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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 36: Live To Sienna Pt.36 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 36: Live To Sienna Pt.36

“Yes. I’d like to put the children’s names on the list this time and apply for relief work. I think I could run an orphanage with the small donation from Mrs. Grinnie.”

Aunt Kelly had donated a large sum of money to the temple, though Sienna did not know the details. Kelly, the owner of the Green Corporation, could not have made a simple bargain for her life. Roy was excited to use the money for the children as soon as he received the donation from her.

Were all priests like Roy? She was sure they weren’t.

She wasn’t talking about the fall of religion. Those who served a god were also people. Humans were multifaceted beings, so one would not think and act the same way as another would, even when in the same position.

“Are you registering all children entering the orphanage as believers?”

“I’d like to do so for now. If you’re registered as a believer, you’ll be recognized as a person of the Holy Empire. From then on, you’ll be protected as a member of the Holy Empire. Occasionally, if you are subjected to external oppression or irrationality, you are protected by the Order of the Holy Knights. And most of all, children who are recognized for their abilities are given the opportunity to join the Knights or become priests. Unlike with countries with distinct hierarchies, they can be recognized for their abilities regardless of their status. I’m one of those examples.”

The opportunity to become recognized was a blessing for the children. Such opportunities were not readily available, even for men of the Holy Empire.

In the case of the Holy Empire, there were vested interests who held power. Though a system of status did not exist, those who held power were running the Holy Empire.

It was very rare for people of low status to be inducted into establishments within the Holy Empire. Roy could have been given a chance because of his outstanding sanctity.

Still, it was definitely an opportunity for the children. In Laifsden’s case, there was a distinct hierarchy system, which limited job opportunities according to status. There were jobs that you couldn’t do, however capable you were, even if you wanted to.

However, by becoming citizens of the Holy Empire, the children would have a slight chance. Having the opportunity to join the Order of the Holy Empire should have been as difficult as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

“A citizen of the Divine Empire…”

His words made Sienna feel like she’d been struck in the back of the head.

‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’

“Roy, can you put me on the list?”

“You mean you, Miss Sienna?”

If she couldn’t join Carl, she could attract other forces that Empress Arya wouldn’t be able to ignore. Thinking that way, the Holy Empire was a very suitable opponent.

In the case of the Laifsden Empire, religion was not forbidden, but the empire did not support any one religion either, so the Church of the Goddess of Earth was limited in power within the land to prevent the expansion of religious forces within the Laifsden Empire.

If Sienna became a member of the Imperial Family after being registered as a believer, the Holy Empire would view that as an opportunity to expand their presence within Laifsden, and they might somehow raise her and give her a boost. No, even if the Holy Empire did not help at all, Sienna could always borrow their name.

It didn’t matter how she had been swayed by Aria, who had told her what to do, in the past. This time, she would rebel and confront the empress. There was no way of knowing what mean tricks Arya would use if she perceived Sienna as her enemy however.

If Sienna used the Holy Empire as a shield, Arya would not dare frame or kill her. If she did, it could become a rift and a seed for war against the Holy Empire.

A satisfied smile appeared in Sienna’s face.

“Are there any conditions to put my name on the list?”

“No. Anyone who believes in the Goddess can register, but most of the nobles don’t want to be listed on the Holy Empire’s list.”

Like Roy had said, even though nobles believed in a god and went to temples, they did not feel the need to be listed anywhere. She had already been assured of her identity within Laifsden. In addition, in the case of Laifsden, which had a lot of sanctions against religious institutions, many feared they would be viewed as flawed after being put on a list.

“It’s OK. Please put my name on it too.”

“OK, I’ll have to put Sienna’s name down right away. The Goddess will be very happy as well.”

Unaware of Sienna’s scheme, Roy put her name on the list with a clear conscience. The handwriting was as neat and clean as Roy’s demeanor.


Every now and then, the sound of the hooves of six horses leading the carriage rang on the stone floorings.

Sienna looked out the window at the busy passers-by in the city. Most people were walking along the streets in clean clothes.

The sight of the capital seen from inside the carriage was peaceful, even though hungry children were wandering the streets and hungry women were smiling blankly at nameless men in the small alley behind a bustling building.

The masked city resembled the Imperial Palace, which covered peopleś desires in colorful costumes and smiles. Sienna also thought that she had been changing, smiling pretentiously like them while she sharpened the knife she would use to stab Arya’s back. When Sienna thought of it, she felt sick and covered her window with a red shroud.

A few days prior, a letter had arrived at Kelly’s mansion. It was an invitation for Sienna from Arya on behalf of the Imperial Family. That day was the day of the appointment.

The carriage sent by Empress Arya was as splendid as her power. The interior was made of red velvet cushioning embroidered with gold threads.


It was common for the empress to invite others to the palace to enjoy refreshments. It was a kind of job for Arya to constantly call the ladies in the capital to the palace and hold banquets to maintain her power.

The only thing that made that days’ meeting special was that its purpose was to see who would be Carl’s wife. Arya seemed to have already been ready to use and place Sienna as the Crown Princess to bring Carl down.

Even as Sienna thought of it, there was no one as suitable as her for him. One who was foolish and greedy enough to play in Arya’s hands, and who was not strong enough, or did not have the power to dare rival her. At the same time, she needed a more prominent title than that of the Peers

No matter how much she was favored by the emperor, she could not be announced as Carl’s Crown Princess with only her own determination. She had to be someone who would bow to fate, like Carl’s placement at the frontlines. With the growing influence of Valore supporters, Carl’s supporters couldn’t easily accept Arya’s kin as Carl’s Crown Princess.

Although she had briefly met the empress after her collaboration with Valore during the last debutante ceremony, this was the first time she would be seeing Arya by herself. Sienna was worried that her anger might flare up against her. The carriage passed through the gates and stopped in front of the Imperial Palace. Sienna slapped her cheeks with her palms before getting off.

Facing Arya there was an important moment for her. It was the time to explore each other before the war. Sienna slapped herself on the cheeks once again. Her cheeks were reddened. Only then, did Sienna, who had gotten off the carriage, entered the palace under the guidance of the King’s Guard.

The Imperial Palace was located right next to the main palatial building, where the emperor stayed. The three-story structure might have seemed small for a royal palace, but it was quite large considering that only the empress stayed there.

As she crossed the entrance, her vision was overwhelmed by the colorful interior. On the right, were large arched windows arranged at regular intervals, and on the left, there were mirrors that resembled those windows, lined up like décalcomanie. Colorful chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and the empty space had a series of paintings related to the myth of the Goddess of Beauty. The dark black background contrasted with the white skin of goddess intensely, and the lighting shone on the gold-plated wall decorations, adding glamour to the interior.


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