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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 72: Live To Sienna Pt.72 Bahasa Indonesia

“I haven’t been able to thank you because I was in such a hurry. Thank you very much for saving my life, Lord Panacio.”

Just a moment ago, he was criticized, but after Sienna praised him with such courtesy, he seemed to feel puzzled.

“I would like to thank you, too. Thank you for protecting my only flesh and blood, Her Royal Highness, from the assassins.”

Jamie also showed courtesy next to her. The gatekeeper, who just tried to tie Jamie’s feet, was treated as an assassin.

“No, it’s fine. It’s not like I really did anything…”

Clap! As Hain, who was beside Sienna, clapped, the people standing around began to clap along. The latecomers, who went to see the show, looked at Sienna as if she were a hero.

“Lord Panacio is brave and even modest. He’s the leader of the Giant Knights, the highest order of knights in the imperial family.”

“No, I’m honored to be able to help you, the beautiful Princess, Her Majesty.”

He was intoxicated by the cheers of the people and showed off the articles they had hoped for.

“What is the crime of that Jake gatekeeper who knew I’d come here if he insulted Lord Waters, and who attacked me with deliberate actions?”

“It’ll be treason against the royal family. In the Laifsden Empire, the imperial family is precious, and any act of harming toward the royal family is subject to the same treasonous punishment as any attempt to harm the country.”

Sienna made Captain Deli tell of his guilt.

“Then what’s the punishment?”

“In this case, they are summarily executed, and their families will get involved in this matter, forfeiting properties and their classes, reducing their statuses to waste.”

“Then what about the people who participated in the act of treason against the Imperial family? For example, a grown-up that made an unsolved assassin work for the imperial family…”

“The person working together with the criminal will bear the same sin as the one who tried to commit the treasonous acts even if said person did not directly commit those acts like the criminal who did not commit the murder.”

In defiance to her abusive mother-in-law, she felt more hateful for her sister-in-law rather than her mother-in-law. Those who were caught sympathizing with Sienna while cursing at Deli spoke of his past treasonous acts toward the imperial family.

“How can Lord Panacio do this to me!”

“Do you think you can punish them by listening to their nonsense!”

“Be quiet. How dare sinners make unbelievable remarks out of your mouths!”

Deli bawled at them.

The sophistry was clear. Sienna knew it well. But if the sophisticated are men of power, it becomes a logical argument, not just an argument. That was the power of power. That’s why Empress Arya would never let this go.

“I know Lord Panacio wants to behead them, but I don’t want to see blood on such a good day. But it’s a big deal because we can’t just leave the unknown criminals hidden.”

She drew her words as if she were agonizing.

“Ha-ah, although I had gotten hurt…”

Sienna looked at her bandaged arm and pretended to be agonizing. She acted as though she seemed badly injured due to the bandages laid out around her arm. No one here seemed to know or think that there was actually only a little red mark under those layers of bandages.

“To anyone, even a sinner, their lives are a precious thing. Moreover, I cannot take their lives away because I serve the goddess of the Earth. I think it was the mistake of a dumb person who didn’t do the right thing today. But that’s not without the perpetrator’s guilt to pay for. I must ask him to identify the nobility that goes in and out of here so easily, trying to put the royal family in harm’s way. There needs to be more awareness of strangers not doing their jobs properly or acting out of place, and for the one who dared to insult a high-ranking aristocrat as a fraud.”

Sienna said this time, looking at those who were dragged like dried out fish.

“When you’re bringing people into the imperial family, you have to think hard. You need to put people in the right places and educate them to do the right things. I’m not going to ask you to atone for any crimes you’ve all attempted to do, but you’re going to have to take responsibility for this. Sir Panacio, I’m sorry, but you’ve started it, so you’ll be responsible until the end and get rid of them.”

“I’ll take your title for it.”

Sienna said with a spurious smile.

“Then I’ll go now. I’ve had a lot of hard work today, and I think I need a break.”

She turned down Deli’s offer to escort her to the palace and stood up with Jamie.

On the way to the training grounds of the Phoenix Knights, Jamie walked silently beside her. Sienna looked at him and said, “Why don’t you say anything?”

Jamie didn’t say anything until she realized that no one was walking around.

“Hu-woo, I feel awkward talking to you according to etiquette. When we were with people, I thought I’d rather keep my mouth shut.”

“What’s with that.”

“Our Sienna grew up a lot. You also came out appearing dashingly, trying to help your brother out. But isn’t this because of me? Not only the gatekeepers, but those who work in the palace are only told what to do by noble aristocrats unless they don’t want to be carrying ashes. I’m worried if I uselessly opened my mouth.”

Jamie said with a worried look, “It’s all right.”

‘You look as bad as you already are.’

It must have been because of Queen Arya’s words that the gatekeeper was unafraid in stopping Jamie.

‘I’m sure they were trying to scare me by embarrassing Jamie.’

That’s why the Giant Knights came out at once upon the issue of the gatekeeper. Moreover, the Giant Knights’ training grounds was not even close to the south gates. There were many doubtful points of coincidence. So, Sienna bit at Deli more.

If the scenario was truly prepared by Arya, it would have been a good shot. Her nephew stopped what Empress Arya had told him to do. The figures who were dismissed for this incident would have doubts that the situation earlier was a trap for the empress. Arya would be forced to become even more troubled if there was a rumor that the Panacio family was going to leave their family.

“It’s all right. What if they’ve developed a bad feeling for you?”

“You don’t have to worry.”

“It’s because I’m worried. But no matter how much you’re the royal Crown Princess, you can’t kick out people from the palace at will?”

“I’m not authorized to give someone a seat, but I have the right to evict them. I don’t think I’m used to it yet, but I am of the royal family now. I’m the Crown Princess.”

Jamie smiled warmly as she spoke proudly.

“But I looked very fierce.”

“You didn’t look fierce, you just looked cool. Where you need it, you’ll need to be like that again. It’s important to show generosity when dealing with your subordinates, but sometimes, you have to step on those who don’t know what to do. That way, you won’t climb up without fear again.”

Sienna thought Jamie was lucky to understand her behavior. She always wished he would be on her side.


“By the way, isn’t it too late for training time? It takes a lot of time to deal with twenty-three soldiers.”

Jamie said in an excited voice, “Don’t worry about that. Also, don’t let them go easy on me. I need to step all over them properly by my own power. The Phoenix Knights are looking at me as if I were a joke.”

“What? The Phoenix Knights are your knights. How can I make a fool of you, their owner?”

“That’s what I’m saying. Until now, there’s never been a time they’ve even showed their faces to me. I’ve never met them, not even at the wedding.”

“Just like a bunch of assholes that are no better off than dogs!”

Jamie burst into a fit of rage. It was right for articles that did not serve their Lord to be reprimanded and be cursed at. Moreover, the Knights of Sienna, his younger sister’s, filled him with anger.

They came near the training ground before they knew it. Jamie suddenly looked around Sienna and asked, “Now that I think about it, where’s your maid? You said her name was Hain. I thought she was next to you at the south gates.”


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