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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 40: Live To Sienna Pt.40 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 40: Live To Sienna Pt.40

“There has been a marriage request for Sienna.”

Kelly was delighted by Jamie’s words.

“That’s something to celebrate. So, which family is it?”

“That’s… the imperial family.”

Kelly tilted her head, wondering if she had heard the wrong thing.

“What family did you say it was again?”

“It’s from the imperial family.”


Sienna nodded. It was just as she thought. But Kelly, who didn’t expect it, couldn’t talk for a while. After a long period of thought, she managed to broach the subject.

“There’s only one member of the royal family who’s not married… is Sienna’s wed-to-be the First Prince?”

“Yes. That’s why I had to rush up to the capital. As soon as our father heard the news, he told me to go to the capital to refuse the marriage and return.”

In the past, it was Sienna who opposed the idea of her father and her brother that they would refuse her marriage to him. She longed for the royal family, and she fell in love with Carl at her adult banquet, so it was like a dream to have marriage discussions about him. Though her father and Jamie strongly opposed it, they failed to break Sienna’s stubbornness.

Things were different this time. It was only after she learned that even if she had refused in the past, it would not have been accepted anyway. As such, she was prepared to fight this time. Kelly spoke the truth in a somber voice, “Oh my… it’s too late.”

“Yes. I’m late today, so I’ll enter the palace tomorrow…”

“That’s not it. As far as I know, besides Sienna, the two previous daughters from their respected families refused the marriage requests.”

“That means…”

“Sienna’s their third marriage request. You know, the third one doesn’t have a veto.”

Even if the royal family asks for marriage, it does not necessarily proceed with marriage. Marriage does not proceed if the other party expresses rejection. The problem was that it was not always possible to resist it.

When daughters from nobility are offered a marriage for the first or second time, they are able to refuse. But she could not reject if she was requested as the third marriage request. If a royal person is denied marriage more than three times, it affects the prestige of the royal family.

When Sienna said she had no choice but to marry Carl, Jamie wrapped his head in frustration. Sienna, who already knew this, consoled his brother.


On his way to the border with Castro, Carl had to spend most of his time on horses. It was not until the sun went down that he could lay his sleeping bag on the ground. As they had to arrive at their destination as soon as possible, they had more days to sleep on the roads than to spend the night at the castle in the land.

It was uncomfortable to sleep with sleeping bags on dry leaves, but Carl didn’t express any complaints. It was familiar to him. Sometimes, the cold road floor felt more comfortable than the imperial palace, in which he could sleep in a soft bed without worrying about the rain and wind.

“The Bellhorse of the Baroness Louise is just around the corner. Would you like to stay there today?”

Rufus Kissinger, the captain of the knights who followed him, asked, running his speed side by side with Carl.

“Let’s do that. The sun will be going down soon. It’s been a while since I could soak myself in hot water.”

Above all, what he liked was that he could take a bath. Having been homeless for three days in a row, it was more inconvenient to live without washing rather than staying in uncomfortable bedrooms. Although they were used to each other’s smells, the smell of sweat produced by men was never sweet.

“Wouldn’t the soldiers not let us in? Look at this skew. Who would believe he’s a Knight of the Imperial Household?”

“But Azrael, when you look at your face, it makes sense to say you’re a thief rather than a knight.”

Azrael counterattacked Carl’s joke.

“Your Lord is formidable. If you don’t know it, you’ll think it’s not the first prince of Laifsden, it’s a traveling band of musicians. It’s really worth seeing that you’re covered with dust.”

Azrael, without fear, gave a joke to Carl, the prince. Carl wasn’t offended by his jokes. They had no qualms about having such a silly conversation.

‘Be careful of Azrael.’

Her voice rang in his head. Carl let a slip of his face. If you want to lie, you’ll tell a story that’s reasonably believable. Watch out for Azrael.

Azrael was a servant who had been with Carl for fifteen years. There were people he cared about, such as Pavenik and Kissinger, but none of them have shared a friendship for that long. In a way, he knew him better than Carl himself. His title may be poetic, but Carl was thinking Azrael was his best friend.

Azrael learned the sword under the same teacher and followed him around the battlefield together. Though he cannot be a knight because of his humble status, he was more trustworthy and courageous than anyone else.

Carl thought Sienna said it because she was not sure of her relationship with Azrael.

‘It’s just a trick to make Azrael a suspect.’

At the same time, a small sound was heard from the other side of the floor.

‘What if she’s right about Azrael?’

What she said to him brought the seeds of doubt into his mind. Carl thought it was an act of betrayal to suspect his friend, Azrael, and struggled to dispel his thoughts.

“Anyways, it seems we’ll have to rent a lodging house somewhere and take a quick shower before visiting the castle of Baron Louise. Regardless, you will become the emperor soon. So, you have to keep your dignity intact.”

Pavenik broke in between Carl and Azrael and interceded. Carl said with a playful face.

“What’s the matter in quality? Don’t you think he should kiss my feet even if I go in pants I pooped in?”

“Of course. It doesn’t make any sense that the Crown Prince should take a shower for a small lord or something. Look at me, even though you have a terrible smell, you’re not frowning at all.”

“I’m also holding back the terrible smell of my mouth for the honor of my servant. So, don’t ever catch our lodgings! I can’t allow myself to take a shower for just one lord.”

“You’re right. Lord Pavenik, the future Chancellor! Let’s go straight to the castle of the lord.”

Azrael and Carl exchanged words like well-matched cartoonists. Pavenik, who was listening to the two men, was furious. Kissinger, who was next to him, shook his head. It was only natural for Pavenik to get angry at Carl and Azrael’s teasing.

“You’re making fun of me again this time! I’m sure if I follow your words and ask you to meet with the Baron Louise right away, you’ll find fault with the fact that you’ve disgraced yourself the prince by your own stupidity rather than dreaming of a future with the Chancellor!”

At Pavenik’s words, Carl and Azrael caught each other’s eyes and shrugged.

“Hey, Azrael. I don’t think our future prime minister here is without a head at all.”

“That’s right. I thought you were wearing your hair as a decoration. I’m disappointed, by the way.”

“It’s a loss.”

“It’s very disappointing.”

“Of course, I am.”

They repeated the words of disappointment, examining Pavenik’s reaction. It was obvious that he was still being teased.

“What’s disappointing?”


“I don’t have the taste of making fun of you anymore.”

“That’s right. When will I ever be able to make fun of you in the future? By the way, I thought you’d look even more stupid in a few years, but I think Lord Pavenik has grown a lot bigger now.”

“Your Majesty, too, Azrael, you know you’re a bad person, right? I’ve been following you for three years now! I don’t mean to be swayed by two people forever.”

Pavenik raised his voice.

Azrael and Carl called him a nuance that teased him as a “future Chancellor,” but it wasn’t just a complete joke. The two were acknowledging Pavenik’s extraordinary head. Carl had a reason to keep a man whose family was destroyed due to treason. Making fun of him was also a love-based joke.

Pavenik knew it well, so he would pass by without knowing the puns of the two. But it has already been three days. ‘I ran down the road with a retardedly hard saddle! Days when I had to sleep uncomfortable listening to the animal’s cries on the bare ground, not in a safe wall and a roof over my head!’

Pavenik’s patience was running out. That’s why he couldn’t get over their jokes with a smile as usual.

“You’re really mad, aren’t you? So why don’t you make a good joke?”


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