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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 48: Live To Sienna Pt.48 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 48: Live To Sienna Pt.48

Sienna thought it must be a pervert who invented that corset. She sighed deeply and gave herself away.

The tailor put the corset around her waist and began to pull. She had to hold back her screams, repressing the tailor’s desire to pull the ropes out over and over again.

All she had last night was the onion soup so it was the tailor’s fault for making the wrong measurements since it was tightened to this level.

“That’s perfect. Sometimes brides eat a lot of sugary things before they get married, and the Duchess doesn’t have much change in size. On the contrary, the waist size has decreased a bit. It’s perfect.”

The tailor said so by bouncing his fingers around in the air satisfactorily as she poked at her lips in disapproval. It’s hard to breathe and her ribs were tightened, but this was the right fit. She thought if this was really an attire meant to be worn by people at all. She thought again that the man who made this corset, or that tailor, must be a pervert.

The dress was lined with transparent jewelry along the sewing line with a clear-cut design of shoulders and chests. While the waist was tightened, the hips covered the fabric in layers to make it look luxurious. The smooth silk glowed whenever the light touched it.

“I think a white dress was an excellent choice, too. The red hair of Water’s Duchess stands out very well in this color.”

The male tailor praised Sienna in a ticklish voice.

The color of the dress to be worn at weddings was to be chosen according to individual tastes, and in the past, Sienna wore a blue dress. But she didn’t want to wear the same clothes so she had to choose a different color. Not wanting to invest much thought in the dress, she chose white when the tailor asked for color, thinking of the white snow filling Heidel.

Although the tailor was embarrassed to find white cloth, he realized a beautiful dress that was as bright as snow. A tight corset and an uncomfortably long skirt were unsatisfactory, but surely the tailor’s ability was worth living high.

“It’s all thanks to you. It has only been a short time, but I can’t believe you could implement such a beautiful dress for me. Your ability is great.”

Tears welled up around the tailor’s eyes, perhaps to the surprise of her praise.

“You know that. It wasn’t easy to make a white dress. It started with getting the cloth. And the jewelry that goes with the dress. Every single pearl egg…”

At Sienna’s praise, Gerald, the tailor, began to talk about his hard times when making dresses. Sienna nodded halfway behind her ears.

“Let’s stop for here now, Mr. Tailor. It’s been a long time. The Duchess must leave soon.”

If the maid hadn’t stopped him, she would have stayed up all night talking. Sienna thanked the maid for stopping him.

“Then shall we go?”

Jamie reached out to Sienna on behalf of her father, who was unable to attend today.


Sienna clasped Jamie’s hand and held her hand looking at her face to face.

‘Now, it’s really irreversible. There’s only one path to keep moving forward…’

The royal ceremony began with a parade. From Kelly’s mansion, she got into a carriage led by a dozen horses and walked around the square into the imperial palace. This was to introduce the new imperial ranked person to the people. It was also meant to display the authority of the imperial family by showing a splendid ceremony.

Crowds filled the entrance to Kelly’s mansion.

“That’s incredible.”

Jamie said, standing next to Sienna. She could barely hear his voice, distracted by the noise of the huge crowd.

“It’s a big event. Everyone’s coming out because they want to celebrate this time. I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to having a drink after the parade, rather than a parade.”

“You talk like it’s someone else’s business.”

Jamie’s voice trembled. He was curious and a little afraid of being buried in such a crowd. This was the first time he’s ever experienced this, as he used to live in an area where there were more monsters than people in the land.

All of them, filling the streets, shouted and waved at them. It was strange that she wasn’t nervous.

Sienna was different during her past wedding. Her lips were fluttering and her whole body was trembling like a sash tree. Far from being able to hold a proper smile, the parade had to be held for more than an hour with a face that seemed like she was about to burst into tears at any moment. Eventually, after the long wedding, she vomited sour stomach fluid onto her dress after entering the room.

Due to the marriage tradition of the Laifsden Empire, the bride had to wait alone in her room for the groom. Carl, who didn’t attend the wedding, couldn’t have come.

She wore a dress with vomit and cried until the maid came in in the morning. It was a moment when her fantasies about the imperial life were shattered.

“I don’t think you’re nervous at all.”

She smiled at Jamie’s words. Although the crowd watching her here was huge, they were just curious about who would become the princess.

She was also familiar with the way people gazed at her with various desires, including jealousy. They were better than wasps, who wander around and shoot out dark venom. The gaze of pure yearning and curiosity just felt light.

“There’s nothing to lose. I’m not guilty. Don’t shiver as well, brother. Someone who wasn’t once been afraid to be in front of a swarm of monsters beyond the walls is acting like this in front of a crowd of people. At least those people over there are less ugly than monsters.”

He shook his head at her joke and answered in a meek manner,

“No. Some of them look more like monsters.”


Sienna burst out laughing at his joke. Jamie laughed aloud, too, whether she liked his joke. He smiled leisurely, perhaps relaxed.

She waved at the crowd.

“Give them a wave, too. We’re representing the Waters Heritage. You’re going to let them know that the successor to the Waters family, who is guarding Heidel, is such a fine man.”

At her words, Jamie smiled leisurely and waved at the crowd. His red cape fluttered in the wind. He was as confident as an improvement general, who led a big battle to victory.

“One monster, two monsters, three monsters…”

But unlike his imposing figure, Sienna, who was standing next to him, was having a hard time holding back her laughter as he counted monsters.

Their wagon followed the knights around the central square and headed for the imperial palace. The wind whistled paper petals.

The front door of the imperial palace opened and a carriage entered. The noise outside faded away. Inside the imperial palace, there was a totally different atmosphere. It was very quiet.

“It’s depressing.”

Women dressed in red on either side of the carriageway were sprinkling petals, but they felt as if they were somehow in remembrance.

“I guess the atmosphere is different from the outside since it’s inside the palace.”

Sienna said.

“It’s still too quiet anyway.”


The carriage stopped in front of the banquet hall.

The knights, dressed in ritual, greeted her in line. The captain of the knights reached out his hand so that Sienna could get out of the carriage. Sienna knew who he was.

He was the leader of the Phoenix Knights. It was a polite body movement, but she could read enough the light contempt in his eyes. The Phoenix Knight was soon a knight for her to bequeath.

Jamie was escorted into the dining room. From that point on, she had to enter alone. Sienna looked up at the huge door lying in front. The arched iron door was mosaic-like between.

“Please come in.”

The maid said to her, who pulled her long skirt down from the carriage and had finished cleaning it up. Sienna led her heavy dress up the steps in front of the door. The gatekeepers opened on both sides.

A bright light seemed to burst from the inside. The colorful chandeliers and glass decorations reflected the light. Heavy organ sounds came from the inside.

Sienna took a slow step. She straightened her shoulders out with confidence and faced the eyes of those who were watching her from the inside. She didn’t want to be shabby at her wedding without a husband.


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