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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 69: Live To Sienna Pt.69 Bahasa Indonesia

“No, not in the form of a trooper evaluation. In the case of fifteen minutes as you stand still and hold your ground?”

When asked by Sienna, Jamie made a crinkled impression.

“If you don’t have to fight and just stand there when there’s a battle in front of you, what are you counting it as?”

“Anyway. Tell me, what it would be then?”

“There’s no use for someone like that anywhere, so it would be at least just a beginner’s level then. Well, no, I’m just saying it’s beginner since it’d be like less than a week since one learned to come and run. I think I did it after three days… but, why are you asking about this?”

“To make sure I remember this correctly. So, the expert superannuation may last fifteen minutes if you’re standing still and holding a sword, but not fifteen minutes when you’re in combat, right?”

At Sienna’s words, Jamie nodded with a dead face. He seemed unhappy that he could not get out of the starting line of an expert.

“I’m worried that I’m going to take too long to move on to the intermediate level. I have to go back soon and train…”

Jamie always wanted to beat their father. Jamie’s goal was to break his youngest record. The first-time expert surpassed him by six months, but in the middle-class case, the time was short, as his father made it in the twenty-third and second month. It was natural for him to be impatient.

“You can do it here.”

“The water is too narrow. There’s no vacant lot for buildings, and Aunt Kelly’s house has a garden, but training doesn’t mean you can blow up a well-managed garden. There’s no one to share a sword with to practice, either. How do they train for swordsmanship here? There’s no place to swing a sword.”

“I have a knighthood, how about the captain?”

Whether he was interested in what she said, he said with a bright expression, “That’s right, you had a knighthood, too, didn’t you? Was it the Phoenix Knights? How’s it going? Are they all right?”

“Three expert mid-class ranked levels and twenty beginner levels.”

“Indeed as I thought, the capital sure is different. To say you have three expert middle-class men. Can’t I go and warm up there, too? You said it was your knighthood. Don’t you have that much authority?”

Jamie’s eyes glistened. Since he was a knight in nature, he was frustrated that he could not train properly. Moreover, he was on the verge of success, having three expert mid-levels to practice with him.

“All right. I’ll make it so that I can let you use the training grounds every day.”

“Really? Can I do that? Don’t you think it’s a little bit too much to visit every day? The Phoenix Knights will have to train as well. I just need to relax when they rest. Just to the extent that my muscles aren’t firm.”

“It’s okay if you visit me every day, but there’s a condition.”

“What is it? Tell me.”

“Beat the Phoenix Knights for me.”

“Who do you want me to beat? Well, it’s not going to be easy beating a mid-class expert, but I’ll figure it out. If I’m with Lord Kale, I win one out of thirty times.”

At Jamie’s words, Sienna shook her head and said,

“Not one person, but you have to beat them for me.”

Jamie looked at Sienna, wondering if he had heard it wrong.

“Give me the win. Please.”

One also needed a lot of luck to deal with one mid-level expert. To remark, she has three middle-class experts and twenty beginners. It was an impossible request. Still, Jamie said with a bright face, “Ah, what the hell. That’s right! Of course, I have to do it, it’s a request from my younger sister. If I don’t die, I’ll probably just pass out then, am I right? Who knows, I’ll get an epiphany to move on to the expert mid-class.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, but if I want to fight tomorrow, I’ll have to leave our aunt’s house really early to deal with all those articles. It took me three hours to get here.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll do something so you can come and go as you please”

“Really? As I suspected, it’s totally different because you’re of royalty now. You can also solve things like this so easily.”

“Of course. Do you think I’ll let them block my brother’s way. I’ll make sure to go over there with a very scary face and scold them to the point their tears dry out.”

“Yes, then, I look forward to it.”

Sienna smiled.

‘Although I’ll end up leaving a scratch on Arya’s temper for nothing, but I need him to finish off the Knights…’


From the next morning, Sienna was staring at the door.

Knock, knock. She waited for someone to come in through the door, hammering the handle of the chair with the tip of her fingers frantically.

“So, the Knights standing at the South Gate are Lord Panacio’s Giant Knights?”

Hain answered her question.

“That’s right, but will it be okay? Sir Panacio is the nephew of Her Majesty the Empress and the brother of Her Majesty the Second Prince. Isn’t it just a little bit more upsetting?”

“No. It’s rather good this way. It’s going to be easy.”

Deli Panacio was Arya’s nephew, but he wasn’t clever. Since he was a simple person and had a bravado figure, she could easily solve things if she took advantage of the situation right now.

“Your Highness!”

Then the door opened and Shaylin, the maid-in-law, came in swinging her skirt.

“Pant-pant, the south gates. At the south gates!”

“Really? Hain, let’s go!”


When Sienna stood up, Hain took the lead. As determined as Sienna’s face was, they hurried to the south gates.

“What more do you mean you need to check me out?”

“How do we know if you’re really a real Lord of the Waters family or a spy trying to do something bad?”

“So, that’s why I gave you my identity card!”

It was Jamie’s voice. He was quite angry, but he was forced to bear it because this place was the palace. He couldn’t hurt his younger sister Sienna by making a false noise.

“We’re just saying that because this identity card seems fake.”

“What the hell are you looking at and claiming that it might be fake? Do you dare to insult me, Jamie Waters, the eldest son of the Waters family?”

After all, Jamie, who couldn’t stand it, strode up to the gatekeeper and raised his voice. As Jamie, a tall man with a bigger head than himself, approached, the scrubber stepped back and called for the knights.

“Here! This guy over here needs to be sanctioned. He is threatening me, the gatekeeper of the royal family.”

Usually, articles that would not move on the gate keeper’s words surrounded Jamie in heavy armor as if this was planned all along.

The doorkeeper signed the order of His Majesty the emperor the Imperial Palace under the bed to protect. Threatening him to do the king’s orders will put him in charge of his crimes and treason.

“What do you mean treason! Didn’t you just see now how this stupid guard treated me like a con man saying my identity card is forged and giving me humiliating treatment. Are you telling me to stand still and watch as that happens?”

“I ask you how is that insulting at all. You looked suspicious and so that’s why it happened. The gatekeepers are merely doing their jobs. ”

“So, you’re telling me that this gatekeeper is also an expert at differentiating between a perfectly good identification card as this one right here and a forged identification card, and that’s also a part of his job?”


“It seems words won’t cut it anymore.”

As soon as he winked, the knights turned the windows they had been setting in unison toward Jamie together. Jamie’s face went from red to purple from the insult.

Sienna arrived just in time as she walked toward them. Hain stopped her.

“Your Highness, I think it’s better if you stay away for a while or ask someone for help instead.”

“There’s no one in this palace who can help me.”

“But those knights over there are holding up spears…”

When Sienna vowed to scold those who ignored her brother, she cheered for him. The imperial family was a place to be reckoned with if they were good. His rights had to be self-assertive.


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