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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 39: Live To Sienna Pt.39 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 39: Live To Sienna Pt.39

“Yes, I’ve had an interview like this today, so I’ll be married off soon. How do you feel about getting married soon?”

When Carl didn’t answer and only frowned, Sienna shrugged and said it was a joke.

“You didn’t forget what I said last time, did you? Watch out for Azrael.”

“That’s funny. Why should I listen to you and watch out for Azrael? He’s a close friend I’ve been with since I was a kid. He’s one of the oldest, closest, and trusted few people for me. I can’t doubt our friendship after hearing what you’ve said to me when we’ve only seen each other a few times.”

“I’m envious of the man named Azrael. After all, I’ve heard you tell me so many times that you can’t trust me. I don’t care if you believe me or not. Anyway, you’d better pay close attention to Azrael.”

Her expression of ‘envy’ seemed strangely lonely.

“I’ll be in the capital for a while. So, I don’t have to go to the frontlines for now…”

“No. Sir Carl will be heading over there sooner than you think. Then, shortly after, I’ll end up marrying Sir Carl.”

“What does that mean? You and l can only get married if I go to the border?”

“If Sir Carl is in the capital, you’ll oppose our marriage. That’s also what Arya will think. So, somehow, she’ll try to send Carl to the border. There’s going to be provocations from the Castro Empire on the border.”

She was speaking confidently of other countries’ provocations. It was strange for her to say this for certain, especially for an event that had yet to occur.

“Are you saying that Arya is going to join hands with the Castro Empire and provoke us?”

His question embarrassed her for a moment and she couldn’t answer it easily.


“Even if you deduced and came up with what Arya would plan next, how do you know about the provocations along the border?”

“It’s just my guess. Even if there are no provocation along the border, I think Sir Carl will somehow end up vacating from the capital. You know, what a persistent, terrible human being Empress Arya is.”

Carl nodded his head. He knew that better than anyone. He had been feeling it with his entire body.

“So, you’re holding a wedding by yourself?”

“Yes. It would be an honor to be the first mausoleum to have a husbandless wedding in Laifsden. Why? Do you feel pity for me?”

Carl didn’t answer Sienna’s question, but his expression seemed to be enough. She shrugged and said, “I feel sorry for myself to have a private wedding, but in my eyes, Sir Carl is in a situation that doesn’t have much indifference. You have to date me, someone you don’t know, and your wife, whom you do love.”

Carl made an impression from Sienna’s words. She had actually affirmed that he was in love with Bluebell. It was strange that her face looked very depressed when she said it. Looking at that face, Carl shut his mouth tight.


Since her last meeting with Carl, Sienna, as always, had traveled back and forth between Kelly’s mansion and the temple of the goddess of the earth. But it wasn’t just for playing.

The Green Corporation, which Kelly was the owner of, had great intelligence—so much information was readily available in her mansion.

Unlike others, though she knew the events in the next five years, that was the only reality that had been revealed. Sienna, who spent five years as a princess and empress, did not have much information to grasp.

Therefore, Sienna reflected on the information the diligent Green Corporation had and could offer her.

Even now, she was looking at documents containing information.

“Also, a letter has arrived in the capital, as in the past, announcing the provocations of the Castro Empire.”

The bottom of the document had stated the day after the letter had arrived that Carl and his knights were on the front lines.

“I don’t want anything big to happen…”

She gave Carl advice, but she was still worried. At that time, when she was clutching the papers, the maid informed her of a guest’s visit.

“Your guest is here.”

“Not Aunt Kelly’s guest, but my guest?”

“Yes, it is. I’ll get the tea ready right away.”

“Okay. I’ll be right out.”

Sienna arranged the documents she was looking at and left the office.

‘Who is it? There’s no one who would come to visit me…’

Following the maid’s guide down the stairs, she found out who was waiting for her in the drawing-room and ran down at a rapid pace.

“Jamie brother!”


Sienna was held in by his arms. The man with a big build and reliable shoulders was her only brother, Jamie Waters. His weeping face was unbecoming for his large size, and when she saw it, she also burst into tears.


She snuggled up harder into his arms. It had been a little more than three months since she had been away from Heidel, but the time she experienced away was much longer than that to be precise.

When their mother died as she was still a child, Jamie always kept the young Sienna by his side. The child, who lost her mother at a young age, feared that her brother would disappear so suddenly, too. That’s why Sienna stayed with him when he was eating, practicing swordsmanship, and training.

Tired of watching the training, she tried to find other fun things, but whenever she did, Jamie coaxed her into staying next to him.

As they had spent a long time together, the bond they felt with each other was unique enough to be incomparable to other normal siblings. Jamie, who had emotions and sensibilities like girls, managed to shed tears in the end.

“You’ve grown more over the time we haven’t seen each other. It seems like it’s time for this brother’s heart to let go of you although it breaks me.”

He rubbed his eyes with his sleeve.

“What do you mean bigger? More like brother’s gotten bigger. How much bigger do you intend to become? At this rate, aren’t you going to be as big as Heidel’s trees?”

Tears flowed out of her eyes as well as she made jokes.

“If anyone sees us like this, they’ll think this is first blood-tie meeting in over decades.” After hearing of Jamie’s visit, Kelly, who came to the drawing room, looked at them and spoke.

Jamie used the same hand he had used to rub roughly and kissed the back of Kelly’s hand.

“Aunt Kelly, long time no see. I hope there hasn’t been any rough times for you.”

“There were some rough times, but I’m feeling better thanks to Sienna.”

“Because of Sienna?”

“Let’s sit down and talk about the details. Seeing that you’re here all of a sudden, I think you’ll have a lot to say, too.”


They settled down on the sofa in the drawing room. Kelly told the story of what had happened so far. Although she was in poor health, at the request of Sienna, the priest Roy gave her medical treatment and how the story was told at the adult ceremony.

“Paul must be very pleased to hear that you played with the Prince at the coming-of-age banquet. You’re the only one who’s interested in musical instruments or music at Heidel. You must have felt so sad that I wasn’t there.”

“Why? Didn’t Mikey say he’d learn to play the instrument from Paul, too?”

“Do you think he’d be able to learn quietly and calmly with his personality? Two days after he started learning to play the violin, he quit because he said his fingers hurt.”


Paul liked it so much that he had gained a pupil after so long. Sienna burst out laughing loudly when she remembered Paul, who would jump around whenever he got angry. Jamie liked having such a cute younger sibling that he patted her head with his hands often. She didn’t care if her hair got tangled or not.

“By the way, for what reason are you in such a hurry to the capital? Now that you’ve arrived, I can tell from your state that you left around fifteen days ago to come here.”

Kelly asked him.

“In fact, I left 10 days ago. I had to run day and night. I lost two horses on the way.”

When Sienna saw his wet hair, she nodded and said, “No wonder your head is wet all over. Did you wash up somewhere else before you came to the mansion?”

“Yes, I wasn’t in the best shape to come find you guys. I haven’t seen Aunt Kelly in a long time, and I couldn’t see her in that state.”

“I’m even more curious now that you say those things. The reason you had to come up to the capital in such a hurry.”

When asked by Kelly, Jamie had a gloomy expression on his face…


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