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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 236: Live to Sienna Pt.236 Bahasa Indonesia

Usually, the banquet halls had designated spaces according to their location and use. The space where nobles would dance, the space where performers would be located, the space where the imperial family would be sitting, the space where alcohol and food should be arranged, the space where the noblewomen can fix their make-up, the space where nobles can chat or smoke, etc.

This time, when they tried to put a big stage in the banquet hall, each position had to be changed. So Sienna and Hain were discussing over and over how to deploy space efficiently. However, Sienna couldn’t think of a solution even when she saw the banquet hall layout drawn by Hain.

“I didn’t know the banquet hall was this small.”

“But it’s the largest of the imperial banquet halls.”

“I wish I could get rid of the wall here. Should we just tear it down?”

“Isn’t that where there’s a pillar supporting the building? If you tear it down for no reason, the whole building might collapse.”

“Would it?…”

For some time, the two looked only at the floor plan of the banquet hall without saying a word.

“By the way, I haven’t seen the chancellor in the last few days?”

Sienna asked Hain.

“I know. He’s been looking so upset for a while, and now he doesn’t even come around.”

Hain seemed to be disappointed.

“So why did you kick him out like that? You just had to ask him to keep it a secret to Carl.”

“I’m afraid he can’t keep a secret with the Emperor because they spend so much time together. And I’m kind of happy that he’s jealous.”

Sienna laughed at Hain’s unexpected reply.

“There are a lot of actors preparing for the play. Maybe that’s why he’s so worried.”

“The Chancellor always cares a lot about Hain.”

“But it feels different. Should I say that he improved his fighting power compared to his usual self? He tried to keep it in check. He tries to look cool in front of me, striking weird poses, and get more affectionate than usual. It’s so cute the way he’s nervous because he’s blinded by jealousy. So I encouraged him to be more jealous.”

Hain laughed mischievously. Sienna burst into laughter because she knew exactly what Hain was saying. Carl’s face, which was unhappy with the fact that she was too busy to eat together, was indeed cute.

“But you must have teased him too much, seeing he’s not coming anymore.”

“Yes, he’s been acting like he’s been busier than I am! Apparently he’s busy because he has to do construction work on the north garden or something.”


“I saw a lot of workers coming in today. It must be quite a big construction.”

Sienna thought about what was in the north. But nothing really came to mind. There was only a large garden in the north.

‘Are we building a new fountain or something?’

Sienna and Hain quickly gave up their curiosity about the construction of the North. The palace was often repaired or reconstructed as large as it was. It was nothing new.

Sienna, who takes care of the things inside of the palace, was concerned that she did not receive any documents asking for approval of construction, but it was more urgent to put the stage inside the banquet hall than to find out what the construction in the north was, so she started to concentrate on the banquet hall.


Sienna looked in the mirror and saw her face looking particularly pale. Today was the feast she had been waiting for.

“Why am I so nervous?!”

How hard she had been working for this day. She sought out playwrights, recruited actors and performers, and trained them to perform as well as she intended.

Moreover, she was troubled by setting up the stage and made great efforts to make the stage stand out for the actors’ performances and other components. She went all out only to see Carl rejoicing.

Now only the performance was left. If Carl was not satisfied with the banquet, or if he reacts the same way as any other banquets, all the efforts she had made so far will go down the drain.

“He wouldn’t say it’s bad, would he? Or say that I didn’t spend enough time or that he doesn’t like the actor who played him, right?”


“Your Majesty, I need you to finish your hair.”

At the maid’s words, Sienna nodded and sat down. She couldn’t bail out now. She just had to pray that actors and bands would do their best without making mistakes as much as they have been trying.

‘Yes, if Carl is not satisfied, we can do something else. Such as writing about Carl’s life like a hero’s novel, or to call in a skilled sculptor to build a large statue in the center of the capital. It’d be nice to have a painter draw a series of heroic paintings. It would be great if he was on the canvas.’

Sienna came up with other options in case Carl wasn’t moved by this banquet. No, even if he was moved and pleased, it seemed like a nice idea to do all those things she just thought of.

Recently, she took history classes preparing for children’s education, and she saw things that she had never thought of before.

Looking at the anecdotes of the emperors who had long been praised, there were many glorified aspects. Some won the war not because of his excellent leadership but he got lucky due to an epidemic spread to the enemy, and there was an emperor who did so many evil things he could be called a tyrant, but he glorified and deified himself and was still respected to this day.

Compared to those emperors of all time, Carl was a truly respectable emperor. Without the help of any previous emperor, he strengthened the imperial power and participated in the war to expand his territory. He also ruled fairly more than anyone else and was endlessly benevolent to the people of the empire.

Sienna wanted many people to know this good side of Carl. Of course, even now, Carl was an emperor loved by the people, but she hoped that in the distant future, the next generation would praise him.

However, he was not interested in honoring his achievements. It seemed to him that it was natural for a ruler to be wise.

Sienna felt that if he could not do it himself, she would have to step up. For a start, today’s banquet was a decent means.

‘Even when the banquet is over, I will make sure that this play is often staged in theaters in the capital city.’

As her heart became lighter, her face softened and her natural color returned.

“Your Majesty, what kind of necklace would you like?”

The head maid ordered the maids to bring more necklaces.

“Today’s outfit is monotonous so I thought this would look good on you.”

The costume she chose was a dark blue velvet dress. The skirt was not wide, but it was appropriately wrinkled to move comfortably, and it was a simple design that she did not worry about exposure through low necklines, and it seemed to fit in with colorful ornaments as it was quite monotonous.

Sienna looked at the necklaces that the head maid had brought. She looked at the colorful shapes and shook her head.

“Get me something else, not what’s here. With small diamonds and red jewels in the middle…”

When the head maid sent eye signals, a quick-witted maid came and brought a necklace. Sienna nodded satisfactorily. The maid asked, putting the necklace around her neck.

“Wouldn’t it be too simple?”

The necklace Sienna chose was smaller and simpler than the other. The banquet hall with several chandeliers was so shiny that most of the ornaments were not noticeable. So it was normal to choose the most colorful ornaments when attending the banquet.

But today’s main character was Carl. Sienna wanted to make him stand out.

“This is enough.”

“If I had known, I should have picked out more elaborate hairstyles.”

Sienna wanted to tell the head maid, who was worried about her master’s appearance today, that it was okay, but she heard another maid’s voice. She notified that Carl had come, and soon he came in.

Carl was wearing a blue velvet suit, the same material as Sienna’s dress. There was a yellow tassel on the shoulder and a red band was diagonal over the jacket, which was decorated with colorful badges.

“It looks great on you.”

“I thought you sent it wrong. I almost thought today was not a banquet day, but a portrait day.”

Carl’s clothes were full of uniforms worn by emperors when they had their portraits painted. The decorations on the red band were characterized by the emperor’s achievements, and most of the medals in the shape of stars were made for many war achievements.

“I sent it right. It really suits you. The medal is splendid.”

“Your outfit looks good on you today, too. It’s so beautiful.”

He always said those compliments before going to the banquet hall, but a soft smile spread around Sienna’s mouth. She took Carl by the hand and stepped out.

“Today’s banquet is held in the garden, not in the banquet hall?”

“Yes, it’s boring to have it at the banquet hall every time. The weather is warm these days, and I thought the garden would have new white hydrangea bloomed.”

The hydrangea was a colorful flower that looked like a large bouquet of small flowers clumped together. Usually, light purple and light pink flowers bloom a lot, but the hydrangea in the Imperial Palace garden was white.

The white hydrangea was one of Sienna’s favorite flowers, but that wasn’t the main reason for holding banquets in the garden, as she told Carl.

The question of where to put the stage in the banquet hall continued for two days. Sienna almost regretted the idea of hosting a play in the banquet.


It was when Sienna was regretting the play idea, Hain reported again on the construction of the northern garden of the imperial palace. Then Sienna thought that it would be easier to operate if the banquet was brought to a large garden rather than a small banquet hall.

Of course, this wasn’t easy either. The problem was with the acoustics. The sounds did not gather unlike indoors, and it was useless if the actors’ voices were not delivered properly.

Sienna urgently called in architects to discuss and create a dome-shaped stage. They designed a temporary installation so that the sound could be concentrated as much as possible, but another barrier remained. It was lighting.

There were many colorful chandeliers and candlesticks indoors, so even at night the interior was as bright as day, but it was hard to recreate that outside. Moreover, since the date of the banquet was not even a full moon, securing the illumination at night was a problem.

But the problem was solved more easily than she thought. She decided to accept Hain’s opinion that if the night cannot be illuminated like the day, it would be better to hold a banquet during the day. That’s why today’s banquet was hosted earlier than usual.

Sienna had to send an official letter that the banquet had been advanced in a time frame, but she was satisfied. Moreover, the sky was high and clear today. With enough shade prepared, it seemed to be a satisfying feast.

“It feels different to go to the banquet so early. I feel like I’m going for a walk.”


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