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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 73: Live To Sienna Pt.73 Bahasa Indonesia

“Hain said she had some work to do, so I sent her to the laundromat for work.”

“Washing place? The maid goes to the laundry, too?”

“Yes. She has a very important job to do, not laundry.”

Hain made quick steps towards the laundromat.

She was told in advance last night what story to tell from Sienna. It wasn’t that hard to add to the fact that Sienna, who found out in the morning that the Knights of the southern gates were the Giant Knights, should focus on Deli’s actions.


Perhaps she has already heard the news, but Lona, the head of the kitchen at the main palace, called out to Hain. Hain pretended not to hear it and headed for the laundromat. Then she said,

“Wait!” And with a loud pattering of steps, Lona ran up to her and grabbed her arm from behind.

“What’s with you. You didn’t even notice me when I called for you.”

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you because I was thinking about something else.”

Lona pretended to be close, but in fact, Hain and she were not close. Rather, it was a bitter relationship. Lona often pretended to be proud of herself because she was in charge of the imperial palace. Furthermore, when Hain took over the first princess, she laughed down at her face.

Also, there was a time when she mentioned in a mocking tone if her master should really have a wedding ceremony without a husband, which, in a turn of events, ended with her pulling out strands of hair in a cat fight from it. Looking at Lona’s hair, which seemed so small, Hain smiled from content.

“By the way, I heard something terrible happened at the south gates?”

“There was something that indeed happened.”

“Tell me! I’m sure you witnessed everything from the side lines. The other girls keep telling the story in different ways every time, I’m not sure that I can pinpoint them as the real story or not.”

“In fact, it would be me who knows it better than anyone else in the castle. Because I was so close to Her Majesty the Crown Princess. I could watch everything from start to finish, not missing out one breath.”

In no time, the two arrived at the laundromat. The laundry was always crowded with maids because they had to wash dining clothes, tablecloths, curtains, beddings, and clothes every day.

There were washing machines in the south and one by the north along the stream that passed through the imperial palace. Most of the maids used the laundromat areas by the south gates because in the case of the ones by the north gates, it was occupied by the maids of Queen Arya. There were always many maids, so conversation never stopped around the areas.

Some people came to do laundry, but many people visited those places because there was no place to rest. The artisans who didn’t have to do the laundry like the maid, Hain, came there looking for similar reasons.

Hain went over to the large tree and sat under it where it was just a little beyond the washing areas. Other maids who had already heard the news approached, pretending to know. Unable to talk to the maid, the maids hovered around and kept their ears wide open.

“Hain, stop beating around the bush. What the hell happened at the south gates?”

“As you all know, I’m not the type to go around talking about the Imperial Crown Princess. How can I so much as dare go around talking about my master in a wretched way?”

“I know you have a heavy mouth, so just let it go. I’m going to end up losing my breath over this.”

“Well, if you’re so curious, I’ll tell you. Before that, Tale! I didn’t really like the stuff you put in our palace the last time…”

Tale worked in the food management department. She could affect the quality of the food that went into each of the palaces. She would send nice things to the palaces that were nice to her or bribed her with money first.

“All right. I’ll take care of the palace for you next time. So, tell me quickly. I’m freaking out because I’m curious.”

That funny incident involving the Crown Princess has drawn the attention of many in the Imperial Palace and was being watched closely by them. It was a case that has never happened before in a decade.

“Yes, I’ll deal with getting it into the Imperial Palace, so tell me!”

It was only after Hain took the profits from what she had to gain that she opened her mouth. What came out of her mouth was a distinct distortion of what had happened in the south gates.

She started the story during the time when the crown princess ran to the south gates after hearing the story that her brother was in trouble. She said the princess was attacked by a diabolical gate keeper. Sir Deli Panacio, the giant knight who happened to pass there, pulled out the sword and stopped the gatekeeper from attacking the person in charge of the scene.

He reprimanded the gatekeeper to find out who was behind him, and at Lord Panacio’s rebuke of the serpentine, the criminal reluctantly told him who was behind the crime. It was Willis of the Mansou family.

Sir Panacio, who was of great ability, caught the perpetrator right behind it. Then he had them settle the crime of treason. The messenger, who raised her voice but did not want to see blood because of her, urged them to end up being fired, holding them responsible not for attempted harm but for dereliction of duty.

Lord Panacio said, “We should punish the assassins of the royal family greatly.” She urged them to settle the matter at a proper level because they were close to the House of Panacio and the House of Mansou. He shouted, “The Panacio are not close to the dirty Mansou, who make money by smuggling.” However, we will solve the problem according to your order, saying, “We can’t do anything about it when the Crown Princess is in trouble.”

It was only after Hain spoke with vivid vocal mimicry that those who listened to her as if in a daze began saying to her.

“Wow! Lord Panacio, I didn’t see that once coming, but it’s really cool. It’s a real example of a living knight.”

“By the way, aren’t the royals close to the real Panacios and the Mansous? I think they have a blood relationship.”

“I’m more shocked that the Mansous made money from smuggling. That’s illegal. Isn’t smuggling a big punishment if you get caught?”

“Right, it’s a hell of a sin. But if Lord Panacio said that, I think it’s real.”

The maids looked at Hain with curious faces. She got up from her seat and brushed her butt off without answering back.

“I don’t know. I just said what I heard. By the way, I have to get back. It’s time to prepare lunch.”

Even after she left there, the story at the south gates circulated through the mouths of the maids. As she had spoken, the story of Deli Panacio’s bravery and the Mansou family’s smuggling began to flesh out little by little.


Jamie was in great admiration when he saw the training ground.


“Oh-ho! The training grounds are wide. I’ve been wondering where all the soldiers train, and now I see they do their training in the castle. But, why is it so empty? Isn’t it way into training period already?”

As he said, there was no one on the training grounds. Sienna strode ahead of Jamie to a wooden warehouse next to the training camp. Usually, it was used to store weapons or take a rest for training. As she approached, she heard a clatter.

“That girl’s bosoms were so enticing, it was hard to hold back. If you guys were there, I’m sure you’d understand.”

“So, what happened? If a man takes out the goods, he has to be able to swing it. I’m not going to go out with you again if you’ve just smacked your lips.”

“Sure. If you didn’t use it, you’d better cut it off. Why do you have something on you that you won’t even use?”

Jamie approached the men who were making lewd remarks and spoke. The conversation they were having was too bad for Sienna to come forward.

“Hey, look here, is this the training grounds of the Phoenix Knights?”


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