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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 62: Live To Sienna Pt.62 Bahasa Indonesia

When Hain said that she would bring tea, Sienna ordered that no one should come in and that nothing was needed. Carl was lying on her bed and repeated the act of throwing a light green fruit into the air over and over again. Sienna has been heartbroken by his easygoing appearance.

“What on Earth is going through your head!”

“What is it?”

“Why did you attend the banquet today?”

“It’s only natural for a husband to be with his wife on her first debut day.”

“I’m not in the mood for a joke. I’m sure you said you wouldn’t come yesterday.”

“What do you mean? I said I’d definitely go.”

“You said it out loud.”

“I didn’t answer your question asking me if I were joking. I’m not a stupid person who’s just joking.”

“What on earth, so you showed up for today’s banquet to prove you what you’re getting?”

Rather, it only raised Arya’s alertness. Of course, he can extend his influence and grant his own power by informing others of his safety, but it was not a profit to be gained by placing himself to be in danger. She was sure Arya will do her best not to let Carl stay in the capital.

“I wanted to embarrass her. When I appeared, her face was very impressive.”

“She already had a dirty face before Sir Carl even showed up, I’m sure? Because I’ve been scratching at her guts very hard.”

“That’s very commendable of you.”

He patted her hot head and praised her. Like an adult who soothes a child’s fighting spirit.

As a child, Sienna was even more energetic.

‘What do you want me to do?!’

“Your Majesty!”

Sienna was furious and let her anger rain down but at that moment, she heard a voice from outside.

“I’ve prepared some clothes to change in to.”

Carl told her to come in first as she was about to tell her that there’s no need again. Hain and the servants of Carl came into the room.

“What is this? Is Sir Carl going to change his clothes as well?”

“Of course. Won’t I need to have to change clothes to sleep comfortably?”

When Sienna asked Carl, “You’re going to sleep here?” The servants and Hain, who were listening to them very closely, opened their eyes wide and looked at her as if they had heard the dumbest thing in the world.

Reading their eyes, Sienna left the room with an uncomfortable face. She said she’d change her clothes in the dressing room.

“Your Majesty, no matter how nervous you are, how in heavens’ name can you say that to your prince?”

As soon as she entered the dressing room, Hain’s nagging began. She then asked if she had been educated about the first night with her recalled face.

“What are you talking about first night education?”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. You don’t have to know anything. At first, you can just take care of yourself as you please. You don’t have to be scared. I’m sure you can do well. And don’t worry about tomorrow. I’ll wake you up later than usual. You might have a backache, so I’ll have to get a warm wet towel. Something to soothe your back.”

She blushed at Hain’s words.


“Even if you’re embarrassed like this now, you won’t be able to come to your senses after you’ve done it. When you put your lips together, it’s said that it feels like thousands of stars are falling from the sky. It’s said even more so that you won’t be able to come to your senses with ecstasy.”

Rather, it’s not getting killed by a shooting star? Sienna, who was dumbfounded by Hain’s words, asked her in a low tone,

“Hain! You’re still a virgin. Where the hell are you coming from and where have you heard that nonsense from?”

“How did you know I was a virgin? Is it that obvious?”

Hain asked in a worried voice.

Sienna, who couldn’t say, “I heard it from Hain’s own mouth,” found an excuse to say something instead.

“Hain’s skin is so good, rather than smelly. And something about you… just feels like a fresh wildflower. That’s why I thought you might be a virgin because you’re so pretty, too.”

“Oh, no…”

It was cute to see her blushing and showing her shy actions. Hain had a big chest and a slim, sensual figure, but her face was cute because of the cute flesh under her eyes. Especially, it was the prettiest when she squinted her eyes and laughed so hard because she couldn’t see her eyes as she did now. She was such a beautiful woman, but she lives only in the royal family. So, she had no experience in dating.

“Hain, where the hell did you hear that?”

“Not listened. I read it in a book. It describes how fascinating it is to kiss someone. Would Your Highness, the Princess like to take a look at it? I have ‘The Knight and the Lady,’ ‘The Dancing Red Flower,’ and ‘The Prince of Gold Hair,’ so I can lend them to you if you’d like.”

Sienna confirmed that Hain’s taste was the same as her nanny, Chelsea.

On their first night together, she was supposedly thought to wear a sexy gown as Hain stated, but she changed into casual pajamas that looked like the most casual attire, disregarding Hain’s insistence that she should wear an alluring dress. Whether she still had lingering feelings, Hain held up a one piece mesh outfit and put on a regretful look.

When she came back into the room, pretending not to know Hain, Carl had already changed his clothes and was standing by the table with a bottle of liquor.

“Are you really going to sleep here and then leave?”

“You’re asking me about an obvious thing.”

Sienna couldn’t figure out how to interpret the situation so different from the past. In the past, they could barely face each other even two years into their marriage.

“You could sleep in your palace, Sir Carl…”

“You want fingers pointed out at you that you’ve been humiliated on your first night as well? You have some weird tastes.”

“It’s not that my taste is strange.”

“Would you like a drink?”

In the midst of this, she refused, for the fear of becoming drunk.

“Well, I guess I’ll drink it alone. It’s just a carbonic drink and there’s not much left…”

She knew it too. It was a drink shared with Carl while watching the Lantern Festival on Sun Day. It had a sweet fruity aroma, a bitter end flavoring, and an excellent aftertaste. It seemed even more special because of the saying that there were only twenty-five bottles left in the Empire. She was sure it was twenty-four now.

‘So, when was the last time I tasted a drink? Was that the last day of the Sun Day?’

Having not had a sip of alcohol since entering the imperial family, she was filled with remorse.

“I should ask you twice anyways. It’s usually right to receive just a polite refusal for the first time.”

“Then, would you care for a drink?”

“Just one drink, please.”

At Sienna’s words, Carl gave her a drink with a look of indecision. Feeling better after seeing the drink, she banged her glass into his glass, shouted ‘Cheers!’ and drank. And she admired the deep flavor that filled her mouth.

“It’s so delicious. I feel like I’m losing my mind even though I haven’t planned how to cope with the soon-to-be-started Arya’s scheme. But why did you really come here? What would you do if you were threatened by the Empress?”

He spoke with an impression on Sienna’s bruise,

“I know you have a good head. I don’t understand all that plan, but I also admit it’s not bad.”


In a sudden compliment, she stopped drinking and looked at him.

“But I’m not going to let you do what you want. No matter how much you and I aim the same.”

Sienna shut her mouth tight.

“I’m not completely convinced of you yet, so…”

Sienna took a breath when he said he couldn’t believe it. It was a pleasure to be in the same boat with him, but she wasn’t accepted as Carl’s person yet. He was only a man who was together with her but not trustworthy for the same purpose.

“Sometimes, I think that you think of me as too easy. I don’t like that attitude, which is as if a living old woman is looking at her grandson.”

He was right. She thought only of her own plans because she knew the future. Even if he was not confident of knowing the future, Carl was the man who would become the powerful monarch of this country and was still revered by many as a hero.


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