna stayed was located on the south side, the second royal palace where Valore stayed was located on the north side. He seemed to be worried about herself a lot, seeing that he had come all that way, which is quite a long way.

His palace was covered with vines on one side of the wall. There was a sweet breeze from the vine, and it was mixed with red and green, and it was quite beautiful.

Jamie and Sienna were led to the restaurant.

“I was thinking about getting ready for the banquet hall, but I thought it would be a burden for both of you, so I prepared the restaurant instead. Don’t be disappointed.”

In the case of the royal family inviting them to eat, they used a small banquet hall attached to their respective residences. The small banquet hall was spacious and colorful, requiring a lot of servants to prepare. In other words, it was used to show off. It was a very uncomfortable place for Jamie, who had awkward manners.

In comparison, the restaurant was a place where people usually eat on their feet. The fact that the owner of the palace served meals at a restaurant was an expression of friendliness. In a way, it was a bigger treat than the reception in the banquet hall.

Sienna said to Valore with courtesy,

“Thank you very much for your consideration.”

Entering the dining room, the first arriving princess welcomed them.

“I was in the thought process of whether I should have a meal by myself or not.”

“I’m happy to be able to have the chance to eat dinner with Marie, too. Marie, this is my brother, Sir Jamie Waters.”

Marie greeted Sienna with graceful movements. Jamie, who saw her, stood blankly with a dazed face. He bent one knee in front of Mary when Sienna whispered to Jamie, “Confidently.”

“I’m called Jamie Waters.”

Then he held her hand on the back and kissed her.


At Jamie’s behavior, Marie, as well as the feet that were standing beside her, Valore, looked astonished. Sienna immediately put her hands on her chest and gently bent down and straightened her waist back up seeking understanding from them.

“I’m sorry, Sir Valore, Miss Marie. Sir Waters seems to have made a big mistake because he is not good at etiquette. Please forgive him with a broad sense of generosity.”

Jamie just blinked at Sienna, who was apologizing to both of them for not knowing what had happened. He seemed to have no idea what he had done wrong. Valore burst out laughing and said to Sienna,

“Haha, that’s okay. It’s something that could, of course, happen. It’s not like Sir Waters did it, knowing it.”

“I’m fine, too.”

Marie and Valore said it was okay, but Sienna rebuked Jamie.

“Sir Waters! Kissing on the back of a hand is an act to show you have a heart for a lady who is still single. How can it be done to Her Majesty the Princess, and in front of His Majesty the Prince? They both forgave you with a broad generosity, but it was still very rude!”

Only then did Jamie, who found out about his mistake, apologize.

“I’m sorry. I thought that in the capital city, it was speaking in a way to say hello to all the women.”

Sienna seemed to already know who the main culprit for this at the word was. Chelsea, she was sure she had given Jamie that advice. Like her favorite novel, in which the princess and the knight fall in love.

Marie said with an unabated smile whether the situation was funny,

“I’m glad you know it now. Lord Waters will never kiss the back of every woman in the city now. I’m glad you didn’t make it out to be the greatest scoundrel of all time.”

Perhaps because of Jamie’s mistake, the four of them quickly sat around the table.

Sienna was worried that Jamie might have a bad accident again, but fortunately, he looked quite natural at the dinner. Of course, the speed of a quick meal and the behavior of eating large portions of food were not proper to etiquette, but it was not very uncomfortable to look at. On the contrary, Marie showed a favorable impression on his cool-headed behavior.


“I’m glad the meal is to Sir Waters’ liking.”

Valore said to Jamie, who was quickly emptying the plate.

“It’s really delicious. In all my life, I thought the most delicious dish was when a thick piece of meat was roasted on fire, but rather this thick white fish flesh is also very delicious. As soon as you put it in your mouth, it melts like snow.”

“That’s a relief.”

“I heard Lady Sienna almost had a big accident today? I’m glad you’re okay.”

Marie has spoken with sincere eyes. Although she looks like Empress Arya, she has a very different personality from her. Even in the memory of Sienna, Marie was a very quiet person.

“Your relative, Lord Panacio, helped me out a lot today so I was able to get away safely.”


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