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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 70: Live To Sienna Pt.70 Bahasa Indonesia

But when Hain followed Sienna at last, she felt scared after witnessing the spears of the knights. She was worried that Sienna might hurt herself by the ends of the whip.

“You make sure you stay here.”

“Your Royal Highness!”

Sienna approached the soldiers. Jamie, the gatekeepers, and the soldiers were still at odds. She stepped into the ranks of the knights. A soldier went out to sanction the woman for her sudden appearance and she roared, “What the hell are you doing. How dare you block someone’s way?”

“Who are you…”

“Who the hell are you I say? Standing there in a knight’s costume with a rattling sound. How can you keep the palace in one piece if you don’t recognize me?”

He looked at her with a bewildered look.

“Is that just a decoration that you fished out and placed on your neck? Why are you standing there so stupidly? Who’s your boss, who didn’t even have the mentality to educate his soldiers on how to treat the royal family and let you all run wild in the palace as such anyway?”

Sienna’s roar brought silence around her. The sudden appearance of the Crown Princess, who made a big fuss, must have been a figure who shouldn’t have appeared in the play they prepared. She tried not to show nervousness. How much did she practice last night? For this scene today!

“What are you doing here?”

The man stood in front of Sienna and asked. It was Deli Panacio, the Knight Commander who was just driving Jamie away. Sienna raised her head, looked at him, and made an impression.

“I was wondering how that article didn’t learn anything, but I think I found the answer. You mean that the knights of each of you are not fully acquainted with the royal etiquette? If you met the royals, it would be basic to show respect and state your identity. You don’t know the etiquette more than I who have been in this palace for only a month. If you didn’t make it to work for the first time today, you must have gambled on the job, Captain Panacio.”

Deli’s expression crumpled up, looking at her, as if he didn’t like Sienna’s sarcastic remarks. Still, he could not refute that what she said was wrong. He bowed to one knee with a reluctant expression of courtesy.

“Giant Knight Commander Deli Panacio, I announce myself to Your Royal Highness.”

Sienna looked around without answering his greetings immediately. Only then did the knights, who had been watching, kneel down and greet her.

It was only after everyone standing around knelt down that she told Deli to stand up. He looked at her with a muddy face from the insult.

“Why did you come to this place…”

Sienna raised her hand to stop him from speaking.

“There’s a lot I need to say about your mistakes, but I have a lot to do first.”

Sienna passed him and went to Jamie and the gatekeeper. Standing next to the doorkeeper, Jamie looked surprised, with his big eyes lifted up. Sienna felt as if she would burst out into laughter from the look on his face. However, if she burst out laughing in this situation, she would appear to be a crazy woman, so she put up with it.

She grimaced one eye and said to her brother, ‘Please don’t lift me up,’ in the shape of your mouth. He nodded as if he understood her words.

As the situation turned strange, the gatekeeper’s face turned pale. He knelt down and bowed as Sienna stood near him.

“The gate… keeper that guards the south gate, Jake, I am. I announce myself to Your Majesty the Crown Princess.”

She ordered the gatekeeper to get up. He rolled his eyes and stood up.


Sienna hit the face of the gatekeeper with her palm. The sound of the slap on the cheek made some people close their eyes in astonishment.


Once again, a loud noise echoed through the south gates.

She could hear someone swallowing their saliva. No one would have expected it. How Carl’s queen would show up at the south gate and hit the gatekeeper in the face like this so suddenly.


Her palm fell to the face of the gatekeeper for the third time. The gate keeper’s left face glowed brightly.

It was time for Sienna’s arm to make a big line downward and try to strike him in the face again, perhaps three times seemed too few. The gatekeeper raised his hands to block her arm. It was an instinctive act from the fear of pain.

Sienna had a pretty satisfying laugh. If the gatekeeper hadn’t stopped her with his hands, she intended to hurt them herself continuously, but she didn’t have to do so. The gatekeeper, who saw her smile, trembled as if he had seen something scary.

“Ho-oh! How dare you act this way when the pain hasn’t even started yet! Are you threatening the Crown Princess right now with your hands up?”

“No, I’m not. I’m not…”

Sienna shouted out in a huge voice, “Captain Panacio!”

“Yes? Yes, Your Royal Highness.”

“I’m sure you got the knighthood for it.”

“Yes? What do you mean by that?”

“Am I not being persecuted in front of your eyes right now?”

“Yes? What do you mean by that…”

The Giant knights watching Sienna thought, ‘Then you’re persecuting the poor gatekeeper!’

“Are you implying you can’t see him touching the body of the imperial family like this right now when he’s just a gatekeeper?”

The gatekeeper hurriedly moved his hands away at her words. Deli looked blank as if he didn’t understand it. Sienna said, frowning at the brows.

“Isn’t this not enough to insult my family? An act of threatening me, the Princess? Threatening the Imperial Family is a sin of treason. Why are you standing there like that and just watching? If anyone sees this, they’ll think it’s because of you that this gatekeeper is so arrogant. Are you sure this gatekeeper is of Lord Panacio’s man?”

It was only then that Deli got to grips with the situation. The Crown Princess was asking whether the gatekeeper’s threat to her older brother was made up of Deli’s own orders.

It was true that if Waters’ successor, embroiled in a ridiculous dispute, became angry with the gatekeeper, she could get the knights to arrest him. But he couldn’t put his finger on her. If he did so, he could have committed treason, which was the guilt of the gatekeeper. He jumped up and down, saying that he was guilty of his actions and that he was conscious of them.

“No! No, that’s not it. You son of a b*tch! What are you doing to Her Majesty the Crown Princess!”

The gatekeeper flopped forward in Deli’s roar.

“Oh, my God! I have sinned to death.”

Sienna stroked her wrists she had been holding and ordered Deli.

“What are you doing? Please call in all the references who recommended the gatekeeper, those who guaranteed him, the manager who was in charge of the gates, or those who were in charge of the gates.”

“Why are they?”

She looked at him with keen eyes. Deli refused to ask any more questions and asked his men to come to him, fearing that the Princess would gamble away his position.

“If that’s the case, please prepare a chair. I feel dizzy because I’ve been so insulted.”


“Oh, yes.”

Some tactful articles quickly brought a chair. Where they came from was not an outdoor chair, but a chair decorated with black velvet cloth. Siena lined up many of the people who were there before her.

Hain, who was watching the scene, came quickly and bandaged her wrist. She also did not forget to wind it up thick as if she had been seriously injured.

“What a slow way to handle things. I’ve heard that the Giant Knights are capable knights in the Imperial Household, but they must have been false rumors.”

Sienna constantly scratched the knighthood’s honor away until he did what she had asked her to do. Jamie stood next to her and glared at Deli with a scary face. Deli looked in front of Sienna with his head tightened.

Such things should be attacked without giving time to think about them. It wouldn’t work if the other person asked, “How much authority do you have to order me to do so?”

However, if she continued to point out what he did wrong, everyone will think. ‘Did I do something wrong?’ If she continued without stopping there, he would have to say sooner or later that, ‘I must have made a big mistake, too.’


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