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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 33: Live To Sienna Pt.33 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 33: Live To Sienna Pt.33

“There won’t be any chance of that.”

“What a sure answer you have.”

‘Because I shouldn’t.’

That was why Sienna was able to answer firmly that there won’t be a change. Because those incidents could not repeat themselves. The pain of a one-sided love was enough for her as well.

“If by chance I change my mind and forget our promise, then please remind me. Push me away. Please, tell me over and over again to divorce you.”

It wouldn’t be difficult. He had done it before. He could do it again just like that. All he had to do was to treat her like the person he didn’t love while ignoring her, not looking at her, and continue to love Fair, whom he had loved so much. She had realized that even if she were to be reborn again, she wouldn’t be able to hold onto him with only her feelings of love, so she decided to throw away the lingering feelings she still had for him with sorrow in her heart.

“Why do you want a divorce so much?”

Sienna couldn’t understand why he looked so bitter. Carl looked at her with even more pressure when she didn’t give him an answer. He gazed at Sienna as if he had no idea.

There was a long, dark shadow under his feet. He stared at Sienna as if to say he couldn’t understand her and said, “I’ll do that for sure. As you wish. I promised you in my name, so I’ll keep the promise.”

After seeing Carl’s hurtful look, Sienna felt an instinct to catch him. She reached out and grabbed his sleeve.

Not throwing her hand away, Carl stood still and asked, “Why are you holding me back? Do you have any other wishes?”

Her actions had risen out of thought for her having caught him had been just a reaction. She had done so instinctively. That was why Sienna didn’t answer his words quickly.

“I wonder what your wish will be this time.”

“…I have a proposal to make, not a wish.”


“Why don’t you join me?”

Carl looked at her hand holding his sleeve, unaware of what Sienna meant.


“Let’s unite, you and me.”

Carl had no choice but to bite back again this time. To unite? His face hardened.


At the time of the coming-of-age ceremony, the cold presence of winter had still lurked about, but now, it smelled quite like spring. The streets looked bright thanks to the flowers that were showing their bright faces everywhere.

“I heard you had a debutante ceremony a while ago. Congratulations on your coming of age!”

Roy gave Sienna a congratulatory greeting with a flushed face. He looked like a boy when she saw his cheeks dyed apricot. It was amazing that he could perform healing as young as he seemed.

“Please, take this.”

Roy shyly held out a bouquet of flowers. A variety of colorful wildflowers were grouped together to show off their voracious light. Sienna thanked him with both hands. She dipped her nose into the bouquet of flowers and inhaled the fragrance to the full. A soft smile formed around her mouth.

“It really smells good. I think I’ll have a good dream if I leave it by my bedside.”

He scratched the back his head shyly when he saw she was pleased.

“It’s not a big deal…”

She called a maid in to bring a vase and ordered her to leave it on the table in her room.

“I have something for you too.”

Sienna held out a well-made, brown-colored robe to him.

“Are you giving this to me?”

“I wanted to prepare a colorful robe, but I heard that only dark brown and black robes can be considered priestly garments for the Goddess of the Earth faith.”

“Thank you. It’s so cool! I like it!”

The robe given by Sienna as a present appeared no different than the one that Roy was wearing now since the clothes were of the same color, though of different sizes and materials. Nevertheless, he was very happy.

Sienna was glad that Roy liked the priestly garment. In fact, she wanted to give him a bigger present. She was worried that it would be too shameless to give him a robe as a gift after two weeks of unconsciousness because of her request of him to save her aunt Kelly, but his joy made her feel much lighter.

“I’ll try it on right away.”

Roy flung his robe off on the spot and changed his clothes.

The buttonless robe had to be lifted up and taken off from the head. It was different from a cape that could be worn lightly. It was never something to be changed out of in front of others. Roy, of course, did not reveal his naked body because he was wearing a white tunic underneath the robe.

Sienna burst out laughing when she belatedly realized how awkward she felt with his actions, which were very natural. Roy, who only realized what he had done after hearing her laugh, had his ears tinged with red.

“No, it’s… I was so happy to receive the gift that I wanted to show it off. I was going to wear the robe that Sienna bought me. I wanted to take the longest way to the temple and show it around. I wanted to show it off…”

“It’s OK. No, I’m rather happy that Sir Roy likes it so much.”

“I really like it,” he repeated, rubbing his sleeves against his cheeks while saying that it was smooth and fluffy.

“Are you leaving today?”

“Yes, I’m feeling well now and I’ve been away from the temple for too long.”

Sienna said she was sorry that he had to leave the temple empty for such a long time because of her.

“What do you mean? On the contrary, I’m grateful to Lady Sienna. You took good care of the temple and the children for me. Thank you.”

“It was easy. They played well with me. They are lovely children.”

“That’s right. They’re lovely kids.”

He rose from his seat, saying that he had to leave before sunset. She saw Roy off to the gate. At the gate, Kelly’s carriage was waiting to take him to the temple, but he refused.

“I feel like I just received a gift from my mother, so I’m going to walk slowly and brag about it here and there.”

Roy waved to Sienna and went on his way. Sienna did not reenter the mansion until he was out of sight.

It was always a well-organized garden. In the corner of the garden there was a giant display of his presence. The clear, light-green leaves had thickened over his shape.

“He’s not coming again today. I should have decided on a time and day for him to come back.”

Sienna had told Carl on the day of the banquet to come to her mansion if he was interested in her offer. She didn’t think he’d come to see her the very next day, but it was taking him longer than she had thought. It had already been a week.

“Was he not interested in my offer?”


‘If he doesn’t accept the offer…’

Sienna went up the stairs while thinking of the second plan. There was silence in the mansion. Kelly, who didn’t like to have people inside the mansion, didn’t have many employees managing the place. They usually didn’t show up, only appearing when necessary.

Sienna liked the quietness of those within the manor, who minded their movements. But the deserted mansion made her feel lonely sometimes.

Perhaps after Roy, who had warmed up the air just by being there, left, the sense of silence became even greater. As soon as Sienna entered her room, she lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. She had a lot of complicated thoughts in her head.

‘Did I tell him to join me in vain?’

Although she had asked for help in keeping Arya in check, the remark had not actually been intended. The words had unintentionally come out of her mouth to catch Carl’s attention after he had turned his back on her on the balcony.

‘To keep Arya in check, I said let’s join hands…’

Of course, it wasn’t that she hadn’t wanted to get back at Arya. However, it was not something for her to have been able to immediately reach out to Carl for help.


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