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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 55: Live To Sienna Pt.55 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 55: Live To Sienna Pt.55

What does that even mean, like a bluebirds’ wings and wildflowers swaying in the wind? None of the vague examples from Kitrol were helpful at all to her. It would be understandable if she could explain rather how to bend her arms at a certain angle and give a clear figure of what speed they should move at instead.

“Yes, that’s good. Do it like so, not too urgently or too slowly…”

Sienna sighed with relief at the news that she had received from her now, but was still told by her teacher that her habit of sighing was not a good habit. She spent the whole morning learning how to follow through with her actions based on what cup of tea she had, but it was strange in her perspective if a sigh didn’t come out after all that time. But this was a good woman.

It took her a week to teach table manners, which started on the very first day. Even though she sat at the table all day long, there wasn’t much food that went into her mouth. She couldn’t tell for a week whether she was eating or being punished all day.

“It’s a relief, though.”

“What exactly?”

“I was very concerned when the empress said that she would choose your date a month later for your debut banquet.”

“In a month later?”

Imperial court etiquettes were so vast and complex that it usually takes three to six months to be educated on fully. She couldn’t meet with anyone from outside the palace until she got accustomed to the etiquette because it was a huge matter not to be humiliated as a member of the imperial family. During that time, no matter how unrelated you were, you will not be able to meet anyone outside unless you had your manners learned respectively.

When a member of the royal family finished their proper education classes completely, they would hold a banquet to celebrate their debut, which was then a sign that he or she had proudly become a member of the royal family.

In the past, Sienna took nearly six months because she didn’t even have the basic aristocratic manners. No matter how fast a royal member was to prepare for it, it takes about three months still.

Holding a debut banquet after only a month later was proof that Empress Arya had held a grudge against her and would prove to give her a hard time of misgivings. In short, she was asking her to be humiliated.

“Though I’ve told you the time given is nonsensical, however… it seems Her Majesty wants to quickly introduce me to the people.”

She was sure that she just wanted to humiliate her.

“I think I was worried about nothing. I’m glad your Royal Highness is learning so quickly that we can get you ready in time.”

“Will I be okay in a month’s time?”

“The royal etiquette is complicated and has a lot to memorize, but I think it’s possible because you’re learning so quickly. Of course, you’re still immature for your elegant behavior, but that’s something to be supplemented if your Royal Highness is willing to work so hard for the rest of your time. From the next time on, we will focus on what we need at the banquet. Before that, I’ll give you a day off.”

Sienna was delighted to hear that she would give her a day off. She thought she’d be in class for a full month without a vacation. Kitrol told her to get enough rest for a day. Adding to that, she stated the next education classes will be more difficult.

“That’s good.”

Sienna was immersed in a bathtub full of hot water. At her bedside, the little maid washed her hair. Inside the bathtub, fragrant flowers were floating.

When she had entered the fancy-decorative palace wearing that expensive dress, she felt totally unexcited, but she felt like she was having a more enjoyable time spent in a bath like this.

To enjoy the one-day vacation given to her by Kitrol’s permission, Sienna only got up when the sun rose in the middle of the stream. After a brief drink of the soup Hain handed over, she soaked herself in a bathtub full of flower scent, and it seemed as if she had been relieved of her fatigue.

Sienna saw a young apprentice handing herself a towel. The child looked very small and young. If she had to guess her age by how old she was, it seemed she was about thirteen years old.

“What’s your name?”


“When did you start working here?”

“I entered the palace five months ago.”

It must have been hard for her to adjust to the palace.

“You have many hardships.”

Shaylin gave Sienna a bathrobe. Sienna swept her hair gently and replied thank you.

When Sienna came out of the bathroom, Hain rushed for her.

“There’s a guest for you here.”

“A guest?”

No outsiders were allowed to meet her until her debut banquet. Being a guest to her, Sienna wondered who it was. Hain hurriedly wiped Sienna’s head with a towel and said,

“The Prince of Wales has asked you to meet him.”

“His Highness, the Second Prince?”

It was an unexpected guest for Sienna.

She was barely washed out, so she needed to get ready to meet him. However, she could not have kept Prince Valore waiting. She forced her wet hair up and wore a dress. It was a sky-blue dress with thick blue jewels in its breast decorations.

Sienna followed Hain’s guide to the living room.

“His Highness the Prince.”

The footer that was sitting in the guest room rose from his seat. Sienna held the hem of her skirt and bowed slightly to her knees. He also greeted her with a gentle gesture.

“You can call me by my name. Now you’re a descent of the royal family line. That way, I can call you Lady Sienna, not a princess.”

“Yes, I will. So, Your Highness or I mean Sir Valore, please call me by my first name as well.”

Valore looked very happy with Sienna’s permission. Sienna urged him to sit opposite of herself in accordance with established etiquette.

“You’ve already gotten used to etiquette.”

“It’s still on an immature level. I’m only able to escape embarrassment because I have a good teacher.”

She humbly answered and following her answer, Valore’s face brightened with a kind smile.

“I beg your pardon for the sudden visit.”

As he was handed the teacup from her, Valore drew up an apology.

As he said, it was too sudden for a visit. The timing was not good either. He was also the Empress’ son and was not sanctioned for coming to Sienna, but it was enough for gossip to start spreading.

He said, “I am now a member of the royal family,” but it was not desirable to visit the wife of a brother who has yet to meet her husband. But it’s not like she had a warning and could tell him not to come.

“No, it’s just that today was a day without Mrs. Kitrol’s manners class. Today was a good time unexpectedly, but you had the perfect timing to come to visit me.”

Valore’s face was greeted with a bright smile at Sienna’s answer.


“In fact, I was surprised when Lady Sienna came into the wedding hall. I think I was even more surprised because our first meeting at the banquet was quite impressive. What joy it is to be meant to be. I never dreamed that Sienna would appear before me as Carl’s wife.”

“It’s an honor that you’ve been remembering me. I didn’t know you’d remember me. I met Valore only once, that day.”

“Every time I remember it. It was an impressive performance. I haven’t forgotten about Sienna since that day. Even in my dreams, I saw Sienna.”

She chose Valore’s words, which seemed like a love confession because she didn’t know what to say.

“That day, Valore was so good that I thought you wanted to participate in the performance together. So even though I was not good enough, I got involved in Valore’s performance. I was worried that I would be a nuisance to you.”

“It wasn’t a nuisance. It was a performance I’ll never forget. I’ve seen the performers join, but it’s the first time I’ve done it myself.”

“It was my first time that day, too. It was a pretty intense experience.”

Valore, no matter what politics might come, he was certainly a genius in music. If it wasn’t for him being the prince, he would have definitely been a big hit in music history.


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