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Chapter 45: Live To Sienna Pt.45 The Disappearing Past

Of course, he also wanted revenge on Arya. He even thought he’d rip off her neck if he were to become the emperor. But, why does she feel like that too?

Unlike himself, who had a clear reason, he found it difficult to find any connections between Sienna and Arya. But he couldn’t figure out why she wanted revenge.

Sienna turned to the vase to avoid his gaze. Patting white and coveted Asta flowers, she opened her mouth with difficulty.

“Important…” Oh, no… it’s because Empress Arya has cut off the funding to Heidel.”

“Only that?”

In Carl’s response, she spoke in a slightly angry tone.

“It’s not just that. It’s been ten years. Due to the local nature in Heidel, it is difficult to operate without any help from outside. It’s a land that hasn’t stopped snowing all year round, and monsters invade every day.”

Carl nodded his head. He had never known that they had lost funds to Heidel, but he knew that it was an economically difficult place to stand on its own feet.

“How did you survive ten years of financial loss?”

“We’ve managed to keep it afloat by selling the by-products of the hunted monsters.”


While it was generally believed that the government has been able to sustain the operation of the land by replenishing the funds in that way, and that this was enough to reveal potential means of vengeance against Arya. Sienna sighed and said whether his thoughts that had been revealed on his face had been answered yet.

“You may not be able to sympathize, but it’s a good reason for me to get back on my feet and see my father grieving for not being able to properly compensate the rest of the families of the soldiers who died.”

Not only Heidel but also many other districts that had an antipathy to Arya. As Arya’s main forces were concentrated in the South and the capital, the rest of the region has been politically and economically marginalized and isolated. It was natural in a way for her to be vindictive of Arya, who grew up in Heidel, who had not received the necessary funds for ten years.

However, Carl thought Sienna might have another reason to seek revenge on Arya. It was much more of an emotional reason…

The Disappearing Past

The news of their marriage finally came known throughout the whole capital.

Citizens were excited by questions and expectations about the scale of the wedding. It wasn’t just a royal wedding. It was the wedding of Prince Carl.

With many records of victory, he was a prince loved by citizens. People were busy guessing who would be Carl’s crown jewel.

Contrary to this festive mood, Sienna, who was the marrying party, was calm. Busy days persisted, fitting dresses, practicing ceremonies, and taking lessons in imperial etiquette.

She also had a break after a long time. She left Kelly’s mansion and headed to the temple where Roy was.

There was a rough building next to the temple. It was a dormitory that would serve as a home for children. White paint was being applied to the gray walls.

“Miss Sienna!”

Kevin got into Sienna’s skirt.

“It’s been a long time. I’ve missed you.”

She said, patting the child on the head.

“I missed you, too. Are you building all the dorms?”

“Yes. I’ve been living in a dormitory since then, not on a long chair in the church anymore. There’s a bed and a blanket inside.”

Kevin led her into the dormitory. The children who were painting the wall waved to Sienna and she responded with a bright smile.

The child pushed open the red door with his shoulder. The door opened smoothly and she could see the inside. Inside the dormitory, thirty wooden two-story beds were listed on both sides, with huge tables and chairs lying next to them. It was a space enough for sixty children.

While it could not benefit every child on the street, at least sixty children had places where they didn’t have to shiver out in the cold with hunger. Moreover, it does not end there. When the children who were able to stand on their own feet gets a job, the position will be filled with another child, giving more than sixty other children a chance.

“My seat is here.”

Kevin flopped down on the bed at the end and said,

“The pillow here is very soft, too. It’s clean, right? I wash it clean every day for fear of getting it dirty. And I got clothes, too.”

Come to think of it, the children were all wearing navy vests and shorts.

Sienna sat next to him. She swept away the new bedding’s fluff and the hair of the child who showed off his new clothes.

“You look great. Kevin, you look like a rich master in this outfit?”

“Hehe, really?”

“Yes. It really suits you.”

“Lady Sienna!”


“Thank you.”

“What is it?”

“Roy said it was because of Sister Sienna and Baron Kelly that my friends and I are able to live in a place like this right now.”

“What are you talking about? It’s all thanks to Father Roy.”

“I’ve wanted to tell you since the day I first met Sienna when you gave me your lunch box. Thank you.”

Sienna pulled Kevin’s shoulder without saying a word and swept the child’s back with her arms in her arms. The child said thank you, but she also gained a lot of comfort through this child.

After talking to Kevin, she found Robin painting the wall outside.


“Lady Sienna, you’ve come here?”

“Yes. Do you have a minute? I’d like to talk to you quietly.”


Robin, who climbed up the ladder and was painting the wall with a long stick with a brush at the end, jumped down. The boy put the stick over the ladder and placed it on the side where the shade of the tree lied. Whether painting in the sun was hard or not, his face was tanned, and beads of sweat were hanging over his forehead and neck.

Robin sat with his back against a wooden post. She sank beside him, too. She would get dust on her clothes, but she didn’t care.

“Look, Robin, you know…”

“Tell me.”

“I’ve got a favor you. It might be a difficult request…”

“Any request is fine. If it’s something I can do.”

“Maybe it’s dangerous.”

“It’s okay. I’m better than anyone else in my ability to avoid danger.”

“I’d like to start a rumor.”

It was a lie to Carl, though she told him stories about Arya and a minstrel were leaking out. It was a story that would become known quietly after a few years. Sienna wanted to speed up the pace a little.

A voracious black-haired woman of a family with a huge territory falls in love with a brown-haired minstrel from Castro, who goes beyond her status but faces family opposition. The family banishes the man. But life was already in the lover’s boat.

A high-ranking official with golden hair came to their land, which they had been agonizing over because they could not have children from humble origins, and she visited his bedroom that night.

Sienna, who was embarrassed because it was an embarrassing story to tell young Robin, coughed several times.

“I know a guy who talks to others and likes to drink. He’s such a broad-footed person that he can make a name for himself in no time.”

“The most important thing is that no one should know the beginning of this story. My identity, your identity, shouldn’t be revealed.”

Robin shrugged as if it had been no big deal.

“He’s a man who’s lost his head in the morning. If you leave a story at his bedside, he won’t remember where he heard it. He won’t even know who he heard it from, but he’s just going to talk about it.”

“Thank you. Please take good care of it for me.”

Sienna got up from the scene when she put a pair of silver coins in Robin’s pocket, which he refused to accept.

Roy looked at the documents with a serious expression in the corner of the temple and soon looked away from the window. Sienna approached him with care.



“Ah! Lady Sienna?”

She only called in a small voice, but Roy stood up in a fit of rage. The chair crept to the floor.

“I’m sorry. Were you surprised when I suddenly talked to you?”

“No, no, no. I was just thinking about something else. Long time no see, Sienna.”

He smiled with his characteristic playful face. Sienna had been busy preparing for her wedding, so she had no time to visit the temple.

“How’s the children’s dorm going?”

“Yes, Miss Kelly helped me so much that I could get things moving quickly. Your Holiness was very happy, too. He wrote me a letter full of compliments, too.”


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