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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 71: Live To Sienna Pt.71 Bahasa Indonesia

One of the most effective ways to make a person impoverished is to continue to make self-respecting remarks. Her actions were by no means morally sound, but Sienna constantly beat him up to achieve the goal.

“It’s great you kept me waiting in such a hot place. It took so long to capture the remnants of the imperial family’s plot to kill…”

The gatekeeper, who had his head in front of Sienna at the word of treason, raised himself and protested actively to her.

“I’m sorry to hear that. You are right to say it.”

“Yes, you son of a b*tch! Where do you think you are making a fool of yourself? Quiet.”

This time, even though Sienna didn’t order anything, Deli cried out with a sword on the gatekeeper’s throat. The gatekeeper did not stop talking in the meantime.

“This was all issued from up there, not what I’ve done by myself…”

“Shut up!”

“Your Highness! I just said it was an order from above!”

Deli’s sword was lowered over the gate keeper’s neck in a big arc. Sienna shut her eyes at the sight and regretted it. She didn’t mean to make him die in front of her eyes.

“Put it down!”

At the sound of his voice, Sienna opened her eyes. Her hands trembled as she imagined the terrible scene about to unfold before her eyes.

Fortunately, there was no red blood in sight. Instead, Jamie was seen holding Deli’s arm. It was as if Jamie had restrained himself before his blade touched the gatekeeper’ neck.

“Are you really interrupting the work of the imperial knights?”

Deli raised his voice against Jamie. Jamie spoke to him in a low, heavy voice, with an unusually fierce face, “What are you doing? Are you trying to kill him without the permission from the Crown Princess, Sienna, before Her Majesty? No matter how badly the criminal may have acted, how dare you act irreverently without her permission!”

He always acted like he had a few screws loose in front of Sienna, but that was how she usually pictured her beloved brother. Jamie was the commanding officer of the soldiers in Heidel, where monsters and battles were fought every day. In a way, it was more natural to see such a glow in his eyes and yell at Deli.


The gatekeeper, who had just nearly dropped his neck, trembled with a curious moan. The front of his trousers was damp, and the smell of the weariness spread, but no one laughed at him.

The standoff continued with Jamie holding the knights’ wrist. Sienna struggled with surprise and said, “What are you both doing in front of me? Sir Waters, please let go of his wrist. Sir Panacio, please refrain from taking out the sword without my permission again. It is true that any act of murder in front of the Imperial family should be ruled with a punishment, but it is not too late, at least after he is cleared of his faults.”

Scary of falling off Sienna’s words, some people were drawn into the hands of knights. They fell to their knees in front of Sienna.

“Lord Panacio! What’s going on here?”

“What the hell am I supposed to be held here for?”

“You can’t do this to me. I’m sure you’re familiar with it. What kind of friendship I have with your father!”

He called Deli’s name out loud.

Sienna called him quietly, “Lord Panacio.”

“Yes, Your Royal Highness.”

He listened in obedience to Sienna’s words, with his arms in close range.

“From what he says, he seems to be close to you. Are you part of the group that tried to kill the Imperial family?”

Sienna spoke with emphasis to the words ‘imperial family.’ She hoped he would be weighed down by her words.

“It can’t be. I just work in the royal palace, and I have good acquaintance relations. He doesn’t even have any friends.”

Sienna smiled a bitter smile. Deli was now afraid to look bad. If rational thinking had been possible for this guy, he would have known that there was a mistake in the gatekeeper and that he was not guilty of treason. Deli, however, couldn’t seem to think properly because of the unthinkable situation at hand.

“That’s a good thing. I think those heinous groups are trying to embarrass you. They’re very scary people.”

“Yes, they are.”

“Then, I hope Lord Panacio, the head of the Giant Knights’ Order, who protects the imperial family, will help us deal fairly with those uncivilized criminals based on imperial law.”

Sienna emphasized the word ‘fairly’.

“Of course. Please give me your order.”

He was so loyal that one might think the Knights of Sienna were actually the Giant Knights, not the Phoenix Knights. She smiled contentedly at his straightness. Deli spoke with a rather dignified face, “Now that we’re all in, let’s go. Did you say Jake is the gatekeeper’s name?”


He managed to answer with a murmur.

“Get up and check over there. Is there your boss over there?”

“Yes, it is.”

“I want you to point it out with your hands.”

“Well, that’s him. That man, Mr. Willis, has directed me.”

The man with the shaggy beard, Jake, pointed at him fiercely. Still, Jake, oppressed by the crime, answered Sienna’s questions with a rattling gesture.

Sienna asked Jake to name the people who helped him get a job with his boss and the palace, the ones who guaranteed him, and the ones who allowed him to get to this point.

“You specially told me that what you did was ordered from above, am I right?”

“That is…”

“Are you trying to lie in front of me? I’m sure my two ears heard you say everything properly! Do you take me as an idiot who is deaf!”

“No, I certainly said so.”

Sienna said, looking at the people being dragged away.

“Although I want to complain about why you all are being dragged away out of the blue, but it’s because you told me that you guys were asked to do such things to me.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. It is too much for you to bring us here like this and insult us, no matter what. I will make sure to deliver this news to His Majesty the Emperor!”

When one of them shouted so loudly, those next to him nodded violently and expressed their consent to the remark.

“Huh, how come there are people who are so rude? You dare to try to bring up His Majesty’s name over something so trivial? Are you trying to insult His Highness in such a matter? If anyone hears about it, the Emperor will think that one of the members of the imperial family might have ordered this to humiliate me. There must be more disloyalty to this than meets the eye. No, isn’t that so, Lord Panacio?”

At Sienna’s words, Deli nodded furiously. He thought she should not somehow know that Arya was behind this.

“Yes, they are very vicious. He must be hanged here instead and be severely punished.”


Sienna forced herself to grin. It was obvious that Deli was acting wilder to hide his and Arya’s involvement in the affair. It was a good thing for Sienna.

“It won’t be too late to wake up those stupid people from their fantasies first and then cut all their throats off after.”

She gathered her neck and looked around at the people who were lined up at the south gates. There was a loud noise and knights running about, and there were quite a few nobles who stopped by the palace servants and the south gates. Sienna spoke aloud so that everyone in the vicinity could hear.

“I came here this morning to hear that my brother, Sir Jamie Waters, is suffering from a gatekeeper in the south gates. The gatekeeper was unafraid of insulting Lord Waters in front of me, how dare he! He insulted the nobleman, the descendants of the Duke, calling him a fraud who forged his identity. I was really angry at the absurdity of his appearance. I went out to lecture him about insulting my immediate family, which I am of the royal family, and he dared to attack me and hurt me like this.”

To a certain extent, it was only interpreted from the point of view of Sienna. Still, no one could dispute her words.

“Fortunately, Sir Panacio here, the Giant Knightsman, bravely stepped up and corrected that monstrous misdemeanor. It could have been a big deal.”

Sienna rose from her seat and bowed gracefully to the knighthood.


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