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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 63: Live To Sienna Pt.63 Bahasa Indonesia

He was born a predator. Pride was more natural than breathing and had the ability to make such arrogance feel natural. Just because she got another chance, he wasn’t someone she could be ignorant of.

In a way, the idea of avenging Queen Arya on his behalf might be ridiculous in itself. He’ll cut off Arya’s throat by himself. Even if he is not exploited by Arya, he will never fall into despair.

“You don’t have to be so demure about it. You may be annoying sometimes, but I don’t hate it.”


Carl came up to Sienna and held her chin up with his fingertips and faced her closely.

“Because I’m having fun with you answering my words with your chin up like this.”

She swallowed her saliva.

His close-up pale eyes glowed yellow. The eyes, like the eyes of a lion, blazed like predators. The fear that he would bite off his neck at any moment has gripped the country.

As Sienna narrowed her pupils into small pieces and shook herself, Carl stepped back.

“As I suspected, you’re very funny. Even though I look straight into your eyes as you talk like a child who has never felt fear before, if I step up this close, you’ll suddenly be on alert like a rabbit in front of a beast.”


“There’s nothing to be afraid of. I don’t mean to do anything to you.”

Sienna felt that the words ‘for now’ were omitted from Carl’s words out of generosity.

He brushed past her to the bed. Then he lay down on the right side of the bed and took his seat. Sienna looked at him.

“Are you going to keep standing like that? We need to go to sleep.”

“Please go to sleep first. I have something to do.”

“What are you going to do?”

“If you ask me so suddenly…”

Sienna peered around the room and looked for something to do right away. There was nothing to do in the bedroom that only cared about the function of sleep. She said she would drink with the still-remaining carbonic. He spoke with an impression on that,

“Was it a lie to me that you’d only have one drink?”

“It’s not a lie, it’s… it’s a really good drink, but it’s a waste to leave it as such. I heard you only have twenty-five bottles. Except for this, there’s only got to be twenty-three more.”

“Why don’t you try to have enough sleep so you can eat with Empress Arya tomorrow morning? You can’t deal with her in a foggy condition. So, try to sleep early.”

“Dining with Empress Arya?”

She told him that she hadn’t heard such a story. He spoke with a look of conviction.

“Remember, I’ve returned now. I’m sure she’ll be inviting us to dinner tomorrow because she’ll want to see what I’m thinking about and why I have come back to the capital. Well, there’s a lot of excuses to use, isn’t that right? It’s the first family dinner we’ll have together since we got married…”

Breakfast with Arya?… She hadn’t even thought of that. She felt as if the food would have already begun to go stale, thinking of how uncomfortable the meeting would be at the table.

“So why don’t you come here instead of spending your time doing stupid useless things. I’m tired, too. I don’t mean to do anything special, so just sleep next to me.”

Sienna squealed to the bed at Carl’s words. She sat on the edge of the bed. Carl pulled her arm and led her into his arms. Suddenly, in Carl’s arms, she stared at him with her eyes gouged.

“What is this…?”

“I’m just saying it for the second time, but I won’t do anything to you, so get some sleep. Don’t waste your energy.”

Seeing as to how he already repeated himself the second time, It seemed like he would get angry if she made him repeat any further. His distance was so close to her that she felt burdened and turned her back in a hurry from him. Then he pulled Sienna’s back from her waist and hugged her. She could feel his breath behind her neck.

“I’m going to keep my promise to you to divorce you in five years. But I hope you won’t forget that you and I are a couple until then.”

Sienna opened her closed eyes. She couldn’t believe he said this when he was planning on going to sleep. She felt like tonight was going to be hard for her to fall asleep.



Sienna forced her heavy eyes to open in the sun, which sank over her eyelids. She was startled and almost screamed. Because she could see Carl’s face up so close.

“You fell asleep way too fast for a nervous person, even snoring to add…”

Carl spoke to her as he looked like a person that hadn’t just gotten up. Being in bed with him was stifling and stuffy, she couldn’t seem to get a wink of sleep, as he said, and she felt like she had snoozed away. She practiced dancing all night the previous night, and she guessed she was very tired because of the nervous war games with Arya and Carl’s unexpected behavior.

No matter what and how much. To have snored in front of him.

“Did I really snore?”

“I’m kidding. Well, you didn’t really snore, but I’m sure you fell asleep.”

At Carl’s words, Sienna said with her mouth pouting,

“You said you weren’t the type of person to fool around with jokes…”

“Then I’ll correct it. It wasn’t a joke, it was an idiomatic expression.”

“Yes, sure. Sir Carl never jokes.”

She leaned up and pulled the rope by the bedroom. It was a cord connected to a bell hanging from the living room of the servants. Hain opened the door and came in with a cautious move.

“Would you like me to prepare for breakfast?”

“No, I’ll wash and get ready.”

As he said yesterday, they would hear from Arya soon.

“Shall we prepare the bathtub for both of you to enter together?”

Next to her, Carl giggled and laughed, and Sienna thought she’d have to put a leash on Hain’s imaginations from ‘The Knight and the Lady,’ ‘The Dancing Red Flower,’ and ‘The Prince of Golden Hair’ and hide them somewhere.

Moments later, as Carl said, there was a call from Arya to join her for a meal. Hain had been working on Sienna’s head in an air of excitement.

“Hm, hm, Your Highness…”

As if she was trying to say something, Hain made a chirping sound and called Sienna.

“What is it, Hain?”

“Do you know who is the most famous person in the city these days is?”

“Sir Carl or Empress, as always.”

Carl, who was called the god of war, and Arya, who has a beautiful appearance that will never fade over the years, have always been on the lips of many.

“They are always, but… there’s a new person that’s been coming up.”

“Don’t tell me…”


She squinted at the thought of a chance.

“That’s right. It’s you, your Highness, the Princess!”

Damn it. She closed her eyes tight.

It was worth knowing. How much would the rumors be spreading about by now? It was the same in the past. Maybe it was because of how high up and important a princess’ place must have been to be in the spotlight of many people, and even one little thing for anything would result in her being cursed at for.

Some even said that they would believe it if they were descendants of serfs, not aristocrats. She was not used to talking to aristocrats, so she told them that she wasn’t as good at speaking as they were.

No one told the story, so she didn’t know what insult she was being subjected to. She didn’t think the maids could have told Sienna that story in person…

When she belatedly learned that stories were circulating around that were insulting her, she wondered if she should bite her own tongue and die due to her immense feeling of embarrassment. She thought it was no different this time. No, it would and could have been a lot worse than she had thought. It was the same thing in comparison of having a glove from Arya being thrown at her face and the servants or anyone at all, and that wouldn’t be able to do anything in defense against the face of the socialite’s most powerful queen. She wondered how much did the ladies gossip about her behind her back?


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