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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 60: Live To Sienna Pt.60 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 60: Live To Sienna Pt.60

“I should wear a dress that my empress has sent me. I’m just thankful for the beautiful dress as a gift.”

“Your Majesty, the Empress?”

“Isn’t this a gift from Her Majesty?”

“I don’t understand,” Arya said, smiling at the aristocrats who were tilting their heads.

“Black. Isn’t it a good color for Princess Sienna?”

She whispered in Sienna’s ear,

“To you who was wearing someone’s shirt without a husband on the first night. I wonder whose footprints were on that white dress.”

‘Oh, my God!’

Sienna was so absent-minded that day that she didn’t even think of Carl’s footprints on her dress or his shirt on herself. However, the owner of the footprints could not be Carl. She pulled up the stiffening corners of her mouth and smiled instead of answering.

“It looks really good on you.”

“It looks so good on you that I think it would be better for another position rather than this one.”

‘Shut up!’

Sienna was likely to be cursed because of Arya, who used the word “street whores,” and the aristocratic wives who followed her. She certainly didn’t swear very well, but ever since she came to the imperial family, her desire to curse frequently has been aroused. She thought that imperial life was never having a good effect on her mental health.

“Thank you very much. I was very surprised when I thought about why Her Majesty gave me this dress.”

Arya listened quietly to what Sienna was going to say.

“You’re interested in the history of the Empire, so you sent me this suit to look like Empress Dijane? I’ve read the record that Empress Dijane, the wife of Emperor Rioli, who led the war against Abecia to victory and made Laifsden an empire who enjoys wearing black dresses. I will accept your wishes and work hard to help King Carl do the right thing as a member of the royal family.”

The whole area became quiet. Sienna said, calling out the name of one of those who treated her as a prostitute.

“Oh, I heard that Count Kemion is also well-versed in history. Then you must know that. Empress Dijane liked to wear a black dress when it mattered. The Empress said that if the sun was shining brightly during the day, she would rule the people like the moonlight that lit the deep night. I’m sure the wife knows better if she hasn’t been lazy in studying history.”

“Of… Of course, I do. I heard that Empress Dijane wore a black dress at every banquet. I know it’s probably a painting.”

Sienna praised her, struggling to contain a burst of laughter.

“You’re also well-educated Countess Kemion. History is called the mirror that reflects the present. You should also try to learn the wisdom of our ancestors by studying history hard, taking after Countess Kemion into consideration.”

“Of… of course. History is important.”

‘History is important! That’s funny.’

It’s true that Empress Dijane was the wife of Emperor Rioli, but the fact that she enjoyed wearing black dresses was a hoax she had just made up. She must have been busy writing the work of Emperor Rioli in his history books, for there was not a sufficient record of his wife.

Countess Kemion, who was perplexed or sweating, doubted whether she could read even the words, let alone the art of history.

The illiteracy rate was quite high in this era, and in the case of male aristocrats, illiterate people were quite well established. It was even harder to find noblewomen who knew how to write, as the male aristocrats looked like it. In Sienna’s case, although she was taught because of her father’s education officer, it was not a flawed era for women to not know how to write and read.

“I think Countess Faron is great, too. I was surprised to hear that some of the aristocratic wives couldn’t read and write and that they couldn’t even write their own names, and even when they sign for things, they have to have their representatives with them or replaced at times. A noblewoman that can’t read and write. They can’t be called nobles, can they? It’s like middle-class or working-class people who don’t know what to say. No, the wealthy middle class is better off because they know how to write and count. It would be worse not to be better than them.”

It was only natural that middle-class merchants, who had to sign contracts and draw up books, knew writing, reading, and counting. She said as if the middle class with their abilities was better than the upper class, the dumb aristocrats.

“However, comparing them… But the nobility is decent…”

Someone gave an excuse. Sienna spoke to her with a stern face,

“Queen… If a monkey from across the sea wears a pretty dress and is dressed up like a jewel, it will make you feel as if you’re a human being and pretend to be gentle-like. Just because you’re so stylish doesn’t mean you should call it out in decency.”

The women around her blushed and fanned their hands. Sienna opened her eyes as if she knew nothing and said, looking back at them,

“No one can’t read, can they? If that’s the case, I should apologize for making a big mistake. It’s not a crime to be ignorant…”

Sienna asked, eye-to-eye with them,

They responded to Sienna in a trembling voice, saying, “Why would there be such an aristocrat?” and “It’s a matter of course for us as a noblewomen” in fear of exposing themselves to illiteracy.

‘Ah! I’m so cool.’

As she kept holding on to Kemion, she was worried if she was making too many enemies, but soon she changed her mind. They look like hyenas, and they were anxious to bite at any moment. If she were to become strong, she would not rush herself for fear that she would be humiliated.

“Princess Sienna.”

Arya opened her mouth when she saw Sienna holding the upper hand and wielding people around.

“Be careful.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been rumored from time to time that there are men in and out of Princess’ room.”

At Arya’s words, the woman shouted, “Oh my, oh my!” Still, no one was as quick as before to repeat or condemn her. This is because they didn’t want to be seen like Kemion and antagonize Sienna.

“Of course, I don’t believe that. What kind of woman would you ever hold another man’s hand if you hadn’t even met Prince Carl?”

Arya criticized her wedding without Carl, sneering into the nuance that she was cheating.

“That’s right. That’s a crazy rumor. The only man I’ve ever met since I got married is Valore, the Crown Prince.”

When Sienna suddenly took out Valore’s name, Arya wriggled her eyebrows as if she didn’t like to hear that. As she vented her discomfort, Sienna immediately continued,

“Of course, you shouldn’t misunderstand. His Royal Highness Valore stopped by to deliver me a wedding gift. I’m afraid I’m going to lose my reputation because of the spread of some strange rumors.”

“No one would have such a misunderstanding.”

“No one believes it, but it’ll upset you if it’s talked about it like this way. It’s okay because I’m a piece of jewelry with no ones’ interest, but isn’t His Highness, Valore, the heir to the throne? Ah! I hear there’s a very interesting rumor going around in the capital these days.”

“A rumor? What do you mean, Princess Sienna?”

Arya asked sarcastically,

The word “rumor” brought out by Sienna, the aristocratic women around her pretended not to care but listened to her. They seemed curious because they were so fond of gossip.

“You really didn’t hear of it? I heard that every bar in the capital is making a lot of noise because of it. The story of a Southern aristocrat who fell in love with a minstrel from the brown-haired coveted Castro. The story begins with ‘The woman’s black hair and eyes were darker and more mysterious than the night.’

At Sienna’s words, Arya’s face was visibly pale,


“Speak it out. What kind of rumor is that?”

Someone couldn’t bear it and had to ask.

“I thought everyone knew about it because it was a rumor going around the capital from what I’ve heard…”

The faces of those around her were full of curiosity.

“Do we need to hear something that’s unclear?”

Arya stopped Sienna. But Sienna didn’t intend to stop talking.

“When you move around with people’s mouths and ears wide open, the source becomes unclear. But just because the source is unclear doesn’t mean the whole story isn’t true. Of course, I’m not saying that this rumor is true. It’s just a story that I’ve heard so far.”

“I’m curious, so please tell me.”


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